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  1. THANK YOU SOOO so much Ladies! The first few were taken at an art museum called Legion Of Honor in San francisco. The ones with the waterfall were taken at Stow Lake also in San Francisco.
  2. Well I'm glad you got guilted ( I know thats so not a word) into doing a planning thread because you have to show off your hard work! Everything looked so awesome!! Congratulations Mrs.!!
  3. Yael beautiful, beautiful pictures! You guys look like you had such a great time during your shoot =)
  4. I just got my engagement photos and I LOVE them! I loved every single picture and I had such a hard time picking which to post! But here are a few of my favorites. My photographer was Ed Pingol. Please check out my referral post: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...476#post957237
  5. For more photos please check out my engagement photo post: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...477#post957257 This referral is for Ed Pingol (San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer) a bay area photographer (but he does do destination weddings). Well the photos speak for themselves, Ed is an unbelievable photographer. I LOVE how my engagement photos turned out! First of all, from the moment the FI and I met Ed (and his assistant/wife Monica) we knew we had to have him as our photographer. His photos are simply breathtaking and the style of photography that we were looking for. He's extremely professional and has always replied back to my emails within a reasonable time. Fast forward 7 months for our engagement photos. The FI and I were very nervous for our engagement photos. We've never taken professional pictures before. All the pictures we've ever taken composed of us cheesing and throwing up the piece sign. But from the moment we started the photo shoot the FI and I were totally fine, in fact we had such a great time! Ed has this very calming effect and he was awesome about giving us alot of direction about how to pose, how to stand, and turn. And the man is FUNNY! We were laughing throughout the photo shoot and talking like we 've all known each other forever. My FI NEVER smiles in pictures and he has a genuine smile in almost all the pictures (that alone is a miricle in itself)! Ed's knowledge of light and angles is so impressive. Mind you, these photos were taken on a very cloudy day in San Francisco. When I got the teasers from our engagement shoot I was speechless (miricle #2). I knew Ed was a great photographer but I did not know the extent of his photography skills until we got our photos. Absolutely everyone that has seen our photos also can't believe how awesome they are. I know a few people that refuse to believe that we didnt take them in front of a blue screen. To sum it up, I HIGHLY recommend Ed Pingol. He is primarily based in the bay area, but he does travel for destination weddings. Here is his contact info if you are interested in working with him. San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photo Please let me know if you have any questions. -Marise
  6. Thank you so much for the great review Tiffany! We share alot of the same vendors so its always reassuring to hear what a great job they do at other weddings. Loved your pictures, it looks like everyone was having a blast! Congratulations Mrs.!!
  7. Thanks so much for the great review! It sounds like all your guest had an awesome time! Congratulations!
  8. Melissa everything looked wonderful! I'am sure your guest had such an awesome time!
  9. I have gone to 4 weddings this year and as much as I've enjoyed the wedding cakes (don't get me wrong they were all tasty) the idea of having something different and fun like a sundae bar is so awesome! I say go for it!
  10. Jacilynda everything looks absolutely awesome! And all for $5186! Girl thats crazy! All your hard work and DIY projects put such a personal touch on everything. Your guest will have such a wonderful time! EIGHT days! Congratulations!
  11. Erica, everything looked great!! Thank you so much for sharing!!
  12. Awesome review Sandra!! I've been looking for a Mariachi band, so I think i'll give Mariachi Internacional an email. Congratulations Mrs.!
  13. For my invites I wanted boarding passes that were simple and looked as close to boarding passes as possible. Here they are, I LOVE them. They were made my SimplyChicEvents. Their website is: Simply Chic - Event Design & Coordination Front: Back:
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