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  1. Josie-You are very welcome!!! I hope you are feeling much better That stinks that your work imposed strict restrictions on the computer use! I can't wait to see you invites! Gosh, you don't have long at all until your wedding now!!!
  2. I voted for before because we were so tired when we got back from Mexico. We just wanted to relax
  3. I figured that was a spammer. They were name dropping like crazy! Thanks for weeding out the bad apples!!
  4. Just like Amy, I cut most of the train off my dress as well. The train was way to long for me and it made my dress so much heavier! I am so glad that I did that. Hope that helped
  5. Thanks girl! Yes, I did it myself and I am totally not a hair person. It was really easy!
  6. Here is my review ----> http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t47303 Shell-the highlight of the night for me was the reception dinner. Our families gave toasts and the drinks were flowing and the food was so good! Kim-I LOVE being married!!!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by poohshek Forgot to ask... Did "Bumpits" work out on your big day? Yes, they worked out great. I used the medium sized bumpit and then put my hair half up/half down and then secured the back with a few bobby pins and sprayed my hair and it stayed perfect all night. I am planning on using them at my AHR too
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by KimmyG Thanks for your review, Desiree! Couple questions: 1- Did you book the Catamaya Excursion in advance or decide to do it once you got there? 2- How many photos did you get on cd? Did they take pics of the ceremony only or reception too? 3- When did the mariachi band play (ceremony? cocktail?)? What music did you have for the ceremony? 4- Did you have any music or dancing during the dinner reception? Thanks a mucho, married lady!!! We booked the Catamaya excursion when we got to the hotel. We used a Funjet representative named Alex. He was very nice. The excursion wasn't private (we didn't even ask) we just payed per person and I think it was around $50 or $60 pp. I got 15 photos on the CD. 12 came with my package and I paid $45 for the other three extras. He took pics of the ceremony and cocktail hour. He didn't stay for the reception. The photos that you get with your package can only be the ones he takes during the ceremony. I didn't choose what the mariachi band played. They played a beautiful Mexican wedding song as I was going down the aisle. They continued to play until we got to our cocktail hour. Total I would say they played for 45 minutes. They were worth the extra money because my guests LOVED them! No, we didn't have any music or dancing at the reception in Mexico because we are saving that for our AHR Hope that helped you girl! xoxo
  9. Thank you all!!! Archie510-The cocktail time went really well. They set up beautiful flower arrangements all over and we drank and drank. The reception was so nice. We had it at the Chilis Steakhouse and the food was so good and the staff was very attentive. I didn't pay for a private reception, but they gave us one
  10. I hope you have the best day ever Jac!!!! XOXOXOXO Congratulations!!!
  11. Thanks so much everyone! Y'all are all so sweet MrsMarch-No, I didn't assign seats we just let our guests choose and it worked out great. Mods-is there any way to make my pics bigger? They look so small
  12. Hey Ladies~~ I posted my review under the review section! XOXO PM me if you have any questions
  13. Tyler and I had an amazing fabulous time!!! We are so excited to be married and I am so glad we had a destination wedding. Thank you so much to all the BDW girls. Y'all have given me such great advice and I hope that I have helped some of you along the way Thanks to Tammy Host for hosting this wonderful forum. I really appreciate it. XOXO Here is my review: Airline (Continental Airlines)A - They were very nice and accommodating. They put my dress in the first class closet without a problem. The plane was on time and we were comfortable and happy. We brought extra luggage so we had to pay $100(there and back) for the extra 2 bags, but we expected this. Transfers (Lomas Travel)A+ - Really professional. They were teal shirts and white pants so they were always very easy to find. The vans are nice and well air conditioned and they have beer available for purchase. They were always on time and very nice. Hotel (RIU Palace Riviera Maya)A++++-one word AMAZING!!! The service, food, drinks, and entertainment were all top notch. The wait staff went above and beyond everyone's expectations. Please say hello the the wonderful Jose, Chano, and Gustavo (bartenders and servers). They were always ready to hand us a fresh, cold drink. The food here is very good! I was skeptical because I am pretty picky, but I could always find something good to eat. During our stay we ate at 3 of the 5 specialty restaurants-Mexican (Agave), Steakhouse (Chilis), and Japanese (forgot the name). They were all good. The steakhouse or the mexican was my favorite. The buffet (Don Monolos) was great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They have a great selection and every night there is a different theme. The drinks are good here-they have good mimosas for breakfast. As for the hotel, it is very grand. There are fresh flowers and marble everywhere. The staff keep the place spotless. My husband and I speak some Spanish, but don't worry if you do not. The staff understand English pretty well. As for the drinks-I either drank Miami Vice's (1/2 pina colada and 1/2 strawberry daquiri) or Champagne most of the time. I am pretty sure my friends and I drank about 30 bottles of champagne! haha Room-(2 story Jacuzzi Suite)-A++++ If you are planning on getting married here I highly suggest this room. It was beautiful and spacious. We had room 2095 which had great beach and plaza views and was situated right above the buffet and close the the lobby. The jacuzzi was very nice at night and the balcony was big enough for all of our friends. The spiral staircase was great for pics. The closet and bathroom were large and accommodated all of our many clothes and bags, haha. We felt like a king and queen in this room and it was definitely worth the splurge! Excursions Delphinus A-Swimming with the dolphins. This was fun! The dolphins were so gentle and sweet. This was a beautiful place and they treat the dolphins very well. They take pics and videos of you that are available for purchase at the end of the excursion. They provide a shuttle as well. Catamaya A+++ This was the best excursion by far!!!! This is a must do. It is a catamaran cruise with snorkeling, lunch, and drinks included. We all loved this! Say hello to Jose Cuervo (that's what he wants ppl to call him). The boat is pretty large and can hold a big group (70 something). They serve beer, margaritas, and rum punch on board. We also took celebration tequila shots which was fun. The snorkeling was great. We saw cool fish and I got to see a sea turtle which was awesome. On the way back they play dance music and the staff get the women to all dance on the front of the boat. For lunch they served salads, sides, and your choice of lobster, steak, or a hamburger that they cook on a grill on the back of the boat. Cozumel A+-Tyler and I rode the ferry (35 min) to Cozumel and we went shopping and ate at Margaritaville. The food was so good! We recommend the strawberry margarita and conch fritters. Cozumel is very safe and they have pretty good shopping. Parasailing I can't remember the name of the company but it is located on the beach in front of the RPRM. Is is $60 per person and you can go up with up to 3 people. When up in the air you have a beautiful view. On the way down Tyler and I saw a school of stingrays below. My only complaint was that the ride is very short (like 8 minutes). I have parasailed over Lake Tahoe before and my ride was much higher and longer. It was fun though and I took some pics from above. Wedding Coordinators A+++ Ael and Diana were a dream team. They did everything I asked them to. I brought my own fans and chair ties and they set everything up perfectly. They arranged the mariachi band (def. worth the money) and all our other extras (flowers and such). We had a beautiful, amazing wedding and everything went off without a hitch. The ceremony only lasted about 20 minutes and it was so nice. Be prepared though-it was super hot outside! Resort Photographer (Calypso Photo)-A+++ He is FANTASTIC!!! He took great shots and was super nice. The photos came out great and he gave me my prints, CD, and a photo album. I bought extra pics for $15 each and well worth it. You won't be disappointed. Just a side note-I know that All Inclusive resorts say that tips are included, but these people work very hard so we tipped very well. I suggest bringing lots of 1’s and 5’s to tip members of the staff that do a good job (maids, servers, wedding staff, etc.) Please PM me if you have any questions! Now here are some pics courtesy of Calypso Photo:
  14. We had an absolutely AMAZING time! I am working on my review and can't wait to show all my pics!! XOXO Desiree
  15. HEY EVERYONE!!! I AM BACK!!! It was absolutely fabulous and everything exceeded my expectations. My guests and Tyler and I loved every minute of our trip. You girls have nothing to worrry about. I am being extra lazy right now because we got in late last night but I am working on my review and pics now. I am a MRS!!!! xoxo Desiree
  16. Hey!!! Lisa-I don't know how I didn't see your dress pictures, but you look gorgeous!!! Wow! What a beautiful bride and dress I just wanted to say BYE to everyone! I am leaving TOMORROW for our wedding!!! WHOOOHOOO!!! I will return with a huge review of everything. I promise. When I come back I will be a Mrs. XOXOXO Desiree XOXOXO
  17. Hey girls!!! Just wanted to pop in and say hi and that we had a freaking blast at my bachelorette party weekend. Also, the legal ceremony was really sweet. I will post pics later tonight hopefully. I am so exhausted. Thank you for all the congrats! Jannae-I didn't mention anything to them. No one even attempted to book at another resort. Hope that helps ya!
  18. Jac-everything looks so wonderful~! You are such a sweetheart and I hope you have the amazing wedding of your dreams xoxo
  19. Yes, I know crazzzy!!! Samira-I'm sorry. I should have put the name of her travel agency. Yes, it is called Wright Travel Agency Shell-No, I didn't get a choice. I guess they know what's best hopefully!
  20. Thank you Katie!!! Yes, I leave 1 week from today. I really can't believe it. It seems like the time really flew by.
  21. Thank you!!! Yes, I will share pics for sure!
  22. Ashley-What gorgeous pics! I love all of them. You were such a stunning bride
  23. Yeah, I agree with Clairisse. I love MAC makeup and maybe they can point you in the right direction. Do you have green eyes? If so, my sister has green eyes and she looks beautiful in gold shimmery colors-they make her eyes pop.
  24. That was really sweet of you. I love the feeling of giving someone something they need. Plus, you are tiny girl. I saw you in your pics of the different wedding dresses.
  25. OMG! I have the craziest/happiest week of my life approaching. Here is my crazy schedule: My legal day is this friday My bachelorette party is this weekend (OOT) We leave for Mexico on wednesday I get married on saturday I feel like my head is spinning. I am so sorry for not posting a planning thread ladies, but I promise I will post pics when I get back. I love my BDW girls!
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