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Did you book your resort? If so, why?

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I am getting married at the Valentin in Riviera Maya. My travel agent compiled a list of resorts throughout Cancun and Riviera Maya. After look into all of them I narrowed it down to Valentin and one other (I can't remember which one). The reasons I finally decided on the Valentin include


-Food Choices and reviews are all very high

-Newer Resort

-Overall reviews for the resort were very high

-Adult Only-(I was not originally looking for adult only but then I thought it might be nice)

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We are getting married at the Melia Caribe Tropical in Punta Cana DR. It was a hard choice to be honest as there are so many resorts in that area. However, I went ahead and did some research and based my decision on the following reasons:


1) Kid friendly ~ I have a 9 year old daughter who will be walking me down the aisle.

2) Price friendly ~ We didn't want our guests paying a fortune for travel as we wanted everyone to come with us!

3) Good reviews from past brides which I found on various different forums

4) Price of wedding packages ~ we want a private reception and some of the resorts were quoting some astronomical prices!!

5) Familiarity of the area ~ we have been to PC before and LOVED it; even attended a DW there so we knew that they are great with weddings!

6) Golf course across the street and 4 games included with package ~ what can I say? I have a family of golfers! I figured it might sweeten the deal for everyone!

7) A shopping mall on the grounds ~ for those who don't know how (or won't) barter!

cool.gif The number of restaurants and bars ~ there are 14 restaurants and 8 bars. From experience at other resorts, we think that having a variety is the spice of life!!!

9) Activities for all ages ~ we have guests ranging in age from 9 to 65.

10) All inclusive ~ is there any other wayhuh.gif Well, I suppose there is, but not for us!


Well, that is my "short" list of reasons why we chose the Melia for our wedding day.


However, I would have to say that the most important reason why I chose the resort was looking at amateur pics of people who have stayed there in the past. It makes a world of difference seeing the resort through pictures that haven't been photo-shopped too much!


Hope this helps! Have fun planning!

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We chose Excellence Playa Mujeres for the following reasons:


1.) It's adults only

2.) We've stayed at other Excellence resorts and been very pleased

3.) Many flights into and out of Cancun making it easier for guests

4.) No reservations policy at the restaurants

5.) Only 2 weddings per day maximum

6.) I loved the decor at the resort

7.) Didn't want something in the crowded hotel zone

8.) Great review on trip advisor

9.) It is a new resort

10.) It is an All-inclusive

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We chose RIU Palace Riviera Maya for the reasons below:

1. Newer resort-built in '06

2. My FI always stays at RIU's and loves them

3. I love the wedding gazebo!

4. They can accomodate over 50 guests

5. RIU allows children-even though we won't have that many

6. I have been to Playa del Carmen before and it's gorgeous

7. RPRM is very close to downtown Playa del Carmen

8. The two story suite we booked is awesome!

9. The wedding coordinators are very quick to respond

10. I know I will get great service

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I booked Le Reve for the following reasons :


1. Although it's adults only, it will allow kids on the big day

2. It's not an AI - no need to pay a day pas for external guests, or "double pay" the food and drinks (in a lot of resorts you need a "private event" ie you pay for food and drinks on top of the day pass or AI accomodation price)

3. Small, intimate venue - only 25 rooms, only my wedding on the day (and the day before and after). It's like I get the place for myself.

4. Overall very good reviews for the hotel and the food

5. Absolutely gorgeous

6. Available people, I can talk to them on the phone any time - when I call they always answer - plus they are super pleasant to work with

7. Close to Playa del Carmen (10 minutes) and to other resorts that welcome children

8. The name (it's French and it means "the Dream") !

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El Dorado Seaside


1. We've been there before, know what to expect and know that our guests will not be disappointed (and neither will we..)


2. Adults only


3. Awesome food (gourmet all inclusive)


4. smaller resort


5. on a coral reef perfect for snorkeling

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This is a great thread, please keep posting!!!!

I like RIU but i'm having a hard time choosing which location to go to. We want one of the "palace" level hotels, not outrageously expensive... Any advice?

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there already exist an older thread similar to this and it got a ton of responses, I'll see if I can find it but it may be hard as the search terms will be pretty general

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