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  1. Glad to know they are taking security measures! I have a quick question for those who have had the Jellyfish wedding experience: we are having 80 - 85 people, is it still necessary to book off the entire restaurant for $1000? The thinking is that that's enough people to pretty much occupy the entire space...however, I would hate to get creeps staring at my guests and sneaking in.... Thoughts?
  2. Hi, We are most likely doing the same number of invites. Who you have the link to the online shop you got the pre-perforated paper from? Thank you!
  3. Quick question: for your sunset cruise at 5:30, what time did you get picked up? Did you find you have enough time for pictures after the ceremony?
  4. Congrats!! It's coming up! I'm so excited for you. If you can keep me in the loop that would be great! What time would you get picked up to head to the boat if the cruise starts at 5:30? I like the bridesmaid's bouquets idea for centerpieces...multi-tasking!
  5. Hi Jenandroger, Thanks for your post! We have decided to have the reception on La Barcaza and are in the middle of communicating with Flori to get the detail to wire over the deposit. When is your wedding? Debs
  6. My fiance and I were looking into this place when we first started looking at resorts. Two close friends went on a honeymoon there last year and had a great time. The pictures they posted on facebook were amazing. However, this resort is much more secluded than others in Punta Cana and smaller, they found it too quiet and were a bit bored after the 4th day as there were not many activities at the resort. Food was good and their suite was gorgeous and clean. Because we are looking into having 60+ people, we wanted to have a large variety of things for people to do. But if it was a smaller wedding party with people who like to relax and soak up the sun, this is a gorgeous spot to go.
  7. I agree with the comments above. My FI and I went in for a free consultation last Saturday after meeting them at the bridal show. We were very excited initially and were very prepared before we went in. We have done research online and narrowed down to 6 resorts we were interested in Punta Cana. Because the rep we spoke to at the show raved about their extensive experience on planning weddings at many resorts there, I had hoped to get detailed wedding package prices from her that were not listed online. However, when we got there, all she did was showing us pictures - pictures that were posted online by resorts that we have already seen and the basic price list - that is already online that we also have seen - of ONE resort only. She said if we went with her, her fee is basically building on the travel charges. So the travel charge per guest will be slightly more expensive than other travel agents. Then she basically kicked us out by saying they have another couple coming in because they were very busy from all the new prospects they attracted on the bridal show, and would email me the price lists. On Wednesday I received her email. The email listed the 6 resorts we were interested in, with links to the basic wedding package page on the resort's website. Something I already had access to! Did not provide me with any insights or anything I don't already know. We had decided not to go with them. We did our own research and went through pages of forum on this site and decided on Majestic Colonial. I emailed the WC at Majestic and obtained the detailed wedding price list by myself. I also got a 2012 price list from La Barcaza. Therefore don't see the need of having a middle man to "pass along my message" to the resort when I can do that myself with more efficiency.
  8. Hi Mel2010, I don't know if you have your question answered already or not...but I actually just spoke with Flori on the phone and she sent me the 2012 pricing. I asked her about the weather too and she said they have cover that can be pulled over the main floor if it rains. The only time they will cancel is in the case of a tropical storm or hurricane. If that happens then they will push it to the next day. I didn't ask about cancellations. Dee
  9. Hi Everyone, My fiance and I got engaged on Christmas Eve and I have been lurking around this site for 2 whole weeks! Since we had previously discussed how our wedding would be like, we both know we want to go to somewhere in the Caribbeans. With the help of many reviews on this site, we had quickly narrowed our search down to Majestic Colonial/Elegance. I am looking into the idea of having the wedding reception on the La Barcaza yacht after reading many happy reviews here. While I'm waiting for a price list (I just emailed Flori), I have a few questions that maybe someone could help me out! 1. The Majestic Wedding Package of $1750 (cocktail reception + dinner not included) indicates that this fee is waived when you book 15 rooms or more for 7 nights. I have read somewhere that if the travel package (flight + room) is purchased with a group rate, then this will not qualify the free wedding condition. Is that true? 2. After the wedding ceremony but before taking off for La Barcaza, do you usually pay for the cocktail reception at the resort for your guests while you are taking pictures? Thank you!! Debs
  10. Thank you for posting your review! I am very intrigued with the La Barcaza wedding reception option. I've read many reviews and cannot find a bad one! Everyone seems to really enjoy it. My fiance and I are looking more into it now. I just have a question: after your ceremony, while you are taking pictures, did you have a cocktail reception for your guests before you take off for the boat? Thank you, Debbie
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