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VERY upset with Bittersweet Wedding designs right now!

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#71 ~Keira~

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    Posted 06 October 2009 - 02:59 PM

    I just took a look and the website seems to be working alright for me. Though everything seems to be going wrong, it doesn't look like you need to panic about her being out a business....yet anyways. Who knows what the future may bring.
    ~Keira~**formerly KLee147**


    #72 LCBride2007


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      Posted 06 October 2009 - 03:09 PM

      I see this "Important Update" on her site:

      IMPORTANT UPDATE: Bittersweet Wedding Designs will be booking only ONE wedding with free set up and take down for each weekend in 2010. We have come to this decision based on experiences this past wedding season.

      If your date is already booked, we do still offer DIY rentals at our affordable prices, and we do deliver.

      We will also be booking only 2 bouquet sets per week as well.

      We feel these changes are necessary to give ourselves the opportunity to work closer with each bride individually, in turn making her day that much more special.

      Granted, I've never been to her site before so I don't know if it's always said this, but at least it seems she's learning from past mistakes?

      #73 KJT1985

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        Posted 06 October 2009 - 04:55 PM

        Whoa. This has to be the most tense, drama filled thread on the forum...at least to my knowledge...

        #74 SusieQ

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          Posted 06 October 2009 - 08:01 PM

          Tons of emotions!!!!

          #75 shortnsweet7675

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            Posted 06 October 2009 - 09:41 PM

            Originally Posted by blackrose_222
            I'm going to cry. Her website isn't working right now (at least for me), and I found a page online that states that "This vendor has indicated that they are no longer in business". Oh my god. Seriously, WTF!
            So sorry to see this is happening to you. I hope things work out and you get some positive news soon.

            #76 jackobelle

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              Posted 25 November 2009 - 08:28 PM

              Just wondering if you have heard anything yet?

              #77 SunnyCherries

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                Posted 30 November 2009 - 03:41 PM

                Chalk another one up for no flowers! Arrrrgh this is BEYOND frustrating. I ordered my flowers in FEBRUARY, with a "needed by" date of OCTOBER so that I would hopefully avoid anything like this happening (mind you, February was before everything kind of hit the fan. Maybe I had a gut instinct I should have listened to!) We have been trying to call (number has now been disconnected) and email her since the beginning of November. FINALLY on Friday we sent her a (very polite) ultimatum email basically saying if we didn't hear from her by Monday morning, we would assume she will not be fulfilling our contract and we would expect a full refund for the deposit. Well we heard back from her almost immediately, apologizing saying her internet and phone have been down etc etc. But not to worry she would send proofs this weekend. Well, it's now Monday and I have yet to receive proofs or hear anything from her.

                Its heart-breaking because you get your heart set on a product and give a vendor a deposit, assuming they will fulfill their end of the contract, not even thinking something like this could happen!

                The worst part is that she strings you along, empty promise after empty promise, making you think (hope) you will eventually see your flowers and by the time you realize that she's completely full of bunk, it's too late to even try to find someone else who CAN give you want you want.

                Anyone else have ANY communication with her over the past week?

                #78 jackobelle

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                  Posted 30 November 2009 - 07:34 PM

                  Oh NO!!!!!!! Not another one! We should keep this thread "bumped" every couple of weeks so other brides see it and don't order from them. I really hope you get your deposit back!

                  #79 Kristen110

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                    Posted 02 December 2009 - 10:03 PM

                    That sucks ladies! I agree that's the worst, when you put a deposit down and then never hear from the vendor and they don't fulfill their end of it. Thanks for letting us all know NOT to go with this vendor!

                    #80 classadiva

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                      Posted 02 December 2009 - 11:27 PM

                      Oh no...I feel soooo bad for you Sunnycherries....your wedding is in a week!!! This is outrageous!! I really and truly hope that by some miracle she comes through for you....

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