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  1. I had a small group too and we booked a private cocktail hour for after dinner. Thats when we did our first dance. I booked ours for 2 hours, open bar and music and I think it was only around $10 a person. We ended up inside at one of the lounges (which was closed just for us) because it was raining and not safe for the speakers to be set up outside. Either way it was nice. We were a small bunch too and it made it feel more like a reception when we got to dance and have a few drinks in a more private setting.
  2. Sooo perdy Ang. Just out of curiosity what would you have altered? I think the dress like it is will look fantastic floating in the water etc. Hot stuff!
  3. dislike. Yorkshire pudding?
  4. Yum. Espeically with raisins. Special K red berries?
  5. Ooo lala. These are awesome. Just out of curiosity did they turn out with it to do them DIY? I see the final product is awesome but IYO would it have been better to purchase and save yourself the stress?
  6. Like. Especially with cream cheese frosting. Kashi granola bars?
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Jules Great! Thanks Kiera. We have Karla for our WC as well. Did you ask her in an email ahead of time or in person once you got there? I e-mailed her ahead of time so that I was sure she would be able to swing it. Plus, I wanted everything in writing first in case she forgot or whatever. I think it's a good idea to get everything in e-mail before hand and then bring copies of it with you, just in case. I didn't have any problems but you never know what can happen. Quote: Originally Posted by swankster77 Got yet another question for you ladies... how did you handle communicating with all your guests while on the resort? I hear that it's so big that if you don't have a set schedule you'll never meet up with anyone. Did anyone use walkie-talkies/2-way radios? If so, how did that work out? Did you buy one for everyone/one for each room? I'm assuming each room has a phone as well, right? That would be a lot of calling though... just hoping to hear how past brides handled this... or even current/future bridges.. what do you plan to do? I only made a meet up point for the first night dinner. Other then that it was fairly easy to find people. They were either at the pool, lobby bar or buffet. I like the idea of the white board though. That's one that I might have used if I heard it before now.
  8. I just asked our WC, Karla. She was awesome. Set aside an area in the buffet for everyone to meet at 6 pm on the Sunday (we arrived in the evening on Saturday). It worked out perfect because everyone had been off exploring different areas of the resort during the day so it was nice to find out where other things were without having to do the search because someone else had. :-)
  9. Totally Love. How could you not? Superbowl?
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Julie2011 Our travel agent told us that when you book in one section (say coba) you can only eat in that section?? Does anybody know if thats true When we were there in April we ate all over the place but she said they made this rule in the summer. For those of you who are back how difficult was this for your guests to eat together? Still cant get ahold of Paloma- many many emails and have called 3 times =( For the wedding day, I believe you're only allowed to eat at a resturant in the resort area you're staying at. The rest of the week, however, is all you. Where ever you want to go you can. At least thats how it was when we were there in November. I only ate with all the guests on the first day. I asked to have a table set aside at the buffet for everyone to meet at 6. They had no issues with that. Rest of the week we all did our own things. People wanted to do different excursions and try different a la cartes so it was just easier to have everyone do their own thing.
  11. I'd be cool if you chose downtown on a Friday. If not perhaps the next time around.
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