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  1. Hi All - The lucky winner of our Survey contest is Evelyn Yu (AsianBride2B). Evelyn's wedding is May 12, 2009 at Dreams Los Cabos. Congratulations Evelyn and thank you SO MUCH to all of you who participated in our survey. We were able to gather some good information about what is most important to you where a video is concerned. We appreciate your time and participation. When AsianBride2B's video is ready I will post it for all to see. Happy planning to all of you - we wish you the very best!!! Enrique and Marci
  2. I noticed that there have not been any replies to this post - so I thought maybe I could contribute as an observer (not as a bride). Many times I have seen multiple weddings conducted at once - especially at Dreams. I have never had a couple express anything negative regarding the other wedding. Usually the weddings are spread apart that they do not interfere with one another. We have even had the brides get together and take pics at times... It's kind of fun! So if you are worried that they will be on top of each other, put your mind at ease - these resorts are massive and, like I said, i have not ever seen a problem in the past.
  3. THANKS to all of you who have taken the time to send in your surveys... We are still about two weeks away from the drawing for a free Ceremony/Beachwalk video. We appreciate all of your kind comments and informative feedback on your surveys. We are really looking forward to meeting the lucky winner of this contest and to making a beautiful wedding video for them. The winner will be announced on March 1. Thanks again and happy planning! Marci
  4. P.S. Please quick reply on thread before going to Survey so the CONTEST Stays active and so all can have a chance to enter... Thanks, Marci
  5. To all Cabo brides- It never ceases to amaze me how informative and helpful this forum is to our Cabo brides.... Reading your posts, we can see the year is off to a good start with all the planning and preparations for your destination weddings. In an effort to provide better service, we have designed a short survey about what is important to you in a wedding video. By going to the link below and filling out the 10 question survey you will be entered into a drawing for a complimentary Ceremony/Beachwalk video by Baja Video Productions (a $600 value). BDW Wedding Video Survey We will announce the winner on March 1st, 2009. Thank you Tammy (host) for letting us post and thanks to all of you for your participation.
  6. This is a sore subject with many of the vendors here in Cabo... It equates to Mexicans going over to the U.S. and working illegally. In mexico - we "Expats" jump through MAJOR hoops to be able to immigrate here and to legally work here. Also we pay ALOT of taxes to the Hacienda (IRS) on our income... It just seems unfair to a lot of us that outsiders come in and work in our market and also don't have to pay taxes on what they are earning. That said, if you are convinced that your out-of-town Photog is the one for you - don't tell anyone that they are getting paid... Say they are a friend and leave it at that... It is illegal to work in Mexico without proper documentation. Just to clear up any ambiguity...
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Tammy Host that is surprising that sergio hasn't gotten back to you...he is usually pretty prompt. my main concern with cabo azul is that you are not allowed to bring in outside vendors...at least that was the policy when i last spoke to sergio. I wouldn't worry about Sergio -he is very professional and he will get back to you.... The thing here in Mexico is that the world practically shuts down for two weeks around Christmas... Many businesses close and people leave to go visit family.... I know Sergio's assistant, Vanessa, has been gone so he has had double the work load... Rest assured that after the holidays it will be business as ussual. Regarding "outside venders" - they work with many venders, the ones on their approved list - There is a great selection of Photogs and Videopgraphers to choose from...
  8. Wow! - The 'big gun' videographers's are here! - Hi John - good to see you... I agree, Cabo Azul and Sergio / Vanessa are top notch. We shot a wedding there over the weekend and I fell in love with the place. The bride and groom were SO happy with their choice they are buying a timeshare there! Here is a highlights video if anyone wants to take a look... Cabo San Lucas Wedding Video Demo Baja Video Productions I highly recommend it as a wedding venue and look forward to filming there again. Marci
  9. Sorry - name spelled wrong: NABUMBAH (Natasha) Here is here Slideshow: Natasha & Chris
  10. Don't forget NAMUMBA had a HUGE wedding at Cabo surf and it was awesome! Let me see if I can find here posts.... We are going to a Dave Mason Concert right after the surf contest there tomorrow - Cabo Surf holds all sorts of great evernts and they do an excellent job! If you like a relaxed, but classy atmosphere, it's for you.
  11. Timeshare is a great option - they generally are nicer acommodations than hotel rooms. Check with the owner you rent from though - some charge you a daily maid fee, not sure about Sheraton. It would be a great way to go for your guests if you can find enough rentals available. Best of luck.
  12. CABOREY also does a big party on New Year's Eve - It includes dinner and show AND you are out on the water during the fireworks!
  13. I think it depends on where you have the cocktail hour... I have seen it in the patio/restaurant area just outside the gazebo and there are chairs and table set up from the restaurant already. The other day we did a wedding with the cocktail hour on the beach and they had covered chairs set up in groups - but the guests were also using the beach lounge chairs that were already there on the beach... Don't know if they charge per chair...like they do for the ceremony.
  14. Sorry - I ran across this posting a little late... We have tossed around the idea of Live-Broadcast with Dreams Los Cabos. I have also been in contact with IDO STREAM... The problem is that Dreams has a weak wireless connection that does not always work... This obstacle makes it impossible to upstream a live wedding. A HARD-WIRE connection is the best to have - which, obviously, on the beach is not possible... Maybe someday soon we will be equipped to LIVE-STREAM weddings here in Cabo and when that day comes we plan on offering that service. m
  15. The large square setting is great if you have under 30 guests.... we have done weddings with this set-up and it is a really nice intimate setup because everyone can see each other and be completely engaged in the experience. m
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