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  1. hello just stopping in and welcoming you,
  2. So many great photogs here in the bay area,, ED & Gene are amazing,, i am truly inspired by thier work and style, chris van atta
  3. amazing dress! wow,, you should keep it and do a trash the dress session,,
  4. Geat images! looks like you had an amazing time, and the photographer rocks! chris v
  5. Jtds thanks for sharing also,, i will have to check those places out,, RAbbit Island sounds famliar,, i grew up as a young teenager in Oahu, but was really limited to the military base in kanehoe,, although we did drive around alot,, but i was only interested in surfing,, hint that i became a surf photographer a few yrs back on the east ,, and its kinda ,my style now in photography,, anyway,, i cant wait to see the palm trees again,, look fowrd to hearing more form you all,, chris
  6. Im all ears ! for new discoveries and places of beauty,, Thanks for the notes,, i will need to get to know the island once i move,, and your advice im sure will help tremendously, i do love adventure in personally finding those choice places with lighting and composition, its part of the thrill of the hunt,, Congratuations Alyssa ,, seeing your profile you make a great looking couple,, im anxious to hear how , how awsome its going to be for you there,,, look foward to your images,,, chris
  7. Hello, Things are going well and the doors are opening for me to move to Kona Hawaii for a passion of my to be an instructor for students discovering photography,,, and to take it around the world,, but never living in the islands and leaving my comfort zone as a wedding photographer and coming to new turf ,, i need help in discovering hot spots for creating images,, and well i know its hawaii and it should not be hard,, but i aslo live by the saying No man;s an Island,, any help or discoveries or experinces will be appreciated,,, chris
  8. Sounds Amazing,, you will be so happy,, and there are plenty of great places to view the Golden Gate Sunset,, On the other side at Chronkite there are some spectacular views and great hot spots for photos,,, brilliant choice, also there is Bakers Beach just across the bridge to the right heading into san fran that is spectacular,, chris
  9. I have a friend thats a Limo driver for several wineries, like 10 yrs now,, she is awsome and will pretty much get you to all the key spots write me for info and number, chris
  10. wow Esapana,,.. i used to live in Rota, and have a friend, in Puerto de santa maria,, i was a teenager when i lived ther,, but have so many great memories,, Congratulations,, Chris
  11. from my experience most B&G trust the photogs judgment on wich photos to use for the initial layout,, i mean they hired the photog for his eye,, from the layout they can then re-arrange from there, and also the photog does put some extra love into images that tend to stand out and have that impact that would be photo album quality,, this has been my experience working with clients,, im sure there will be some who disagree, ?
  12. ahhhhhh well im a vendor,, and just trying to figure things out and not make any mistakes,, i tell you what if i do meet my significant other i know where to come,, so much amazing talent and from what i can see alot of support,, thanks for your help,, and answering my distress signal,, chris
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