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    *The official St. Lucia Brides CHAT thread*

    Hi Monica! Thank you! I bet yours will be so great too! Ladera looks beautiful!
  2. Kristen110

    *The official St. Lucia Brides CHAT thread*

    yeay!! Other St. Lucia brides, it makes me so happy! Mpnica, You"ll have to tell me about Ladera! I was debating about there too. So happy to have other St Lucia brides!
  3. That sucks ladies! I agree that's the worst, when you put a deposit down and then never hear from the vendor and they don't fulfill their end of it. Thanks for letting us all know NOT to go with this vendor!
  4. Kristen110

    Wedding Music Spreadsheet

    I really love yours and I might steal some of the songs! I have mine listed in my planning bio (Find link in my siggy). If any of you are doing an ipod reception are you nervous about the "flow"? I am worried I'll be checking on the ipod making sure the right song is playing. Are you loading it all into one playlist?
  5. Kristen110

    *The official St. Lucia Brides CHAT thread*

    So this board hasn't been very active in the last month or so so I was hoping maybe I could liven it up a bit! With that said, When are you getting married/or when did you get married? What resort have you chosen or leaning to? and last but not least why St. Lucia?
  6. Kristen110

    Anyone know anything about Anse Chastanet?

    I just realized how old this thread is but hopefully someone else will see my reply and start it back up again! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Anse Chastanet/Jade Mountain. I can't wait to get married there... Anybody else out there??
  7. Kristen110

    Having trouble finding totes?

    I also found totes at Paper Mart Packaging Store supplies bags, boxes, containers, ribbons, ties, cushioning, paper, fills, plastic, films, wrap, strapping, shipping material, tape, fabric for under $1.00 each! They are amazing and come in great colors (lime green, pink, light blue, and lavendar) they are sold in units of 25 each and have heard from other brides how amazing they are! Wanted to share with everyone else!
  8. Kristen110

    Do not buy from lulucarmen - warning!!!!!

    I'm really happy that everything worked out for you ladies! It sucks that someone that dishonest would be on here. I wouldn't believe a word she said because at the end of the day it should never have taken her that long to respond to all of you, especially when it's for items related to a wedding and something that is time sensitive. I thought this forum would be a really safe place to buy things, since all of us are in the same boat. Since I am a newbie I wanted to say thanks for all the eye-opening advice. I will definitely be more careful before I buy! Good luck ladies!
  9. I looked into personalizing each bag too but I thought it would be a waste. The guys would neevr use them and if I got one that had a date and location on it, I would probably never use it again either. So I decided not to get them done with any of my information.
  10. Those are so cute! Has anyone found kids beach toys or beach towels there?
  11. I am just testing my signature but does anybody know if your siggy updates on old thread posts? For instance if I post a thread at 9:00am and update my siggy at 10:00am does the thread that I posted at 9:00am change with my updated siggy??
  12. Kristen110

    Newbie here too!

    Hi everyone! I am so excited that I can finally post in here, now that it's official! My name is Kristen and I am getting married to the best man ever! When we first started looking around for places it was really important to us to pick a locale that none of our family had been to, that we still loved. Both of our families have traveled extensively so Saint Lucia was our obvious choice when not one of our family memebers had been there. We choose Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain resorts (they are kind of a resort within a resort) because it's secluded yet right on the beach and the resort only allows one wedding party per week and that was even better! We decided on April 23, 2011 because it gives everyone enough time to ask for time off from work and save up. We wanted to give over a years notice. I am really excited to get to know all of you and I can't wait to swap stories and hear all about your weddings! Happy planning!