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  1. Ladies... I would also pack with you copies of your notarized documents and printed copies of your emails with Chandyln (anything that has price quotes- or booking arrangements) Good luck with all of this... and try to enjoy your vacation/ wedding!! I hope they have this all cleared up for you soon!!
  2. I felt I needed to respond to my own thread after having my wedding at ROR!! I felt soo special... it was completely my day and loved every minute of it!! Both ceremony locations are off to the side (not in the center of the beach) so you really don't have to worry about your pictures and getting unwanted spectators in them. I never noticed other weddings throughout the week and especially on my day. I had the semi-private dinner and the way they place ppl you don't even notice others in the restaurant! Believe me ladies ROR is a beautiful place to have your wedding... you will love it!!
  3. I created a book on Blurb and it is the best quality of any of the books that I have made from other companies. I went with the most expensive paper...but the book turned out beautiful...very professional!
  4. I got lash extensions for my wedding and I absolutely LOVED them... they really worked for me and I didn't experience having my real lashes falling out with them! They lasted through swimming in the pool, snorkelling in the ocean, and for the duration of my whole vacation!! They were great, they looked real (I didn't go ridiculously long) and looked great for my pictures. Also they looked great after a swim (no mascara required). The only thing that was difficult was remembering not to rub my eyes...but not a big deal! My mom got them for the vacation and she really loved them too! It was a re
  5. They let you take a look at both sites when you get there and then choose... but I have pictures of both... PM me if you would like pics!
  6. I had pink and orange as my wedding colours! They were so beautiful against the ocean, and looked great with small details. Maybe picking up one of the colours of the dresses (pink or orange)?
  7. There are so many inappropriate things that people choose to say when you are planning a wedding!! I had lots of comments that brought me down and made me mad... but after everything was said and done... let me tell you my DW was worth it!! LOL!! Let them have their jealous, silly comments and let you have the most fantastic wedding that you've always been dreaming of!! BTW... I learned to start keeping some of my planning to myself... from flowers to dresses everyone seems to have their own opinion!! Good luck and enjoy planning your perfect day!!
  8. I agree with Marie, the supplied decor for the Mammee bay dinner is definitely enough. They really do a great job making it look nice! The private receptions are where you need the extra deco! Let me know if anyone has any questions?!
  9. As insulting as it may seem now... during your vacation there will inevitably be those guests that will want their own vacation and just do their own thing! We had a group of four that treated it as a private vacation... I was insulted at first but then realized that it is really their vacation too!!
  10. I agree with Thomasjsgirl, I would have a talk with your Dad expressing your concerns with his behaviour! Telling him how important it is to you to have them both attend your wedding but that kind of behaviour will not be welcomed! Maybe having a talk with the 3 of you... might give you some idea as to how it may be at your wedding? I'm really sorry you have to go through this!! Good luck!!
  11. Love this thread!! I agree with the girls... it's hurts like a mother! I got my bikini and armpits waxed... I thought nothing could hurt as bad as the bikini... I was wrong! It felt like I took my armpit and dragged it down the street! LOL!! But with that said... I loved the results...and it was worth every bit of pain! I didn't even have to think of shaving for my entire vacation and weeks after! The armpits I would definitely recommend... it was so nice not to worry about it ...or have any type of "shadow" perfect for wedding day!! I will be doing this again!!
  12. Marie... BEST RANT EVER!!! LOL!! I can empathize!!! Just this week I went to my MIL's house for dinner and we all got talking about the wedding... her comment... "Oh I keep telling everyone to do a destination wedding...there is no planning, it's so cheap and virtually stress free!" I think I looked at her like she had grown a second head! LOL!! I guess there will always be misconceptions of Destination weddings...but for every stress, expense and 1 years worth of planning/research... it was worth every single part!! BTW... I loved my white chairs...they were worth every penny! LOL!!
  13. CANADIANS... this video can be purchased at Chapters... along with all of Jillians other videos! I purchased the 30 day shred and the Trouble zone video by Jillian, I plan to add it to my regular gym routine to try and break the plateau?! I'll keep you updated!
  14. Go with the dress that makes you feel the most beautiful, special and perfect! I like both dresses but the Destiny was made for you woman!! Good luck!!
  15. Sucks...but picture yourself in her position... how many of her coworkers that have probably had bad run-ins with dogs that did look seemingly okay!? Does Fed-Ex have somewhere you can pick up your package? It might be a faster way to get your photos!! Best of luck !!
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