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  1. My friend got married in Maui and used Dellables, and her flowers were amazing. Hope you find someone you love to do your flowers! http://www.facebook.com/DellablesMaui
  2. I am the Maid of Honor for my friends wedding on another island in January, but we're heading to Maui for a few days after. I wish you all the best and most beautiful wedding days!!
  3. Thanks for the suggestions! I am the maid of honor for my best friends wedding in Kona in January, so this will be a big help to the photographer. I am also a photographer and will be doing a couples session while there so it's SUPER helpful since I have never been here. I will have to google those spots, but if anyone else can shed some light on spots, please do! Thanks all!
  4. On the beach, they bring the speakers out and the wedding coordinator will play and stop the music as you direct her to in the meeting a few days before your big day. Yes, after the ceremony, the hand out the champagne ASAP. There is no "dance floor" but there is tons of space for your guests to dance on the himitsu terrace. I think you do have to rent the speakers for $110 or something like that. There is a mic and the WC will pause the music for whoever wants to speak. Hope that helps. I just got back from my wedding last Monday. It was beautiful. And I agree with
  5. Nat - SO happy for you, congrats and glad to hear it was all worth it. Cant' wait to see your pictures and read your recap & review!
  6. krismac15 thank you for the review, so helpful!!! If someone can forward me her pictures please do at jak.05@hotmail.com. Yay Nat!!! Congrats and welcome to the Mrs. club!! Hope it was a great day for you guys! <3
  7. I'm also using starfish. I am getting those skinny little white starfish, and then attaching little tags to them for people's names.
  8. You are STUNNING Erin!!! WOW! Congrats again! Nat - Voted for you!
  9. Welcome Jackie!!! Hope your planning is going well! Congrats Christine!! Can't wait to read your review!!! Toya YOUR SO CLOSE!!! I am so thrilled for you! I miss you all girls, but I have been soooo busy!!!
  10. Aw yay tara!!! I'm so happy for you, congrats on becoming a MRS! Sorry to hear about the hiccups, hope they didn't interfere with making your day beautiful! If someone wants to forward me Tara's teasers (because I'm sure Tara is super busy) please do at jak.05@hotmail.com . Sorry I have been MIA again, I am so busy with work and school it's driving me crazy! Planning has pretty much come to a stop for now while I deal with finals, etc. =(
  11. Oh ladies, here is the Q&A document. If you get more as time goes by, feel free to email me more and I will add them on the document. There are somethings on there that I didn't quite understand, but let them as is. Hope this helps! Dreams Punta Cana Document
  12. cogswellgray - No response to my email from last week either. =( And I don't know if I am allowed to have it or not (because they haven't answered my email yet) but I got my dance floor decal!!! =)
  13. Maybe we should make a master list of all email responses that we have all received (since we might have asked different questions or the same)? If you girls want to, copy and paste your questions/answers into ONE email, and then send it over my way and I will make a master list. This will be beneficial in case while we are there they tell us the wedding canopy with no flowers is $175 when in the email they told us $150. My email is jak.05@hotmail.com. I will forward the master list to anyone that emails me.
  14. I forgot to mention, I won a free "Rock the Dress" session here two weeks ago, here is a teaser from my session! It was a lot of fun! Just had to show you ladies!
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