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  1. chicklet - I purchased them on ebay, VERY cheaply. The seller was in Australia and shipped them super fast.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by lmdels Just one question - How long were you able to hang around the ceremony location after the ceremony and did the steel drum band play there for the hour? Thanks!!! Imdels, we were able to stay at the ceremony location for as long as we wanted - and did linger for quite a while after the nuptuals/champagne/photographs, etc. The steel drum band played the whole time! They were scheduled to start playing at 2:45pm. As I said, I was late! We not only took the token wedding photographs, but also goofing off pictures of the Bridal Party - after most guests had left. And those guys were STILL there, tinkering away. They were excellent and I would guess that they played for close to two hours! Now, I'm pretty sure that there weren't any weddings scheduled for the 5:00pm slot - so we possibly just hit lucky!
  3. How long was the ceremony? (We have the 5:00pm ceremony so wondering how long we have before sunset...) Petals~ Our ceremony was to start at 3:00pm... and I was about 20 minutes late!! The ceremony (which included the sand ceremony) probably lasted about 20-30 minutes. I would say that the sun was setting somewhere around 5:30pm... Don't be late, sista! Of course, sunset shots would be perfect too. Was the volume okay with the ipod & speakers? Were you able to set it up at Blue Lagoon for no extra charge? Somebody mentioned a $200 charge to use speakers/microphone so just wondering.... We literally had our iPod set up ON the table in front of us! I can't speak for other docking stations, but our Bose provided ample volume. Now, when they say "private" or "semi-private," you still have the background noise of the restaurants on either side and the pool bar below. But our Bose worked out great. And it was charged and not plugged into anything. We did not pay anything extra. I'm actually thinking that we over extended our 3 hour limit on the BL allotted time. But that's between you and me... How did they set the reception-- did you do any of the add-ons for the decor? Were any other parties at Blue Lagoon while you were there? We had our table set-up in a "U" formation. They initially had Matthew & I at the top table, ON OUR OWN! That was changed, pronto! And worked out really well in the end. Our reception decor consisted of some candle holder/centerpieces we brought with us. Very simple (though a pain in the ass to transport b/c they were glass!) glass vases with inserts at the top. We put some stone in the bottom and some bright orange and dark green floral pieces (that I made myself) and candles in the insert at the top. They were cute... and I'm hoping I'll root out a photo or two from somewhere. Along with that, we scattered bright orange petals around the tables. Linens (provided by the resort) were all white. It actually looked really nice. On a side note~ We didn't take back the glass holders/inserts... so you might ask Jascynthia if you could take a look at them - and maybe put them to good use again! I have no doubt that you will have a wonderful time at GP. It was a long week for us - partying, pre-wedding... But one of the best times of my life. And our guests couldn't stop commenting on just how beautiful the resort was. Oh, another thing! David (the GM) came and greeted EVERY SINGLE ONE of the wedding guests. They were all astounded at the fact that they felt like royalty!!! Too funny! They really did go above and beyond to make our stay a special one.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by MarieSam isn't Josh Brown a BDW member? Can't wait to see more Yes he is! And a bloody brilliant photographer! I can't say enough good things about Josh! (And his brother Todd)
  5. I brought along an iPod and Bose docking station, which we used for music throughout the meal - and for the father/daughter dance, our first dance, groom/mother dance, etc. It worked out fine... Our First Dance. Photo by JOSH BROWN. Matthew & his daughter... SOOO sweet! Photo by JOSH BROWN. Following our reception, we headed upstairs to the Infinity Bar, where a live band was playing. It was a really good time and a much better option (we thought) than paying the $900 for a DJ - where 26 of us would have been dancing amongst ourselves! The "mingling" was a much better option for us. And there you have it. Here I am... happy bride showing off my bling (!) And with my wonderful new husband (still having trouble bringing myself to say it! H-U-S-B-A-N-D, that is!) Photo by JOSH BROWN. Photo by JOSH BROWN. I plan on getting around to doing a planning thread at some point. But with Christmas and then leaving for our honeymoon(!) at the end of the month, it may take a little while. If anyone has any questions about anything, please feel free to ask! I can whole-heartedly say that this was without a doubt, one of the best days (trips) of my life! We were a little nervous, the resort being so new & all, but GPLH far surpassed anything that we had hoped it would be! And I would definately recommend it to anyone!
  6. Our wedding set-up: The walk down with my father... (lamb to the slaughter!) Photo by JOSH BROWN Matthew & I actually left our vows at home - both the vows AND sand ceremony vows (not good!) but the minister did an ABSOLUTELY amazing job - and our nuptuals were truly, (although still run-of-the-mill) very special. He was wonderful! A steel drum Band played me down the aisle! They were brilliant and cost $300 per hour. They actually played for longer than an hour for us, poor souls! The nuptuals: Photo by JOSH BROWN The Sand Ceremony, which included Matthew's daughter. It was beautiful! Photo by JOSH BROWN Our reception was held at the semi-private Blue Lagoon Restaurant ($300) and at a cost of $50 per head (over 8 people) We dined on Lobster and Beef medallions... and the meal was wonderful! Sorry, photo of the beef dish is a little fuzzy... The cake! It was really good (vanilla) and we furnished the staff with our cake topper and ribbon. I'm not quite sure WTF was going on with the ribbon (!) but it was grand, all the same! Cutting the cake:
  7. Where to start?!! I can't believe that it has come and gone so quickly! Our DW was everything we could have wished it would be... and more! And I'm so excited to finally be sharing this with you all - future Grand Palladium brides, you are going to have a wonderful, wonderful time! I will try to keep it brief and give *my own* personal opinions and thoughts on our experiences with our DW in Lucea, Jamaica. OneLove, I am using your review as a guideline - I hope you don't mind! Here goes... RESORT: Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton, in Lucea, Jamaica. DATE OF WEDDING: December 15th, 2008 # GUESTS: 24 adults, 2 children PHOTOGRAPHER: Josh Brown (THE best!!!) Josh Brown Photography - Montreal - Destination Wedding Photographer TRAVEL TO JAMAICA: We flew with Delta Airlines, via Atlanta, GA. The fact that Delta allowed us to check 2 bags each was a God-send!! I actually ended up shoving my gown into our checked luggage (!) which I really wasn't too worried about, as the resort did complimentary steaming of the Bride & Grooms attire (with 2 days notice) Upon arrival in Montego Bay, Jamaica - we were immediately sought out by an Apple Vacations specialist... where we then waited (for what seemed like forever) to get on a bus and head for the resort. It was well after 4pm by the time we arrived - and let's just say I was not exactly a happy camper. The bus pulled up at the GP - had everyone get off the bus... determine who was staying at that side of the resort (there were TWO!) and then have everyone pile BACK ON the bus, to be transported over to the Lady Hamilton side. Didn't make a lot of sense, but whatever... GRAND PALLADIUM LADY HAMILTON: Grand Palladium Jamaica – Palladium Jamaica Resorts & Spa – Grand Palladium We were greeted at the resort with rum punch and check-in was fairly easy. The resort is ABSOLUTELY beautiful! Fresh and new... and HUGE. A down side for some might be the prospect of walking here there and everywhere, but a simple call to the Bellman, and they will gladly pick you up in their 'golf-cart-like-mobile' and transport you to wherever it is you want to go! (Having said that, it didn't show up for my groom and I, for transportation to our reception meal! We walked the full length from the Romance Suites to the Blue Lagoon Restaurant in full garb. We weren't too happy to say the least! But I digress...) Our driver while at GPLH was Jimmy - and Jimmy is the best! OUR ACCOMODATION: We stayed in Romance Suite #3074 and it was wonderful! The view was spectacular and we were greeted with champagne and a decorated bed! The jacuzzi tub was HUGE and great fun was had by all... And though Matt used the outdoor shower on a few occasions, I passed as it didn't have hot water (though others did) Our accomodations were excellent overall. I'm embarassed to say that Matthew and I "kept house" like pigs! But everyday, the room was cleaned up and sorted out some how... WELCOME DINNER: We had our (unplanned) "Welcome Dinner" at the Jamaican Restaurant. The food was rather mediocre, in my opinion (I'm REALLY fussy when it comes to food) and the service, extremely slow. I opted for the filet mignon (it wasn't) but those that had the "something-or-other encrusted talapia," said that it was great! A bonus in the dining department is that guest relations allows you to call ahead and reserve seating for the whole group, at any restaurant of your choosing. Our tables were split amongst two... but a good time was had all the same. Because of the slow service, we actually opted to have dinner at the Negril Buffet the next evening... and that worked out grand. PRE-WEDDING DAY ACTIVITIES: Okay, so I'll be totally honest and tell you that we had all of these great plans to go here and there and everywhere (!) Zip-lining, YS Falls and whatever else. Our pre-wedding days were basically spent by the pool... and at the pool bar... Sunbathing and playing beach volleyball (they have a court right beside the main pool) which was an absolute blast! We met (and drank with) some really great people - and Marvin the pool bar-tender, was an absolute hoot! Ahem, enough about that side of the DW events... THE SPA: My MOH, mother and I all had massages at the GPLH Spa on the day of the wedding. Theresa was my masseuse/hair stylist AND make-up artist - and was very good. I would definately recommend the massage and hair styling... but would probably opt out of the make-up if I were to do it over. I'd take care of that myself. Sorry, no photographs at this time... The General Manager, David, was kind enough to give Matthew and I complimentary massages during our stay. Unfortunately, we didn't find the time to take advantage of them - though having previously booked for my MOH & myself, we were able to indulge on the day of the wedding. Well worth it, for the destressing component! The dress... Photo by JOSH BROWN. Squeezing into my dress with the help of my girls! Photo by JOSH BROWN. THE CEREMONY: Was at the newly positioned gazebo (at Lover's Bluff) Upon our arrival, the gazebo was far from ready. But the GM and WC both promised that it would be finished in time for our nuptuals on the following Monday. And they were true to their word! They had folk out there busting their asses until the sun went down, making sure that it would be ready in time. And it was abslutely beautiful... with a tiled, winding walkway down to an absolutely breath-taking, spectacular view! Truly unbelievable!
  8. I cannot say enough about Josh! You were wonderful in every way! Not only does Josh take AMAZING photographs but he's an all-round, full-service professional, who helped us in more ways than you can ever imagine! Making phonecalls, providing refreshments when badly needed (!) carrying stuff... I could go on and on. But most of all, keeping a calm atmosphere, when the shit could have hit the fan! Josh, YOU WERE THE BEST! Here are a few of our TTD photographs... They were taken the afternoon after the wedding, when my new husband & I were, let's just say, feeling no pain! Just going to check and see how large this one posts! Okay, good size... Walking the beach... One of my own, personal favourites! And another favourite! In the pool at GPLH
  9. How does one do this? I'm under the impression that this will make posting my review and planning journal easier Because I can load it onto my blog and then cut and paste? Am I off in left field?!
  10. Well, as you well know, mine didn't look too much like that on the day now, did it Josh?!! You're the best! And I've no doubt, worked your magic to make it look as much like #1, as humanly possible...
  11. ... and it was an absolute blast!!! I can't believe that it came and went so quickly! But I promise to give a full review of it all over the weekend. I can't say enough about the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton! It was an absolutely beautiful resort... and the wedding itself went off better than I could ever have imagined it would! Matthew & I were the first to be married at the new gazebo location! And it was absolutely beautiful - perched on a cliff at Lover's Bluff, overlooking the water! Hang tight and I shall post info and pictures as soon as I can!
  12. This is OUR actual wedding set-up! The gazebo, located at it's new location - Lover's Bluff. An absolutely magnificent view, perched on a point above the water! Truly a beautiful setting. http://i276.photobucket.com/albums/k...laneous140.jpg Another option is on the beach. This photo was taken of a wedding taking place whilst we were there... http://i276.photobucket.com/albums/k...laneous083.jpg
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