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  1. Hi I am training for my second marathon. I highly recommend the Couch-to-5K program for beginners. Once you have a handle on 5k distance you can up your mileage and start working on longer, more challenging distances. eta - and definitely get fitted at a running store for shoes. The right running shoes/equipment make a world of difference in your performance and your body's response to running.
  2. How funny, I haven't logged in in some time and this is the first thread that popped up. I had the forum, and specifically Cabo on the brain since I just returned from 4 nights down there last night for a bachelorette party. Fun! my update - still married, no kids, getting ready to buy a second house, training for a second marathon and generally enjoying life. I'm also clearly working hard, as I sit at work researching my next vacation I hope that all of you super old-timers are doing well... Janet? Christa? Tammy? Sarah? are you still out there?
  3. I got engaged at Valley of fire in Sept 05 (wow, that was a long time ago!) I would go sunset.
  4. I have stayed at both, although I wasn't married at either... I prefer the Marquis.
  5. Welcome and congrats! I was married at the Cabo Surf what seems like ages ago - that said, it's an incredible site. Have fun planning!
  6. I am an old forum member. We invited around 225 and had around 130 attend. We were hoping for around 75.
  7. I was on the original forum! I seldom make it on here now... but I was an active planner back in the day.
  8. I use (and like) Laura Mercier Oil Free (SPF 20) I think it's around $45
  9. Congratulations! Looks and sounds like everything turned out perfect. We also loved Armando & his staff. The Cabo Surf is such a fun, unique location.
  10. I would have to say Prime in the Bellagio is one of the best Steakhouses I have been to. We've eaten there a few times, most recently in December and the food and experience are really one of a kind. If you go, be sure to request a seat near the window so that you get a good view of the fountains. N9ne in the Palms is good also. We stayed at the Palms a few weeks ago and had dinner there. The meal was good, but the atmosphere was more um... urban? Clubby? Not sure how to describe it, but not as much of a fine dining experience. That's not to say that the food wasn't fantastic. You have to try the S'mores and lobster mashed potatoes. Yum! We've also eaten at Emeril's Delmonico in the Venetian, and had dinner at the DB Brasserie in the Wynn on our last trip, but I still say Prime is the way to go (I think it received a 28 for food from Zagat) Have fun!
  11. I used turquoise with shades of blue and lime green and all white/green flowers. I went with a very clean, modern look for our wedding.
  12. We did this and it worked out great for us. Good luck!
  13. We stayed at the Marquis after our wedding and thought it was a really wonderful, classy resort. Good luck!
  14. This is embarrassing, but a year later it's still hanging in a bag in my closet filthy. One of these days I will have it cleaned. I'm still sort of attached to it so I am unsure if I will donate it or not.
  15. Hi We did not honeymoon in Napa, but we have vacationed there - we stayed at and LOVED the Candlelight Inn. They have a private cottage "the cottage" that isn't on their website, but it's just fabulous.
  16. Those are beautiful! My H proposed in the Valley of Fire.
  17. I don't think that I would advise doing so because if you have to be responsible for returning the linens, the last thing that you want to worry about is collecting them at the end of the night. Even if someone else is in charge, the responsibility, both physical, and financial will end up being yours. We found a place locally to buy wholesale linens and brought them with us. I think that we spend around $6 per table although my memory is kind of rusty with all things wedding-related these days. Anyhow, maybe you can consider doing that? At the end of the night we negotiated with, and sold them to the hotel.
  18. I considered doing that, but more often I just wear my wedding band alone. It feels weird wearing my ering on my right hand, and my ering is a little too big these days so not wearing it at all seems to be the easiest solution.
  19. My In-laws used VRBO to rent their house for our wedding in Cabo. My mom also has a vacation property that she rents out through VRBO. Never had a problem.
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