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  1. I am looking for a T.A. any recommendations? I sent Tammy a message a while back but never heard back from her. If you have a T.A. that you are happy with please share contact info. Thanks in advance!!!!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by jkcz0702 We are getting married at the Gran Bahia on the Akumal side and our guests are paying around $1500 for 8 days and just under $1000 for 5 days. I was just looking at their website. From what I read it is all inclusive except dinner….is that right? What about alcohol? How much are you paying for your wedding package? I looked at their packages but did not see any prices. One more question….does you travel agent work with people out of state? If so would you mind sending me her/his contact info. Thanks for your help!
  3. Silly me I thought by having it at MP I would be saving my guest money. Guess I was wrong. That means I need to start the search again. Thanks for starting this thread.
  4. You look beautiful and I love your dress. That's great that everyone got in the pool
  5. This is all good info. I was thinking about going with the gift bag but I am now rethinking that.
  6. Great pics. I love the one of your dress next to his suit as well as the one where he is opening your bd book. Super cute!
  7. Hey ladies, Looks like there are quite a few of us out there. We are planning on getting married at Moon Palace in Cancun 1/8 2010. I missed the cut off by just a week. I am at a standstill with planning. I felt that I could not really work on anything until I have the date locked down. I guess I could start working on our wedding website. Has anyone started working on theirs yet? If so do you have any good recommendations of companies to use? Best of luck to everyone….I hope we all get the dates we are hoping for!
  8. I love your pictures….all the locations are very cute and creative. I live in Dallas as well. Who did you use?
  9. Oh I haven been looking for someone...his prices are great! I will not need somone until Nov/Dec of 09 but I have book marked his site. Thanks for sharing!
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