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Post your bouquet and inspiration pics here

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My color theme will be aqua blue and orange, and so far this is what I'm thinking of doing - would love anyone's opinion on this idea!!



This would be my bouquet - it's white calla lilies with a blue flower - no idea what it is though, lol.



My bridesmaids would have orange calla lilies with the same blue flower above. Their dresses will be much lighter so you will actually see the dark blue stand out.

orange calla lilies.jpg


What do you ladies think??


I saw this picture and thought this idea didn't look so good - this was my original idea ~ having a blue bouquet whiles my BMs would have orange bouquets. Not so sure I'm loving that idea anymore, lol.


bridal bouquet blue - bridesmaid bouquet orange.jpg


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Honestly, I am so confused now! I really like the idea of mixing Teal and Coral together but find it really had to combine these two colors with flowers. I have no problem with invitations, wedding decor and wedding attire, but when it comes to flowers I'm lost. I like the idea of adding orange callas to my bouquet. I've actually seen a beautiful orange calla bridal bouquet today, so now I'm leaning more towards that! I'm so indecisive...lol


Orange bridal bouquet.jpgorange-yellow-white-calla-lily-bridal-bouquet.jpg  This bouquet has orange, yellow and cream white callas. This LOVE this bouquet. I really like the first one too though. See how indecisive I am...

Originally Posted by mochamakes3 View Post

Mel2010 - Have you though about adding some orange callas to your bouquet?

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I'm still torn...I feel like I should have some white in MY bouquet, but my colors are different shades of pink and a touch of green! For my BM I am thinking more green and some shades of pink. These are some inspiration pics I have:



main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=92&g2_serialNumber=4  OR  large_image.jpg


And BMs:






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this was my DIY bouquet for my at home church wedding!  I made this myself!!  Loved it!!!  Cost me 40.00 to make 3 bouquets.. got hte flowers wholseale!! added rhinestones!RAW_0066.JPG

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