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  1. Jenn~ Finn is adorable! Love all that hair! You're right~ he'll need a haircut soon! My 20-month-old son has only had his cut twice! Kat~ Ashlyn is SUCH a doll! What a great picture! Amy
  2. Kylie Elaine was born today at 7:19 a.m.! She decided she didn't want to wait until Friday for our scheduled c-section! She is absolutely beautiful- although I'm sure I'm a little biased! She weighed 7 lbs., 10 oz. and is 20 1/2 inches long. I'll try to post some pix soon! So excited for the others who are getting so close! Amy
  3. Margie~ Glad to hear that it's just something "normal"! When are you due again?
  4. We're not sure about names yet. Most likely her middle name will be Elaine, because that's mine, my mom's, and my grandma's. We liked Kylie when pg with Austin, but not so sure DH is sold on it! Now we'll really focus since we know for sure she's a girl! I've already started shopping for PINK!!!! I had a $100 Gymboree gift card left from one of my showers for Austin, so my shopping cart is full! Amy
  5. The baby cooperated today!!! IT'S A GIRL!!!!! We are SOOOO excited! Finally some motivation to get the room going!!! Amy
  6. Congrats Kat! She is so beautiful! Hoping I'll get to get some pink too! Angel~ Zariah looks so cute with her earrings, and I agree, her lips are adorable! Andrea~ Hope you're a Mommy soon!! I found out I have gestational diabetes again this week. The positive thing about it, is that I will have another U/S!! Hopefully the baby will be spread-eagle this time so we'll know what we're having! It's very strange still not knowing! It's hard to focus on getting the room cleared out and a name when we don't know the sex! I'll have an U/S in 2 weeks! Amy
  7. I used them, and mine stunk too! After they were all set out though, you couldn't notice it. I think it was mainly when they were all bunched together! I loved my placecards! Amy
  8. Any new updates for us So many things are driving me crazy right now! Thanks!
  9. Angel~ Zariah is beautiful! Such a cute little doll she is! Kat~ I can't believe you're still here! I can imagine how uncomfortable you must be, since I'm already feeling a little uncomfortable! Hope she decides to come tonight!
  10. Congrats on the boy, Margie! We had an appt. today, and Kevin was trying to "buy" me another U/S since our baby didn't cooperate last time! They weren't going for it!!!
  11. Congrats Amy! So glad everything is going well! Regarding H1N1- I've been paranoid about this since August when I started hearing about the deaths of pregnant women. I'm a 4th grade teacher, so I'm especially scared because of that! Anyway, I've decided to get it~ and my basic reason is that I would rather have (and raise and love) a baby who was affected by the vaccine (although I don't feel that will happen), than leave Austin motherless because the baby and I died from it! My friend's cousin works closely with the CDC and in many countries where there are terrible diseases. He told her that she and her almost-2-year-old should get it. She puts a lot of faith in what he knows, so she's decided to get it too (she's not pg). It is a scary thing to think about! Amy
  12. I think Natalie might be due for some psychiatric help! Yeah, that's it, Jessie didn't vote for her because he's sad that she got engaged! Give me a break! That girl is CRAZY!
  13. Margie~ Sorry this happened to you too, but you're lucky you know the date for your next chance to see the baby! My tech didn't think she'd see everything she needed to, but then she did (that was the reason I had a 2nd U/S with Austin~ she couldn't see his upper lip). I asked her if seeing the genital area was on her checklist and unfortunately it's not! Danielle~ I thought about getting the bedding~ especially since it's at Target and I found a bunch of gift cards from our wedding that I somehow didn't spend yet! But, I think I'm just going to wait and see if I have diabetes~ if I do, I'll have a ton of U/S's again. We'll see!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Kat81 Amy- when we had our 20 week u/s the dr told us girl. But DH wasn't convinced. So he made me wait until our u/s at 32 weeks to "just make sure" before I bought anything such as bedding and nursery decorations. She was still a girl at our 32 week u/s so we were able to go shopping! Hang in there. I don't know if I'll have a 32-week U/S. A few people have asked me that, and I think my office only does 2 (the initial one and the 22 week one). Do most places do 3? I think the only way I'll have more is if I have GD again. Maybe I'll get another one because of my age (36), but they never say anything about my age. So I don't know!!!! Amy
  15. I love seeing everyone's pix! Such beautiful babies! Heidi~ Congrats on your girl! So, we had our "big" U/S on Thursday, and the baby DID NOT cooperate!!! That's right, he or she was sitting on his or her butt! The tech said that based on the positions she was seeing, if there WERE boy parts, she would've seen them, so she labeled the baby a girl. However, she also said, it's possible that it's a boy sitting on his sack WTF? I asked her how sure she was, and she said she wouldn't have said anything if she wasn't sure. I asked her how many times she's been wrong, and she said "never". So, not sure if I'll have another U/S or not! Tested early for GD (since I had it with Austin), and it came back negative, which is great~ but I have to test again at 28 weeks. If I do have GD, I'll have tons of U/S's again. I also took the OTC Intelligender test, and it said "girl". I don't know~ I was so ready to come home and order bedding and get the nursery going! DH is saying not to buy anything yet! We are, however, very grateful of course that the baby is healthy! Hope everyone is doing well! Amy
  16. Matthew is such a cutie pie! Hope he gets his days and nights figured out soon!
  17. YES! What Jessica said! Seriously~ does anyone in America like Chima, Natalie, and Lydia? I think they all FORGOT that they're playing a game that THEY signed up forand THEY know the rules for!
  18. Congrats to GeminiLibra and Danielle! MrsMartin~ Matt is adorable!!! I have some sad news~ I posted about my step-brother and SIL about a month ago. They were told their baby would have some problems, went through multiple tests only to find out that everything should be OK. They thought the baby was about 2 weeks behind in development, but they weren't worried about that. They were at the doc about 2 weeks ago, heard the HB, and everything was fine. Last weekend, SIL felt the baby moving. Yesterday, they went for an U/S to check the growth and develpment, and there was no heartbeat. My SIL delivered the baby this morning. She was 24 weeks, but the baby's develpment was only 19 weeks. My step-mom got to hold Gavin, and my step-bro cut the cord. He was 8 oz. and 8 in. I am so sad for them and can't believe that they're planning a funeral instead of bringing their baby home. They were SO excited to be having a baby~ I just cannot begin to imagine what they're going through. Sorry to put this bad news out there, but wanted to update those who sent positive thoughts and prayers their way. Amy
  19. Congrats MrsMartin! Matthew is adorable!
  20. My dad and I danced to Tim McGraw's "My Little Girl". I'm not a big country person, and don't hear the song often, but just googled the lyrics and watched a video of it~ now I'm sitting here in tears!!!! Lately I've heard about a lot of friends who have loser dads, and I guess I'm just thinking about how lucky I am to have a great dad~ or maybe it's pregnancy hormones! I think I'm going to print out the lyrics and a pic of us dancing and do a scrapbook page to frame for my dad (yes, it's 2 years later now!). A little while later, we also danced to the song "Amy"~ because he's always sung that to me over the years! Sorry for the novel~ just felt the need to share right now I guess! Amy
  21. Congrats Mrs. Martin! You'll probably be holding your baby in your arms really soon now!!!! And congrats Twinkletoes! Motherhood is the absolute BEST thing in the world!!! Amy
  22. Quote: Originally Posted by Kelly C Amy, I was thinking about the birthday invation you had for your son. Where did you get those adorable shirts and how did you get the b day invations printed. If you dont mind me asking. Hi Kelly, I made them using WORD and iron-on transfers. I actually used onesies that he almost outgrew, because they didn't hold up well in the wash~ so most of them got tossed when I was done. I also printed things on the back (for example, on 1 month, it said, "1 Proud Daddy + 1 Excited Mommy + 1 Beautiful Baby = 1 Happy Family). Then I did little photo shoots each month in the same chair with the same stuffed animal next to him. I made the invitation in PowerPoint. I had them printed at Kinko's, but think I would've been happier printing them at home~ the colors weren't that great from Kinko's. Amy
  23. Heidi! I am so happy for you! Your due date is 6 days after mine! Good to see you here again! Amy
  24. Alyssa~ Congratulations and welcome to this thread! I'm just getting back into it, and trying to "get to know" everyone again! Mrs. Martin~ You look great! Can't wait to see pix of the nursery! An update on my step-brother and sister-in-law's baby~ EVERYTHING IS LOOKING GREAT! They had a lot of worrying due to the quad-screen test. After having multiple tests, an echocardiogram, and an MRI, there seems to be no problems! The baby is about 2 weeks behind in development, but the doctors aren't very concerned about that. I'm so relieved to find out that things should be good for the baby!
  25. Kevsgirl~ (My husband is Kevin too!) I'm due January 15th. Lisa~ So great to see you again! Your siggy pic is so cute! Good luck on trying for #2! It is so different being pregnant the 2nd time! The first time, the pregnancy was my whole focus, and now, it's Austin! Very different! Glad to be past my first trimester, and hoping to get some energy back! On a sad note, found out today that my step-bro and his wife received terrible news about their baby. They're due on Thanksgiving, but found out today that the baby will either die or have major developmental issues. I don't know the details, because I got the info from DH who got it from my step-bro, and I just can't bring myself to talk to step-sis-in-law or step-mom about it yet. I am SOOO sad for them! This will be their first child, and they were SOOO excited to be parents and give Austin a cousin! I'm hoping the best for them! Take care, Everyone! Amy
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