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  1. Wow!! Everything looks terrific!!!!!!
  2. I'm leaving Monday!!! I can't believe it's here!
  3. Lillie09

    Turks and Caicos Hair Salons

    Whoops..Geraldine is doing my hair. Sorry!
  4. Lillie09

    Turks and Caicos Hair Salons

    Ann is doing my make-up and Genivieve is doing my hair...they are both coming to my hotel room. I'm not going anywhere lol!! :- )
  5. Everything looks beautiful! Your dress is gorgeous!
  6. Lillie09

    Turks and Caicos Hair Salons

    There is also Beauty and the Beach in Providenciales. Not sure if there is a website.
  7. It's so close!!!!!!...I'm basically done with planning. I still have to ship items down and I have my final fitting for my dress tomorrow..picking it up next week!! Time flies!
  8. Absolutely beautiful!! Love your veil!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by TCWed10 Lillie09 -- did you go through NILA for the room rates at Point Grace and the wedding costs? I have left several messages for the contact at Point Grace and have not heard back... So frustrating.. I booked the hotel and the flight with a Travel agent in NY. You could go through NILA and they will definitely get in touch with Point Grace and do everything for you. As far as the wedding costs (my reception at Grace's Cottage) I went through my Wedding coordinator from NILA.
  10. Thanks for the responses! I'm glad I'm making a good choice!
  11. Hi! I was thinking about giving our guests small photo albums as favors since they are on vacation and will be taking pictures. The photo album is an ivory color decorated with sea shells (you can do a search engine and find them at any wedding favor website). Do you think this is a good favor for my guests?? We are also giving OOT bags. Thanks!!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by IslamoradaBride I was thinking about getting this one from J. Crew. I love the color and they have 30 percent off their final sale right now! Our event is going to be super casual but I want to look special, you know? I already have some gold sandals to wear. This is the one I have, in white without the halter (strapless)
  13. My colors are light blue and ivory.