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  1. Have you checked out the Tierra Del Sol golf course? It could be a good option for a non-sand wedding in Aruba.
  2. We booked our wedding at a hotel where there isn't a minimum guest room requirement. Our friends and family pooled in money to rent villas and saved a lot of money this way. I think the Marriott and Westin do not have a room requirement.
  3. Hi, I recieved some info from the Hyatt when I was considering last summer. Hopefully I'll attach correctly.. Civil Marriage Requirements.pdf To the Registrar of Marriages in Aruba.pdf Wedding Menus Information.pdf Entertainment.pdf
  4. These are all so helpful, thanks ladies. One of my friends suggested putting limes and lemons on the bottom of the glass bucket (sort of in the line of your idea KRama). Autojo, mini bottles of wine/champagne are a great idea!
  5. Haha I know I just want something really laid back. I'm sure my friends and some relatives (even though some still think it's a strange idea) would be much more excited to see beer on the table than flowers. Thanks for your input! Any and all is much appreciated!
  6. Has anyone ever used (or thought of using) beer buckets (filled with beer, ice and soft drinks) as their centerpieces? While some people that I've mentioned this to think it's strange not to want flowers/candles/etc. as my centerpiece, I still think it's a fun idea. I can't seem to find any inspirational photos online though. My ideal beer bucket centerpiece is made out of glass/plastic and not the tin/metal cans. Help!
  7. Hi, What's the best website/online store to purchase personalized shot glasses? I found someone's posting on the site for glow in the dark shot glasses, which are also really fun.
  8. mrsjackson, I'm also considering the Bucuti. Have you been there yet? Congrats on finding your venue!
  9. I just found a blog called Our Aruba Wedding. It's a blog on a bride-to-be's site visits to hotels around Aruba. This bride seems to be looking more for a "hip" hotel vibe instead of the laid back beach scenario, but I'm pretty much reading anything I can about Aruba, so wanted to share. MK
  10. Amazing pics!!! I'm so excited. Thanks everyone!
  11. Thank you both! I'm looking into the Bucuti Resort - it really is so beautiful.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm looking into Aruba for our wedding and noticed that most resorts require a birth certificate - is this just required for the civil ceremony? It may be easier for us to obtain a birth certificate in our hometown and just have the beach ceremony in Aruba. Do we need to provide proof of marriage to just have the beach ceremony? Can you please pass along any recommendations for a ceremony/reception site Any help would be really appreciated! Thanks! MK
  13. We are also looking into Pelican Bay. Does anyone else have more information on this hotel? From the pictures that I've seen, the private beach looks lovely.
  14. MK1

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi everyone! I'm so glad to have found this site! We're in the beginning stages of planning our destination wedding in the Bahamas next year, and we're so excited. We've been engaged for a couple of years and I've always dreamed of having our wedding in the Caribbean. Just wanted to say a quick hello MK
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