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    Playa Flamingo and La Fortuna in a week?

    Try this map is great, you have to enter the cities and it would give you the estimated travel time! I use it a lot! you can also zoom in and out Costa Rica|Route Planner|Detailed Map|Driving Times
  2. Colombambina

    need help locating venue in CR

    Try Tamarindo, there are lots of nice hotels there. We will be travelling to Liberia as well, but taking a shuttle or taxis to Tamarindo wich should be about an hour and 40 minutes. My wedding is in the hotel Capitan Suizo in 19 days! We also considered the Diria, it's a bigger hotel if that is what you're looking for. Good luck!
  3. Colombambina

    Need your advice please!

    I think it's fine We're having 25 people and the hotel will set up the tables on a squared "C" that will be facing the ocean, that way we are all together and will be more intimate.
  4. I just saw these ones today, I think I'm ready to buy WEDDING PROM BRIDAL DYEABLEJINNI STYLE 570 DYEABLE SATIN JINNI STYLE 571 SILVER - Bridal and Beach Flip Flops / Thongs
  5. Colombambina

    No Costa Rica beach weddings?

    I haven't heard anything like that...Maybe it's not allowed on public beaches?? I am getting married on the beach Nov 25th at Capitan Suizo. I spoke with my wedding planner yesterday and he didn't mention anything like that. Everyting is going as planned. Doesn't the Playa Conchal resort have a gazebo?? or you could get married on the gardens in the resort? I hope it all works out for you !
  6. I'm wearing an orange flower on my hair, so i'm looking for some orange flip flops and I will put some little orange silk flowers from Michaels stores on them...not really sure where to look for these flip flops.... How do you girls walk on those huge heels on the sand lol
  7. Thank you ladies for your opinions and Amy for the pictures!! That gives me a better idea and now I don't feel so sad if I cut if off ... I think I'll try it on again with a seamstress to she can give me her opinion. The dress doesn't have any detail on the train, so it won't too bad if i remove a little.
  8. Hi I am in the dilema if I should alter my dress and cut the train. I was looking for a more simple dress more appropriate for the beach, but when I saw this one and tried it on, I fell in love with it! it didn't need any altarations at all! It is size 4 and it fits perfectly. The only problem is that the train is a bit too long. The dress feels pretty light though, but now I think I would look silly wearing this fancy dress at the beach...so I need some opinions on weather to cut the train or not Here is the link: the picture doesn't really show how long it is, but it's all I got Davinci Bridal___wedding dress, bridal dress, bridal wedding dress, bridal wedding gowns, bridal gowns, wedding gowns, bridesmaid wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, bridesmaid gowns, bridesmaid wedding gowns, mother of the bride wedding dress, mother o thumb/8338FM.jpg&MAX_WIDTH=301&MAX_HEIGHT=418 If the first link doesn't work here's another one: (it's the 4th one) Modest Wedding Gowns And Bridal Gowns - Davinci Bridal Thanks!
  9. Colombambina

    How many Costa Rica brides are out there?

    Hello ladies, I'm another Costa Rican bride! getting married this November in Tamarindo. Capuccino, there are no hurricanes in CR, but there is rainy season, which should end by mid November and then the dry season begins. I wouldn't worry about it Angela
  10. Hi I made my own invitations and they look great! but I am a little worried as I put 2 little starfish on each of them and I think they might break in the mail...they look a little fragile. Has anyone sent starfish invitations and have some of them break? Thanks!!
  11. Colombambina

    The happiest newbie ever!!!

    Hi there, My name is Angela. I'm getting married in Tamarindo, Costa Rica in Novermber 2009! and I can NOT wait!!!