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  1. I also had a very good experience with Floral Arts. Although many rate them as being very expensive...they are actually cheaper than some others with respect to many items. BTW..Fathoms is just lovely.
  2. Have to say...RK Bridal by FAR had THE best and modern selection of bridal dresses of anywhere I went to for plus sizes in reasonable price ranges...David's Bridal had a very poor selection.
  3. I looked into it but had my welcome reception at the timeshare Club Land Or' which was a short walk around the Atlantis marina...I was however quoted prices from $24-27 per person to go from the Atlantis to the Poop Deck at Sandyport RT..the transportation costs can be steep!!
  4. See post # 75 on page 8...I could not edit the original post. Â Thanks again guys for the lovely comments...yes..Oskana did my make-up.
  5. Ohh...how exciting....all I can say is...just relax....you've probably done all that you can do at this point. Just have your coordinator check on any and all spa appointments and such when you get there...let them handle the rest...and enjoy!! Please let us know how it goes!!
  6. Oh goodness..I had to laugh when I saw that $3,500 price..I kept saying to myself that they are getting away with murder...$3,500 gets you white chairs, water bottles and towels. At least at the Ocean Club/Cloisters...they give you champagne too for the same price...and the Clositers is a STUNNING location. The only thing I can say is that since it includes the wedding coordinator...it is well worth it in the end. Â As for the size of Fathoms...that picture does not begin to do justoce to the size of the place. There is a lot of space to the left of that picture and a longer hallway t
  7. Â Your wedding coordinator did right by you..two perfect locations for what you want. Â
  8. Â Hi, Â I got married on the beach at West Beach and had my reception outdoors at the Royal Overlook. Unless you are staying at the Cove as well as your guests, West Beach is the only beach option...at least on paper. The Cove beach is prettier and more secluded but it is not usually an option if you are not staying at the Cove. IMHO...the Royal Overlook is the prettiest of all of the outdoor locations. For inside locations...Fathoms is the best. It has an aquarium for one side of the wall...the only issue...it is HUGE...so...if you have a really small group...it may loo
  9. So glad you were able to get Sweeting!!! Things do have a way of working themselves out. All the best to you!!
  10. Thank you ladies!!! No one knew they were fake...they looked really good.
  11. Â Hi, Â I have stayed at the Atlantis Harborside timeshare at least three times...it's great if you can get in. You can rent from the Atlantis which will cost you much more than if you rent from a timeshare owner. Try www.tug2.net and go to the rental section or go to another timeshare rental site. Now..as for it being a value...not really....you should check out the prices. Depending upon the season, you can get the Atlantis at pretty good prices and/or the Comfort Suites which has full privileges at the Atlantis. The only benefit to the timeshare is that they do not hi
  12. Awwww...congrats!!! You will love it...I have a rather extensive thread on my Atlantis experience if you care to look. Good luck...it sounds so romantic!!
  13. Â I'm surprised that an Atlantis salesperson would recommend anyone other than someone at the Madera spa...that is a little odd. In any event, maybe you can get the DJ to come to the ceremony and load up two songs and save some money. What I did was to hire a steel pan drummer on my own..but he was horrible. As for the wedding coordinators...I hope that everything works out for you...before I had Alphanique I had Kimly. I was switched from her because she was on medical leave..if she is back and/or still working there and you can't get Alphanique...perhaps you could ask for her
  14. Â Hi...so sorry it took me so long to respond...I think you should just ask for the price to set up the audio if you need it...you may not...it depends upon how many people that you have...and ask for the price to play the music. Just ask for what you need and havethem give you a price. Â Yes...Alphaniique is just as sweet in person...I would try to ship out what you need now so that it is scheduled to arrive before you leave on your cruise...if there are any problems..you want to be able to fix them. Good luck to you!!
  15. Please...I had no idea and I accidently just posted something that I did not mean too...I am soo upset right now.
  16. Aww...thank you guys...I also got a few professional pics in which I have posted here: Â Â Â
  17. Thank you...I found a projector I can borrow...I have to look into the inflateable screen thing and Sam's club or Costco's!! Thanks again.
  18. Thank you ladies...it's not as fancy as some but you can easily add your own pics to the newsletter and I liked the format.
  19. Hi ladies, Â We are having a very casual AHR/BBQ. We want to show our wedding video. How do we show it? Can we show it from our computer and project it from a screen? Do we need something else? Is there somewhere where we can rent this equipment? Thanks.
  20. Since I literally went nuts trying to find and create a very basic wedding newsletter/welcome book just a few weeks before my wedding, I thought that I would share mine. It's not fancy...but it's a nice basic template I think for those of us that are not as creative as some...and my guests really liked it...some thought it was too wordy...but you can adjust as needed: Â Â Â Â Â Â Â WeddingNewsletter2.doc
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