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What color goes with blue?

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I think I want my bridesmaid dresses to be blue - either a light blue, or sort of an ocean blue. I've been looking at some of those sites that help you pick colors but I can't figure out what accent color would look good with that for the decorations/flowers. Any advice? Help!

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You're getting married on my one-year anniversary!!! I had blue (it was called "cornflower"). I got so many compliments on the girls' dresses! An accent color I'm using for my AHR this weekend is lime green. I wanted it, but didn't really use it anywhere in Mexico. I'll post pix after the reception.


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Well I think you're in luck - blue can look good with LOTS of colors! here are some ideas that other brides have used in the past:


Blue & Brown

Teal & Fuchsia

Blue & Green

Blue & Red (be careful what shades you pick or you may end up being very patriotic!)

Aqua & Black


it might be a good idea to go to theknot and search for "blue" and see what colors you are naturally drawn to. Another idea may be to take a blue fabric swatch (shirt, napkin whatever) to a florist shop and sort of walk around and see what flowers you like with it.


Good luck!

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Originally Posted by Julesr View Post
I love blue and green and then also a blue and fuschia or dark pink colour. These colours were not exactly what I had in mind, but they were the only ones I could use.
Ditto on that! I like those options with blue. Blue is such a god color to pair up with. I'm sure whatever you pick will look really nice :)
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