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  1. Hi Ladies, New website looks great. My wedding was over a year ago and it is time to part with some of the wonderful Items that made my day so complete. I have the following listed items, Some would be expensive to ship, I live in Newmarket Ontario postal code L3X1T2 16 Beach theme card holders $10.00 24 Mexico Flip Flip Key chains $24.00 1 Large bag sea shells $1.00 25 turquise satin chair bows 20.00 2 large pillar candle holders $ 20.00 1 large 3 pillar candle holder $20.00 1 Bird cage (wedding card holder) $40.00 Please contact me at sue.vanderwouw@rogers.com
  2. Hi Ladies, Revised site looks amazing, "yes" it's been a while since visited. The wedding was just over a year ago and I can honestly say that I never would have the beautiful day that I had if it wasn't for the support and creative ideas I got from the wonderful members on this site. So I have the following for sale, some I can arrange to ship, others because of size and weight it would not be practical to ship. I live in Newmarket Ontario postal code is L3X 1T2 to give you some idea of shipping cost or travel for pick up. 16 Card Holders Sea shells and Starfish $10.00 24 Mexico Keychains Flip Flops $ 24.00 Large bag of Sea Shells $1.00 25 Turquise Satin Chair Bows $20.00 2 Single Large Pillar Candle holders with candles $20.00 1 Trio large candle pillars with candles $20.00 Birdcage (for cards) $40.00 Email is sue.vanderwouw@rogers.com
  3. Hi Destination Lovers I haven't been on the revised site much in the last year, "Wow" Looks great ladies, well done!!! So I have the following left over from my wedding and AHR, Some items I am able to ship and others I think because of shipping costs it is more practical to sell locally. 16 Beach theme card holders $10.00 24 Mexico keychains $24.00 25 Turquise Chair Bows $20.00 Large bag of sea shells $1.00 Trio pillar candle holder $20.00 (with candles never lite) 2 single piller candle holders $20.00 (With candles one lite for 10 minutes) Wrought Iron Bird cage $40.00 I have paypal and prices are without taxes, we would have to figure that out once we figure out where I would be shipping. I Live in Newmarket Ontario postal code L3X 1T2 my email sue.vanderwouw@rogers.com
  4. Hi Ladies, I am so glad to see you still have this thread going. I haven't been on this site in about a year "me bad". Hope everyone is doing well Sue
  5. Oh chris Sending you hugs~~~ Hang in there gfriend you and hubby will have your baby soon enough... Maybe Paris will be the trick and you can grin a little when the little one is born "made in Paris France". Â Off to a corn roast tonight....take care Sue
  6. OMG got scared couldn't find the thread..... Just checking in, New job is great and I am still winding down my business which will be a relief once that is all taken care off. Â Miss you gals... I have been crazy busy this past few weeks. How is everyone... Oh too funny the Guy from Jetblue.... I was at a BBQ last Saturday with hubbys family all Air Canada people.. entire family I think has worked at Air Canada... It was a pretty good conversation.. Pretty much everyone agreed that they had been to that point in their career. Â Otherwise bumps are growing and life is moving on I hear. Â Take care Sue
  7. Hi Ladies, I am so hating this new formate... I know stop it just change and change is good. Welcome back Erica, we have missed you. Glad you're having fun with your sister, I have been looking at your fb pics... Happy Birthday Oh ladies, long time ago but I do remember the baby moving at night and keeping me awake. Now he keeps me awake by coming home late. Enjoy the time it'll go by fast. I love the ultra sounds pictures and DVD's, when I had by son, I got a grainy picture that looked like an alien. These images today are so real, you can actually see what the baby looks like. I am excited to start my new job tomorrow, still have a couple projects to finish for my clients over the next two weeks and my business will be officially closed. YIKES take care Sue
  8. Ok ladies... Sorry for the TMI lately... needed to share with someone... However Sue has some good news. I ran into an old friend two weeks ago and he chatted me up about what I have been doing the past five years. He is part owners with another gentleman of a local to ontario grocery store chain. He called me last night and we chatted again, he offered me a job today and I accepted.... Yippeeeeeee and very scared!!!! oh back to 9 to 5. Yikes.. OMG not sure how I am feeling right now... Otherwise ladies great to hear that the baby bumps are coming along and for those of you that have found out congrats.... I am on the fence not sure either way if I would find out or not. Back in my day that info was never given to the parents. I know with age i am not that great with the wait and see. Krista I love your pics....
  9. I am in for Oct too. Hate the new layout! Timberly I am no saint! I lost it with her on Monday when she went back on Facebook and posted an "oh poor me" post. She basically blamed Mark and I for expecting her to be perfect and she was so sad that she couldn't measure up. I totally lost it and her and i had this knock down screaming match. We told her she needed to post that she was sorry for posting pictures that were inappropriate and that if she had offended anyone, she was sorry. Ah not even close!!!!! It was a brutal fight... Just brutal!!!! She came at me and I thought she was going to hit me. I was so upset and still not sure if I can continue with her living in my house. I ended up calling a crisis hot-line and having someone come out to speak to Mark and I because she had ran off. At least we're on the same page on and he understands this is more than just teen disobedience. She came home last night and spent the night in her room, Mark spoke with her for a couple hours. I ended up going to bed. My nerves are a little raw the past few days. so hell yeah..... bring on Oct. i could use a vacation. Thanks for listening Gals
  10. Krista love your pictures girl!!!! Mark and I were set up by his boss.. he has worked for the same employer since he has been 19, so going on 25 years. I know his boss through the youth at risk program I worked with at the time. Mark had been single for 3 years and tried the online dating thing, hard for a single guy with a child. He talked to his boss who is like his second mother about how lonely he was and she told him about me and that she would introduce us when I came to visit again. Months had gone by and I called his boss and asked if I could come see her about a couple kids needing a job and I thought they work well at her company. She totally set me up!!! I came into meet with her and she bought me into his office, introduced us and proceeds to say "Sue, Mark is single. I must have turned ever colour red amaginable. It was the beautiful blue eyes that melted me away. I gave him my card and told him to call me sometime for coffee, he called later that day. lol We met for coffee the following day the rest is kinda history. There was times when we first started dating I nearly called it quits, Mark had a habit of bailing his ex wife out of jail. I finally said to him after dating about 9 months, you need to be able to let go of that responsibility in order to have a relationship with someone else. We went to Mexico on vacation together about two weeks later and we sorted out his feelings about still having to bare the burden of his ex and her mental state. I realized also at that point the reason I loved him was because he was such a caring decent person. Update in Sue's never ending drama! Step daugther is back home and she is very angry, total blow out last night with her dad. She posted some pretty nasty pictures of herself and her friend on Facebook. She was suposed to be at her mom's place and she took off to a friends cottage without letting us know. She lied to the friends mom saying she had asked her dad and it was ok. So her and the friend get into some vodka coolers and proceed to take some pretty interesting pictures and posted them. All of our family is on her profile and her dance school which has 600 parents, kids and dance instructors. Oh not to mention her 450 friends on Facebook aswell. Let's just say we got a few phone calls from concerned family and dance parents. Poooooor Mark, just couldn't console him last night he made her give up her facebook password to go in and delete the pictures (1wildfuck) what could i say to the poor guy? He was so broken!!! So yeah my house isn't a fun place to be these days... Oh and I have 30 people coming tomorrow for Mark's yearly family reunion. Just shoot me.... PS Brooke have fun at the ultrasound and no they can not tell you what colour the eyes are or what he is going to take in college... hehehehe Love you gals thanks for listening... needed to vent...Sue
  11. OMG the chub rub!!! too funny.... a few weeks ago I was out for the day and it was a hot one.. My tighs were on fire and so was the band under my boobs were the bra lays. I got home and slapped on the aleo and crashed. It was so painful and the rash lasted for day. I'll have to try that stuff, because I suffered for days with the rash and pain.
  12. Hi Ladies Things are getting better here, he is speaking to me again. Hasn't cleaned up the basement yet!!!!! He just takes things for granted and pushes the limit... While we were away he was to stay at his dad's house for the couple of days. He didn't was here partying with his friends. We came home to a beer bottle in the pool, lucky it wasn"t broken because that would have been a very costly mistake. My house was a mess and he just said I thought you were coming home a day later. How about you respecting our home and not having a party!!!! LOL not sure who said it, The Spawn of satan... She is at her mothers for a few weeks and is calling every day to come home. Her mother has been stable for well over a year so we insisted she go spend time with her. I know it is just a matter of days before her dad caves in and goes and gets her. I am working hard to keep her there and have her learn a valuabl leason. Life is pretty good living with us!!!! On another note I have two gfriends that are fighting and has bought me into the middle of it. Something got said last friday night and one is pissed at the other and the other can not remember saying what she has been acused of. I freaked out at one gfriend yesterday... ladies I have too much on my plate to deal with high school drama. thats the Sue update.... glad it's friday!!!!
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