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  1. Thanks girls! Our wedding wouldn't have been the same without all the crazy awesomeness of all you girls and your fantastic ideas! Thank you so much! <3
  2. Thanks girls! Ok, to answer questions... Quote: Originally Posted by Kamilla850 Did you get the flowers from the resort or did you bring your own? Also, did the resort place the flower petals that are on the beach as you walked down the aisle or did you have to provide? I can't wait to hear your review. After another Bittersweet Wedding fiasco (feel free to stalk!), we gave up fighting with Crystal and decided to just go with the resort flowers. I'm thinking it was almost meant-to-be because the resort flowers were SO beautiful! We would do it all again in a heartbeat! I was so upset after dealing with Bittersweet I basically didn't even care about the flowers anymore. I simply let Maritee know (literally) a couple of days in advance we would need flowers, that I liked a picture of a lily arrangement in a "sample flowers" email she sent and that our colour was fuchsia. They turned out PERFECT!! And OMG they smelled SO good! Pricewise, they actually ended up being CHEAPER than what we were supposed to pay with Bittersweet (and we didn't have to lug them down there with us)! For 5 boutonnieres, 2 bridesmaid bouquets, 1 bridal bouquet and 2 Mother's corsages, it worked out to be roughly $300. Quote: Originally Posted by Flores Congrats Amber! Your pictures are beautiful! Did you fly your photographer down? We did!... Quote: Originally Posted by CnC Sunnycherries - Where is your photog based? I couldn't find th e info on their website...are they based in DR? Our photographers were Ben and Laura Harrison of Harrison Studios, based out of Michigan. They were an absolute dream to work with! Very professional, and super fun! Their email is info@harrison-studio.com. They also have an awesomesauce blog: HARRISONSTUDIO | the blog of the destination wedding photographers of Harrison Studio
  3. Our wedding slide show is UP!!! Couldn't wait another minute to share dan + amber We were married Dec 8, 2009 at the Majestic Colonial in Punta Cana. We brought Ben & Laura Harrison (Harrison Studios) to the Dominican with us, and couldn't have been more pleased!!!
  4. We just got back from our wedding at the Majestic Colonial... it was the most perfect wedding/week! I promise you won't be disappointed! Our group had a blast! I'm going to try to get around to getting a review done, and hopefully a (very late!) planning thread (my laptop that has everything on it is currently in the shop! eek). But for now I have a few pics to share: dan + amber
  5. Our wedding slide show is UP!!! Couldn't wait another minute to share dan + amber We were married Dec 8, 2009 at the Majestic Colonial in Punta Cana. We brought Ben & Laura Harrison (Harrison Studios) to the Dominican with us, and couldn't have been more pleased!!!
  6. Well it's Wednesday night now and I STILL haven't heard from her. We will be leaving on Sunday morning, most likely sans flowers. At least we have the resort flowers to fall back on! I'm sure they will be just as beautiful! Mum-in-law-to-be is bringing her glue gun and I found some extra ribbon to take in case we have to make any "adjustments" to what we get at the resort! We're very disappointed, but all will be well! Now, just to try to get the money back! eeek
  7. Hi Red Deer (are area!) Brides! We just moved here about a month ago; loving the city so far! Things have been crazy with a move and wedding planning so I only just found this thread now! If you guys are still planning a get together, I'd love to meet some girls in the area! We leave this Sunday (Dec 6), so if the meet-up ends up being after then maybe I can shed a bit of light on some things as a post-BDW bride! Is the facebook group still active? I'll send in a request to join!
  8. Chalk another one up for no flowers! Arrrrgh this is BEYOND frustrating. I ordered my flowers in FEBRUARY, with a "needed by" date of OCTOBER so that I would hopefully avoid anything like this happening (mind you, February was before everything kind of hit the fan. Maybe I had a gut instinct I should have listened to!) We have been trying to call (number has now been disconnected) and email her since the beginning of November. FINALLY on Friday we sent her a (very polite) ultimatum email basically saying if we didn't hear from her by Monday morning, we would assume she will not be fulfilling our contract and we would expect a full refund for the deposit. Well we heard back from her almost immediately, apologizing saying her internet and phone have been down etc etc. But not to worry she would send proofs this weekend. Well, it's now Monday and I have yet to receive proofs or hear anything from her. Its heart-breaking because you get your heart set on a product and give a vendor a deposit, assuming they will fulfill their end of the contract, not even thinking something like this could happen! The worst part is that she strings you along, empty promise after empty promise, making you think (hope) you will eventually see your flowers and by the time you realize that she's completely full of bunk, it's too late to even try to find someone else who CAN give you want you want. Anyone else have ANY communication with her over the past week?
  9. Hey ladies! Sorry I've been a bit slow on this response - its been a crazy busy summer As for the paper/cardstock, we bought it all at a scrapbook store in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Their supplier is in Calgary. I'm sure I could find out the exact name if anyone needs it. The only thing I remember about the paper is that the colour of the dark brown we used for the pocketfolds was called "Charlie". We made the pocketfolds ourselves using the template via the link I provided in an earlier post on this thread!! We printed all of them all through a laser copier at DF's dad's office. So I'm not sure if they would go through on a home printer, but we had no problemo with the office copier! And thank you again for all the wonderful comments! You ladies are fantastic!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by joshfrommontreal The canopy right now is white (as of 4 days ago). Some couples bring their own fabric and they decorate in that color for them. But I believe the standard is white. Fantastic! Thanks Josh
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by joshfrommontreal This is the setup of the Colonial and Elegance beach location: Majestic Ceremony Location on Twitpic Hey Josh! When was this picture taken? From pictures that I've seen on the Facebook Majestic Colonial Brides group, it looks as though the canopy was BLUE(!) for a while!! Do you happen to know if it is now back to white? Thanks a bunch!
  12. Silly Me! I suppose I should mention that I used the fabulous template from aylee bits, which can be downloaded for free from: DIY: Boarding Pass Invitation / Save The Date - Aylee Bits The template was incredibly easy to use! Once we got the wording down we just entered the text, pasted in the clipart and moved a few things around til we liked what we saw. We used pocketfold template #1, which is also found on the above site. The fonts we used were Scriptina, which can also be downloaded for free from Scriptina Font @ 1001Fonts.com, and Verdana on 'small caps' formatting (in Word, click Format - Font and check Small Caps, OK) Any other questions, Id be happy to help
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Virg I have the same flower in my monogram, But I have not been able to figure out which Font or CLipart it is from, can you tell me? Sorry, I'm not sure! I can't even recall where I first found it as it was quite some time ago! We had originally used them for our return address labels on our save the dates and like it so much, decided to incorporate it into our invites too! Does anyone else happen to know? I think I've seen it around the site a few times! Quote: Originally Posted by doblauvelt great job! i love the detail of the ribbon with the embossed flower on it. quick question though, did you print or hand write the addresses on the metallic envelopes? i've been wondering how to do mine. We actually just printed them out on clear address labels! A lot easier (and faster!) than printing them directly on the envelopes Upon close inspection, you can tell there's a label, but they are quite translucent and besides, I'm pretty people don't really care too much about the envelopes!
  14. Thanks girls!!! Quote: Originally Posted by TheFutureMrs.Sears Wow!!! they look amazing!!!! I'm attempting to do my own as well, so I have a question...how do you cut the ends of the boarding pass? Did you use scissors or a special corner cutter? We used a round corner punch to clip the corners. We picked it up at a stationary store for cheap ($5 or $6). I've also seen them at Michael's though too! Everything else we did with an craft knife! Any other questions, I'd be happy to help Happy Invitation Making!
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