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  1. The most recent email I have for Yaly is dpto1.rrpp@ppesquero.co.cu ....hope that works for you.
  2. Stacey - good luck and baby vibes to you! I just ordered pre-seed online and hope to receive it in the next week and see if that helps us in our TTC adventures!
  3. They should accept it in Spanish - I'm in Calgary and they had no problem with it here. The first step that I took was taking it to a registry office, where they updated my driver's license and AB Healthcare information. Then off to the bank, and passport office. Honestly, I had no trouble, and my marriage certificate had my name spelled wrong! I just told everyone that this was from Cuba, it was in Spanish, and my maiden name was wrong, and they didn't really look at the marriage certificate at all. Hope it goes smoothly for you!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by JTAlberta Hi Everyone, We are also back from our wedding. We stayed for 2 weeks! It was fantastic!!! We had a blast!!! Yaly is such a sweetheart, she made sure everything was perfect! I would recommend this resort to anybody! Thank-you to all the lovely ladies who gave great tips along with great advice! I will post some pictures along with a review for furture brides to come. Congrats!! Glad you had a great time and I'm sure you'll have some great tips for future PP brides!
  5. I'm glad you got your marriage certificate ok! It is too bad that you can't submit it as is for your name change - the funny thing is that nobody even looked at mine when I told them it is from Cuba and therefore in Spanish...funnily enough they made sure they took copies for their "files". Hope you don't have any trouble!
  6. Your pictures are great - I can't believe about a lady peeing right beside your ceremony...how awful!! The worst we had was some guy's speedo pulled down well below his bum and another man who had his speedo riding up his bum pretty close to our archway....ah, beach weddings! You never know who'll show up. You were a gorgeous bride - your dress and your hair are beautiful! Sorry about your hubby losing his ring
  7. Can't wait to read everyone's reviews and see pictures from your weddings!!
  8. I have! We got back from Paris 2 days before the volcano erupted in Iceland last month. I found that liquor helped me to relax and sleep during our 10 hour flight. Best of luck - you will do great!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by AlexsBride Sara, was there an added fee to use the credit card to pay? I am wondering if it is simplest to just use CUC... There wasn't an extra fee for paying by credit card at our resort. When we checked out, they had all the wedding related costs itemized on our invoice (legal fees, hair appts, reception cost, etc) - I'm unsure how the exchange rate on just paying by CUC's would work as you'd have to get them in Cuba. At our resort, the exchange rate fluctuated often. With the credit card, I believe you get a better exchange rate. Plus, we are airmiles c
  10. We paid by mastercard - I would advise against travelers cheques. I would agree with Alexis that you could pay your parents the cash and have them put it on their credit card (visa, mastercard) if you only have amex.
  11. Aw I'm so glad your wedding was great! Can't wait to read your review and hear all about it!!
  12. Hi ladies - I guess it's my time to post here! DH and I got back from our belated honeymoon in April and I've been off BC since Mar. 20 - pretty excited about ttc and also all the research about ovulation, etc. Anyhow, best of luck to all the other current ttc'ers!
  13. Congratulations and welcome! You'll find some great info from past and present Cuba brides on here. Best of luck with all your planning!!
  14. I hope your wedding is AMAZING!! Can't wait to hear about it when you get back....enjoy every minute!!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by MayanLily Drycleaning Question: I bought my dress off the rack and am wanting to get it drycleaned. Went in for a quote today and they said $260... is this reasonable? I don't have a clue! After the wedding I had mine dry-cleaned and boxed and that's how much it cost for both....just for dry-cleaning it seems expensive, but I suppose it depends on how much beadwork or other intricate detail your dress has?
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