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    Help from past ROR brides!

    I purchased silk flowers at Michaels. I then took them to a flower shop and they arranged them for me and wrapped them. I had the bridesmaids flowers wrapped with the part of their dress what cut off for hemming. I had people coming up to me at the resort wondering if they were real and where I got them.
  2. RORJamaica Bride 050809

    Did you bring your IPod to ROR?

    Yes we brought our iPod for our after dinner reception poolside. There is a plug there, so you don't have to worry. I wish we would have known before we went or we would have bought the Bose. You could hear the music perfectly.
  3. RORJamaica Bride 050809

    Catamaran ROR

    I would recommend Lee's Tours. They will work with you and do anything you want. leestrs@yahoo.ca
  4. RORJamaica Bride 050809

    Back from our wonderful ROR wedding *Pics

    Its made by Umbra. I bought it at Khol's others have bought it from World Market and Target have/had it as well.
  5. RORJamaica Bride 050809

    Back from our wonderful ROR wedding *Pics

    Thanks everyone for all the compliments. It was the best day of my life. Yes that was our photographer sitting on the steps crying! He was upset because him and the videographer were arguing during the ceremony because the video guy wouldn't let him get any pictures, he was crying because he said he didn't get any good pictures of the ceremony and that he didn't think we got what we paid for. He also bought a special camera for that day to attach to the gazebo for aerial shots and because it started to rain he had to take it down. Needless to say I think we have amazing pictures except because he was crying he missed most the eating reception and the speeches especially. We got my husbands suit at Kohls. It was on sale and you gotta love the Kohls cash because I think we got the whole suit for $90. Yes we got the frame at Kohls. DrBrainFreeze, how did yours travel home, ours didn't do so well, so i brought some sand home from Jamaica and we plan to redo it. If anyone has any more questions feel free to ask. it might be a little bit until I post our review. We are one week away from our AHR, so still going crazy. My best advise is to enjoy every single second because it goes by in a flash.
  6. We returned from our ROR wedding on Friday, May 15th. I hope to post a review soon. Our wedding was everything we imagined and more!! Despite a quick rain shower that started 15 minutes before the wedding everything was perfect. Here is the link to all our professional pictures. Enjoy! CDI Fotografi - Chambersburg, Shippensburg, Hagerstown, Annapolis, Baltimore, Washington DC Portrait Photography
  7. RORJamaica Bride 050809

    discountmugs.com warning!

    I too have to warn people about discount mugs. I just got back from our wedding in Jamaica and have yet to email them, but they printed all our mugs perfectly, however after using them a day at the beach all the ink and our names came off, so now everyone body has a plain black mug as a souvineir. I plan to email them shortly about how disappointing/embarrassing the whole situation has been. Please heed the advice and avoid discountmugs.com
  8. RORJamaica Bride 050809

    ROR - Wedding May 8th - RAIN

    we are using Lee's Tours, and they have been awesome so far. We are getting a private transfer from the airport from them also. We have a private catamaran for everyone joining us in Jamaica, drinks on the cat, snorkeling equip, and entrance fees to the falls, for $68 pp. We paid $20 per person towards each of their trips.
  9. RORJamaica Bride 050809

    ROR - Wedding May 8th - RAIN

    We arrive Tuesday. Is your reception poolside costing you more than the $10 pp and $5 to set up the chairs and tables? We aren't having a rehearsal, we are doing the cool runnings tour to dunns river on Thursday though, so we won't be around the resort until 1 or so.
  10. RORJamaica Bride 050809

    ROR - Wedding May 8th - RAIN

    Wow, it seems we have a lot in common, my fiance' has gotten his wedding band exchanged twice since we got it from him losing weight, and I recently had x-rays on my back, and have been seeing a chiropractor in hopes of my back pain being alleviated. I think mine is stress induced though, I graduate from my MBA program tonight, and I had interviews this week for a promotion at my job and this wedding has all been so stressful. My wedding is at 4:00pm. We definitely need to get together, when are you arriving in Jamaica. I have been trying to get a hold of Chandlyn to set up a meeting time, and I emailed her on Monday and haven't heard anything yet. Have you set up your time to meet her? I hope your back feels better before the wedding day.
  11. RORJamaica Bride 050809

    ROR - Wedding May 8th - RAIN

    Thanks that makes me feel a little better.
  12. RORJamaica Bride 050809

    ROR - Wedding May 8th - RAIN

    Everything i can see now says that May and June and September and October are the rainy months. Now it says showers on the 8th
  13. RORJamaica Bride 050809

    ROR - Wedding May 8th - RAIN

    My wedding is the same day as yours, and I have been obsessively checking the weather website for the forecast, and saw rain too Hopefully everything will be ok!! What time is your wedding?
  14. RORJamaica Bride 050809

    Extra Decorations Price List - ROR

    How many guests do you have? I have about 36 that would need seats, that would be $525! I think my guests will have to sit in the brown chairs
  15. RORJamaica Bride 050809

    Extra Decorations Price List - ROR

    That seems insane! I think you could actually purchase chair covers for cheaper.