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  1. Hi Everyone, Just want to share our slide show created by our photographer! He did a great job and we had a great time in Cabo! Enjoy!! Lily & Raymond Lily
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by adias.angel The pictures are so beautiful. Where did you have them taken? Thanks =) We took these pictures at Laguna Beach in Orange County. There's a lot of coves around that area. Our photographer is pretty cool - he knows all the neat little places. You can check out his website and the places that he've been to....Jim Kennedy Photographers
  3. wow, everyone's response are so great and sounds touching. Thanks for the response the your ideas. All the little details are starting to get to me, but this website really helps me out. I've decided to have my brother walk me down the aisle and have both my mom and brother give me away. =)
  4. My fiance and I had the same thought that it would cost less to have a DW wedding - so wrong! He had budgeted for a $10K wedding, but of course I went over the budget. I lost count already, but I think we've spent about $25-30K give or take a few hundred (still a couple of weeks to finalize). We started planning this since last November and I find it very helpful and stressfree to have a wedding coordinator. They basically handle the big stuff like location, reception, flowers, music, food, cake, drinks, lighting - basically everything you need for a wedding. The cost is broken up into payments which we paid with a credit card that accummulate points. We've exchanged our points for four round trip plane tickets which would of cost us at least $1500. Other costs that we needed to handle was our attire, make-up and hair for the bride, and attire for your bridesmaid(bm), groomsmen(gm), flower girls, ring bearer, and whatever you can think of or want. Cost does add up, but I find that the cost mainly came from the number of guests which was about $300/person. We basically choosed our guest wisely like who has really been instrumental in our lives....mainly our parents, kids, and brother, sisters, and a couple close friends. So, the question is where do we get the money? We basically budgeted a monthly payment of $3000/month and when we have extra, we just send more to the wedding coordinator. We went over budget, but that's because I wanted certain things like flying a photographer over there instead of hiring one that's recommended by the coordinator. If you're really on a tight budget, I suggest sticking with the basics (no need to BM and GM) and keep the guest list small.
  5. I finally received the link to my engagment/family video. We had such a blast and wanted to share it with all of you!! Enjoy!! jimkennedyphotographers.com/movie/wu Lily & Raymond
  6. Thank you both for your quick response. I will have my brother walk me down the aisle and meet my mom and they can both give me away =) I really love this forum!! It really helps take the edge off especially trying to deal with all the minor details as we're getting close to the big day =) Thanks again =)
  7. I'm filling out some information for the wedding minister and I'm having a hard time answering them. One of the question is whether the bride will be escorted by father? Since my father passed away last year, the answer is obvious - no. But my question is who should walk me down the aisle? Of my side of the family who's attending is my old brother, a half older brother, my mom, my daughter (flower girl), my boys ages 2 and 9 who one will be ring bearer. The second question is who gives the bride away? Would this person be the one who walks me down the aisle??
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by blkladylaw The practical side of me says consider: which are the most comfy? which are you able to walk best in? which would you see yourself using again for a night out? That said I am a shoe freak so these are by no means affordable to all but thought I'd share...but if you are going to splurge get something you'd wear again and again: Sergio Rossi Embroidered Pump (Skin) - Evening Prada Satin d'Orsay - Shoes & Handbags - Bergdorf Goodman Christian Louboutin Sequin Peep-Toe Pump - Evening - Bergdorf Goodman Christian Louboutin Sequined Sandal - Premier Designer - Neiman Marcus These are on sale in Nude in some sizes and Nude is the same color as the ones above from Bergdorf Matisse 'Elvey' Pump - View All - Nordstrom Badgley Mischka Piera (n‏ude Satin) - Evening http://www.footlux.com/product_info....oducts_id=1583 Manolo Blahnik Shiny Sequin Pump, Oro & Black*-* Premier Designer*-* Neiman Marcus On sale currently Those are beautiful shoe. You weren't kidding about the price! I didn't think shoes can cost that much =)
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by DanielleNDerek i like the shoes with the bows but i also think that shoes aren't that big of a deal, you won't be able to see them under your dress. So it's really up to you if you want to spend a lot or not. I'm just wearing barefoot sandals for ceremony on beach and than flip flops for reception. barefoot sandals are a great idea!! lightweight, inexpensive, and pretty too =) Thanks for the ideas!!
  10. I've been searching high and low for shoes to match my dress and to show nicely in pictures. I found these on the internet, but don't really know which one or neither and just keep looking. I would really like to find shoes with the same type of flowers and embellishment like on my dress, but that ain't happening. I really don't want to spend an arm and a leg for shoes that will be hidden underneath my dress most of the time. Any suggestions?
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by monicaswave Ok ladies so my FI just dropped the bomb that he has been looking at getting a motorcycle. First of all, I do think it's very dangerous to have one. Guys usually get carried away with speed and like to push their limits. Also, the city we live at is not very motorcycle friendly so drivers don't really care or watch for people on bikes. Half the roads here in Houston are in consturction most of the time so there is a good chance you will run into an unexpected pot hole or some loose debris. But most importantly we are paying (mostly he) for the wedding ourselves and I really don't think we need that extra expense right now. This made me really upset because even though I know my FI is covering the majority of the expenses for wedding I have been extremly thoughtful of our finances. I have cut down cost as much as possible on certain items and even sacrificed going on an all girls trip to Vegas with my friends so I can try to save as much as possible. He does make comments on how much money this wedding is costing and blah blah so I do stress at times with the cost. I passed on the dress I was sooo in love with because I didn't feel right asking my FI to pay that much money on a dress and now he wants to get a bike!!! I told him how I feel and I could tell it made him a little upset. I told him I wouldn't stop him form getting his bike but to please wait until after the wedding. Then, he said that we could upgrade our wedding to how much his bike ends up costing. That made me even more mad.....he only wants to upgrade our wedding to how much he spends on a bike!!!! GGGGggggrrrrr!!!! Ladies please give me some advice. Even though I work and pay my share of the bills, my FI pays for mostly everything. He's also into extreme sports and has 4 dirt bikes, 3 sand rails, 1 harley, $5K worth of scuba diving equipment, 15 bowling balls, and yes he still bitches about the cost of the wedding and how it's stressing him out. And yet he'll spend a ton of money on his toys. In fact he just bought me my harley as well to go riding with! I guess the bottomline is that most men feel that it's a waste of money to throw a big party. They rather spend the money on stuff they can have for years or investment. And truthfully, I sometimes agree and feel a little selfish that I rather spend the $50K to upgrade my ring or travel around the world =) instead of the wedding and spending the money on guest who won't remember anything after a few shots! haha =) Since my FI does pays for mostly everything and never ask for a dime from me, I just let him do and buy whatever he wants to. He knows that his priority is taking care of the family and putting a roof over our head and food on our table. As long as he can balance everything without stressing me out - I'm good =) Also, we not only have a joint bank account, but we also have separate accounts of our own which I find it really nice. We don't stress over every penny that comes in and out and we don't know how much we pay for certain things we buy for each other. Well, I feel for you and I hope you two can come to a compromise =)
  12. that's horrible. I have a 13 year old girl myself and she has a bit of an attitude also - but not as bad as what you've experience. I won't put up with that - I always warn her that she'll see my back hand before she can even complete her sentence =) And my FI tells the kids that he's not afraid of using the belt either. so far - the fear of getting their ass whoop works =)
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by JennyK it is kinda messy i will admit. lol its probably SO painful doing laser.. Laser isn't too bad. Just make sure you purchase their numbing cream and slap it on a hour before you do your treatment. Also, make sure you don't shave the day of - it's a little sensitive. And take an additional pain killer if you really don't want to feel it. The armpits are painless, but the upper lip and the brazillian is a little more sensitive.
  14. now that you have that cleared, just relax and don't worry too much....just go with the flow. Less headache for you and $$. =)
  15. well, in my opinion and my personality, I'm pretty straightforward with my friends. So, to me - being a MOH should be someone who can straight out say anything to each other. So, if you're that close to her, I say you should just ask her. If you want to be a little suttle, then start out asking her if she has decided how many bridesmaids she will have and who are they. And just throw in who will be her MOH. you can even make suggestions for the reason you're bringing the subject up is because you think it's a good idea to gather the party and plan little things out like girls days out, showers, etc.
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