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  1. I agree! The cross-over event on the 14th can't come soon enough!
  2. I just got married last month at Excellence Playa Mujeres and highly recommend! Shoot me a PM if you have any questions. I don't know about the other resorts you are looking at but one of the things that sold me on EPM is that there are only two wedding per day. Some of these places can be wedding factories and that just didn't appeal to me.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by MSG518 Katrese, I've tried 5 times to sit down and figure out this menu! lol I have some really picky eaters that would be turned off by this menu, even though to me it all sounds delicious! What have you decided? I really just want a chicken dish, fish dish, and beef dish to offer my guests. They'll give you two choices plus one vegetarian. Not sure if you can get three. That might be pushing it.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by s_katrese How were your food choices Jen, the fish sounds amazing. Thanks again for sharing your pictures. The food at the reception was FABULOUS! All of the guests were raving about how good it was!
  5. While I think it's a cute idea for a super bowl party, I would honestly rethink this for your wedding. This is a classic day that you will remember forever. Do you really want the focus of the table decor to be beer bottles? If you love beer so much, why don't you have a specialty beer you love served at the cocktail hour or put a dinner menu together and pair each course with a specific beer. There are plenty of ways to create a laid back atmosphere without using beer as the focus of your reception tables.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by MSG518 Jen, Your pictures are amazing!!! I'm sure you are thrilled how everything turned out! Your hard work planning paid off. By the way, that dance floor is awesome! What restaurant was it in? Was it extra?? I saw one just like that in another resort, but didn't think EPM had one! I got the dance floor through the DJ we hired - not from the resort. I used DJ Dorremixx. He was great! The dance floor cost $450 for the night and was worth every penny! I had my reception in the Spice Terrace which is an open air lounge patio in Spice Restaurant. The space was AMAZING. I highly recommend if you can get it. Yamina advised me that they don't typically allow DJs in that location because it is close to building 9. However, they let me have it so I'm sure they will let others also. The people in the building 9 rooms facing the terrace didn't seem to be annoyed. Some of them actually came out and started dancing in the hallway outside their rooms. HAHAHA. It was hysterical! BTW, I am going to post a pic of Yamina and I (even though I look horrendous as I had just gotten back from scuba diving)! She is so cute and such a doll! Don't ake the mistake that I did and panic and worry when she didn't get back to me right away. She is excellent at what she does and will bring everything together for your weddings!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by jbrodhead82 Jen, I LOVE your picture! Congrats! Do you happen to have package info for Cecilia Dumas? I checked her website and did not see any. Thanks, Jessica You should email her. I booked her 2 years ago and I know her prices have gone up a little since then. Here is a link to the on-line album of my professional pictures: Picasa Web Albums - Jennifer - Wedding pictu... You just have to click "slide show" in the top right corner once the link is opened.
  8. Thanks for the compliments on the pictures. We used Cecilia Dumas and could not be more pleased with the wedding pictures. As for the menu, I was able to choose two options, plus one vegetarian. I asked the WC (Nayeli) at the time for options that had only one meat and one fish. I have pick eaters so I couldn't mix meat and fish. We had grilled fillet of beef tenderloin glazed with roasted pumpkin seed sauce served with horseradish infused mashed potato and fresh seasonal vegetablesas one option and for the fish we had sautéed salmon fillet with an apricot glaze, basmati rice in a lemongrass bouquet. The vegetarians had mushroom risotto with pesto sauce. The only request from the resort is that we gave them a count before hand. This was not a big deal. I just asked people to choose their menu choice on the RSVP card.
  9. Hi ladies, I have a NEVER WORN Nicole Miller, style EA0008, size 8, dress for sale. The dress retails for $880.00 and I am asking $500.00. I bought two of the same wedding dresses (don't ask). I only needed one (naturally) so I have one dress that was never worn, never altered that I would like to sell. The dress I am selling was purchased at a sample sale so although it was never worn or altered, it has been tried on a few times. I assure you, through, the dress is pristine. I had both cleaned and pressed on my wedding day and was not able to tell one dress from the other! Here are some pictures of the dress I have for sale. The dress I am wearing in the pictures is not the same exact dress I am selling, like I said I have two of the same dress, but it is the same exact dress style and size. XOXO Jen
  10. Hi ladies! Happy New Year! I am working on a blog with my planning thread/review. Hopefully, it will be done in a week or so and I will post the link up. Just wanted to touch base! I haven't forgotten about you guys!!!!!! XOXO jen
  11. Hi ladies!!!! I wanted to send you a quick note..... Everything was PERFECT! And this is coming from a complete control freak. I have to say not one single thing went wrong. Everything happened exactly as planned and discussed with Yamina. I'll post a planning thread and review when I get back home but I know there are not a lot of EPM brides so I wanted to be sure to get back to you guys asap! The resort is GORGEOUS! The food is excellent. Yamina is THE BEST! Whatever reservations I had about her due to lack of communication before we arrived went right out the window when we met. BTW - Towels. I used Beach Towels wholesale manufacturer of custom embroidered monogrammed bath towel for corporate events. I ordered from them. I think it was $550.00 for 40 towels. I got the large terry velour ones in white and in navy blue. A word of warning, though.....getting the towels down to Mexico was a big pain in the you know what. They are heavy and take up a ton of room. We had 2 extra large suitcases just for the OOT bag stuff which was 90% towels.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by chirorach Greetings ladies. I am another Dreams Riveria Cancun bride looking to change venues. THe reviews from tripadvisor.com for DRC are looking pretty bad right now and I am panicing. EPM was my second choice from when I was researching before so now I am trying to quick make a decision to either suck it up with DRC or make a change. My biggest question so far is how much does it cost per person over the 20 included in the packages? I have emailed the resort a few times for more info but so far nothing in return. Any additional pricing info that you girls could give me would be great. I am hoping to make a decision to stay/change in the next week or so and I am already in panic mode! Thanks! $45 p/person over 20 (includes cocktail hour, dinner and cake) Yamina (WC) is pretty slow to respond but is very nice and very accommodating once you get her. The info and the cost of the wedding packages is included on the excellence resorts websites. They have 3 choices. They do allow outside vendors ($100 fee) No children whatsoever - no exceptions. 2 wedding per day only (one in early afternoon and one in late afternoon) I can't think of anything else right now. If you have something specific, let us know. Good luck making your decision. I know it must be a hard one.
  13. 1. How old are you? 35 2. At what age did you/will you get married? 35 3. Do you have children? no 4. Did you think you would marry the person you are with now? Yes, we hit it off right off the bat and I just had the feeling at the start of the relationship that it could be a permanent one. Plus, I never did anything to "sabotage" my relationship with my fiance as I had done with past relationships. 5. Were you ever engaged or married to someone other than the person you are with now? no 6. Do you want a garden wedding, beach wedding, or the traditional church wedding? beach wedding 7. Where did you/will you get married? Playa Mujeres, Mexico 8. First dance - classic waltz, slow and sexy, or fast and spicy? slow and sexy 9. How many guests did you/will you have? 31 10. Do you want/did you have an extravagant wedding or a simple wedding? Neither - I want a classy, memorable, unique wedding 11. Vows - traditional or something you make up on your own? Traditional 12. How many layers of cake did you/will you have? 3 13. Is/was your wedding/reception at a hotel? Yes 14. When did you/will you get married - sunrise, mid-day, sunset? sunset 15. Did you/will you have your reception outdoors or indoors? on an open air terrace 16. Plan every detail down to the napkins or let someone else decide? Plan every detail - I am a control freak! 17. How did/will the bride enter? Onto the sand 18. Song to walk down the aisle to: Parents, Fiance and bridal party walk down to "You're So Cool" by Hans Zimmer. Bride walks down to "Butterfly Waltz" by Brian Craine. 19. Song to make your exit: The UB40 version of "Every Breathe You Take" from 50 First Dates. 20. Will you/did you have a solemn ceremony or a light one? light 21. At what age did you think you would get married? I didn't think I would ever get married. 22. Who to invite - practically everyone or a select few? Immediate family and close friends only. 23. Wedding menu - fine dining or simply delicious? fine dining 24. Champagne or red wine? Wine only - both myself and my fiance get headache from Champagne. We will have it available, though, for those that like it. 25. Honeymoon right after the wedding, awhile after the wedding, or no honeymoon? We are honeymooning at the same resort thet we are getting married. 26. Was your/will your honeymoon be at a place special to you both or somewhere brand new to you both? Special - we both love Mexico! 27. Who will pay for the bills? We plan to have a joint account for household bills and then have individual bank accounts for our individual expenses. We will also have one joint credit card and one individual credit card each with limits not to exceed $5,000. 28. Living together: Not before marriage or absolutely before marriage? We have loved together for 4 years - so ABSOLUTLEY 29. Anything else about marriage you'd like to say? I am so excited! WE LEAVE IN A WEEK AND TWO DAYS!!! YIPPEEEEEE!
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