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  1. They are Alfred Sung, but I got married in 2007, so I am guessing this style has been discontinued by now.
  2. Sorry, this got some bumped for a very silly reason, someone looking to get their post count up. I got them in 2007 at Wal-mart. They had some really ugly sequence circles on it and we just removed them all.
  3. Glad I could help in anyway. I was going to say I don't remember how to do them, but I realize I wrote it all down in this thread.
  4. Odd that one so old would come up. Its an oldie but a goodie I guess
  5. Umm this thread is from 2007, you must have done some major digging to find this one.
  6. The hotel did provide the lighting that you described, and I found it was enough lighting. I just mean if you want something that they need to pulg in, you have to make sure they can, you would need both types because I do not think just the lanterns would provide enough light.
  7. Yaly set up all the decorations that I gave her, exaclty as I asked. BUT, since you would need power for those lights, I think you should email Yaly and ask if that is something they can do.
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