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  1. Popping in to share well wishes with everyone. Love seeing everyone's faces on facebook!! :-)
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by JNagan2011 I don't know if I ever saw any of your photos Kim.. Did you post any on here or do you have some on facebook where I could add you? I posted a review of my photographer with tons of photos here: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...phy-wow-59929/ You can also find me on fb (Kim Warner)!
  3. I love hearing how everyone's planning/big days are going! Samira, I'd love to see your pictures but I can't find you on FB! Any tips? Can I search for you by email?
  4. When we decided to have a destination wedding we knew the location & scenery would be fabulous but we never expected the photographs to be so spectacular! They not only tell the story of our day, but they capture the love, spirit and emotion. I feel like I relive the day every time I look through them. The pictures highlight moments I remember and never want to forget, as well as all the fun things that went on that I didn’t even realize at the time. Our photographer was Chicago based Joshua Albanese. I found him through another bride’s post here on the forum (http://bestdestination
  5. Sammysgirl: we're seriously twins We both have/had the gazebo ceremony, cocktail hour with mariachi, chillis dinner, small town country club AHR, etc! Your day is soooo close, I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to get together in Indy I got an apartment downtown, moving in June!
  6. Erin, I loved your planning thread! I'm also excited to look through everyone's photos!
  7. Erin, your planning thread is so detailed, I love it! You really thought of EVERYTHING and I know you're going to have a blast. Enjoy your trip and I can't wait to hear from you when you return!!!
  8. I didn't mention that we had a photographer, since he was a hotel guest for 4 days. At the meeting the wedding coordinators didn't seem to care at all. They asked if I wanted the photographer and i said "no i have a friend who will take pictures" and they moved on to the next question, they didn't even blink. Regarding the legal day- ours was fun: we went to city hall and both wore suits (i had a feminine white pinstripe skirt suit). We had our parents, grandparents and siblings. We didn't actually sign any paperwork but we said vows and exchanged rings. Then we popped champagne and went
  9. I've heard generally good things about Latisse. That being said, I got "flirty fakes" applied for my legal day at home, from MAC for $13, and I LOVED them!!! My MIL bought the glue and reapplied the same lashes for me on the wedding day and the result was more stunning (and cheaper/easier!) than Latisse would have been, I have no doubt
  10. Welcome! April is the perfect month to get married at the RPRM Rumor has it in order to use an ipod at your reception you still have to pay for the private reception with dj, so most people don't end up doing this. Join in the Riu RM thread, for ALL the good info!
  11. I just echo with what everyone has already said: take honest measurements! Also, allow plenty of time for it to arrive. We got 4 from studiosuits.com- my husbands came out great in light beige (a little snug in the waist, he must have been sucking-in when we took measurements), the 2 groomsmen got the darker beige color (sizes were perfect), and husband's father got one as well- he emailed them a few days later with changes in his measurements, and as a result he almost didn't receive the suit in time. Sooo, order with plenty of time in advance to avoid stress. This isn't a suit you'll
  12. Sammysgirl- my shower was brutal too. My mom hosted mine for me... I had about 6 girlfriends there and 20 of my mom friends. I barely knew who most of them were and it was awfully embarrassing when I opened gifts from "Cheryl" or "Sofie" and I had no idea who they were to even acknowledge them. It was NOT the most fun I've ever had Would have been better if there were more games/activities so everyone could get to know each other. LadyTrunck- I really like your TTD!! It's gorgeous. My wedding dress came from Duosheng (i ordered a different one from Landy Bridal that i will wear at my AH
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