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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by natalie1987 will the WC email you examples of pictures from the resort photographer? They will give you Arrecifes contact, and yes they send you some samples too, but i think it is much better once you get into their facebook.
  2. I hear Arrecife Studio are very goo, i am planning to have them for my wedding day, but they work with the Melias, Paradisus and Bahia principe. Maybe you can ask them write: leslie.lopez@arrecifestudio.com, i met her and i can assure you they are great. Good luck!
  3. Thank you for all your comments girls:), i just want everything to be perfect!
  4. Hello girls, has anyone heard about arrecife studio? I am thinking about hiring them.
  5. I am thinking about hiring Arrecife Studio, i check their work and i think they are great, really good photographers there. I compared with HDC, Hispaniola, Michael and Jorge Alloco photos and i found them very original and up date with this subject. They will make a full cover wedding for me and i am paying around 2000. We are still managing the final price, but i am sure that it will worth it. I discover them via facebook. Arrecife Melia Caribe, Paradisus Palma Real, etc.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by chrissytina924 I didnt even know that.. ill def do that right now!! Thanks for the tip! You are welcome!
  7. Do you happen to have a facebook?if so, add this group: Arrecife Melia Caribe, in there you will find several pictures of locations and also info about melia caribe inside photographers. They gave me all the information i needed.
  8. Have you check arrecife melia facebook?great pictures on it!!!
  9. check with your coordinator, ask about Kara pictures. she works wonderfull!a friend of mine take her pictures with Kara and posted on facebook, are just breath taken
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by laurabrea78 I can also confirm that there is no charge (outside of the day pass) as per my WC. They recently changed their policy. but why take outside vendors when you can work with arrecife studio? i heard they are very good, ask the coordinators to send you samples of their work!
  11. Congratulations!i wish you good luck! A tip! the melia caribe tropical indoors photographers are amazing! Arrecife Studio is working with Paradisus Palma Real, Paradisus Punta Cana, Bahia Principe and Melia Caribe Tropical brides. I am not decided yet in which resort i will celebrate my wedding.....but i hope i make a good desition! also, wedding coordinator at the melia gave me this email: leslie.lopez@arrecifestudio.com, and she sent me lot of samples! GOOD LUCK!
  12. i recommend you to use Arrecife studio the indoor photographers, i heard they are a good option . consult your wedding coordinator.GOOD LUCK!
  13. hello everyone! i heard the indoors photographers are incredible! the wedding coordinators can give you samples, and also they gave me this contact: leslie.lopez@arrecifestudio.com, and she send you lots of samples of their work. Also i know they have their office inside of the resort, and i think that is a good option right?
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