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  1. St. Kitts has an AI Marriott. My FH has been to the surf club and ocean club many times in Aruba. His parents swear by it and go several times a year. We have been looking into the different time shares. Frenchman's Reef and Cove in St. Thomas look so nice. We can't get into the cove, so we are back at square one for honeymoon planning again.
  2. We are all over the globe with honeymoon ideas. I have been doing research for 3 days straight and just can't figure it out. Our wedding is at the end of Sept. 09 (hurricane season). I would like Hawaii but FI does not want that long of a flight (flying from Boston). I was looking at the Canary Islands - anyone been there, or the Greek Islands. But, in these places the resorts don't look like they do in say Mexico or the Dominican. We prefer all-inclusive with a modern look. We are not huge fans of the other carribean island looking resorts (more rustic and beach looking). The only thing that
  3. For anyone who has been Cabo Azul, is there anything outside of the resort in terms of restaurants and grocery stores? We are no longer doing a destination wedding, but are considering this place for our honeymoon.
  4. Not to get off topic, but I was just lmao because I was telling Jon how when we go to city hall to get "married" before going to cabo and I said we should just get cheap rings from walmart and not use the actual rings. Then I scroll down quickly and the first thing that I read is "Thats a really good idea & a great price!" From Angelas post. I guess that is a sign!
  5. Love the idea. We wore very similar dresses for my sister's wedding. Same color but it was Davinici
  6. I am happy because I am gonig out to lunch for Mexican food today to celebrate a co-worker having a baby on St. Pats Day (schedule c-section). And I am excited for my cousin's fiance's surprise birthday party on Saturday. Another St. Pats baby. My mom is one too!
  7. It looks like a beautiful dress. Do you like the dress and just not the color? If you hate it, sell it. If you are on the fence, post of pic of you wearing it and we can help you out. My cousin is using champagne for her color it is gorgeous!
  8. If I am understanding correctly, the setup is putting the invitation together and putting them in envelopes and sending them out? You can totally save money and do that your yourself (with the help of your friends). We had a system down when we did it for my sister. We bought pizzas and had wine while about 8 of us did this. It took a couple of hours, but saved a lot of money. But, be careful, I ended up with small cuts on my cuticles from the envelope hitting them over and over and I got ruined an invitaiton because I didn't know that I was bleeding.
  9. I always wondered what "banned" meant. I remember seeing that on a forum member before.
  10. I bet some of them will come around and feel like jerks for their complaining.
  11. I wont tell Jon how long you guys have all been together before you got the ring........We have been together 1year and 4 months (don't have it yet, but very soon)
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