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  1. Hi Venus, My bouquet was made of Yellow Calla Lillies and it looked exactly like the picture I sent Mayte, only the bouquet looked even more amazing then the picture I sent.
  2. Ladies, I highly recommend DREAMS PALM BEACH for your accommodations!!! This resort is amazing, the food is to die for, the coffee shop was open ALL the time, and the staff are really friendly. And I had no complaints with the rooms either. For all the BRIDES out there, I recommend spending a little more money and getting the Preferred Club rooms. It's soooo worth it. The view, the private service, private restaurant for breakfast/lunch, and checking in ASAP via VIP lounge....sooooo worth it!
  3. Hey Darcy, Your DJ will provide you with a microphone. So either you go with the Jellyfish DJ or with DJ Mannia, they both provide this equipment.
  4. Yes, there are police that patrol the beach on a dirt bike. We actually have a photograph of us kissing while the police are driving by - totally priceless!!! JF also have there staff to watch over the restaurant during your wedding night. You are in good hands, trust me!
  5. It didn't take that long for the food to come out, and it all came out at the same time ~ which was really nice. They served our head table first and then our remaining guests. I think we had at least 4-5 waiters taking orders, serving the food, topping up the wine. All-in-all the service was fantastic. I'm not sure if Mayte has a maximum count for the a la carte menu option, but I'm sure she'll let you know.
  6. Cdn29 - We were 34 guests in total CandM2012 - I will definitely try to write a review on DPB. In a nutshell though, food was fantastic (even the buffet), rooms were awesome, service is friendly, drinks are yummy, pool & landscaping was immaculate. Only cons, the beach has some seaweed , the para-sailing boat kept breaking down (so I never got to try it-although I was a little chicken anyways), and our fridge in our room didn't get restock until 3 days after we arrived (we stayed in the preferred club section-which is totally worth the extra $$). We also didn't get any "special service" for being a Bride & Groom, meaning no banner on our door, no rose petals on the bed w/ champagne in our room etc,. I'm guessing this is because we got married off resort - but honestly it didn't matter to us, the JF made up for it. Venus909 - we used DJ Mannia, he is AMAZING. We had Carlos as our DJ. No need to bring any music, he knows how to throw an awesome party. I posted a review under vendors, but it's short. Check it out!
  7. Hi ladies, I finally found the time to sit down and write a full review on the Jellyfish, so here it is!!!! We arrived in Punta Cana on November 24th, all 34 of us, and stayed at the Dreams Palm Beach Resort. I will try to write a separate review on the resort, but for now, I’ll give this resort an A+. Our first meeting with Mayte was on the Friday, Nov 25th – We arrived at the Jellyfish via taxi ($25US from DPB resort) and met Mayte right on time. Ladies, all I can say is once you meet Mayte all your worries and stresses will disappear. She takes all the weight off by going through every single detail with you. From décor to flowers, to the setup outside to which cocktails to choose from. That was one of the first things we did, we tasted 3 different cocktails to pick out 2 cocktails for our cocktail hour. We chose Sex on the Beach and some Blue Hawaiian drink < which was sooo yummy. Afterwards we tasted our appetizers, which were delicious. We went with the butterfly shrimp, hot pockets and mozzarella sticks. Once the food tasting was done, we paid her everything we could in cash and left the remaining to pay via credit card (food and booze). So here is a final breakdown from my own experience: Restaurant Absolutely gorgeous, open concept, extremely breezy, which is refreshing on a warm humid day. Bathroom, only 2 small stalls in the women’s, so if you have a puffy dress, good luck trying to use the washroom. J Kitchen is clean; the kitchen staff are so friendly and very accommodating to special requests. Bar/Bar staff are extremely nice, ready to party and make awesome drinks. Upstairs level is really cozy, with tables and pillows everywhere to lounge on. There are also couches/beds to chill on. We reserved the entire restaurant and thought it was really worth it. I got to throw my bouquet from the upstairs level and our photographer captured amazing shots of all of us partying & dancing below. Beach is really private. I think there may have been one person walking by during our ceremony, but that person was so far away that you barely noticed they were walking by. Wind ~ it may only have been on our wedding day, since we had pouring rain all day – except during our ceremony and pictures (lucky us), the rest of the day was extremely windy. I couldn’t even wear my veil, and in most pictures, I’m basically eating my own hair! So something to think about. Food is amazing! A lot of our guests chose the lobster, including myself, and it was delicious! I could have had two plates – seriously! The service was amazing, everything was delivered on time. We chose to go a la carte for our dinner, which I am very grateful for. We saved over $450 !!!! We considered going with the $45 or $55 per person, but it just wasn’t worth it. The lobster plate was only $48, so if we chose to go with the $55 option, our food budget would have doubled for sure! Drinks were awesome too! We chose the cocktail hour @ $5 per person for 1 hour, than afterwards we kept a tab ALL NIGHT. Even during dinner, we kept a tab going in case someone wanted to order something other than wine or beer, although wine was supplied during dinner. Somehow we saved on our booze budget too by keeping a tab, because some of our guests didn’t even drink, so the “per person†& “per hour†option didn’t make sense to us if some weren’t going to drink. Mayte What can I say about Mayte that hasn’t already been said!! This woman is so dedicated to her brides. She really goes out of her way to make your wedding day special. She went into town to purchase my wedding favours for me (awesome!), and checked on my flowers a day before they were delivered to the restaurant (you can have them delivered to your room, but I preferred keeping them at the JF). It was pouring rain on our wedding day so Mayte had setup our ceremony inside the restaurant, but then the rain stopped, so Mayte moved all the décor and chairs back outside just in time for the ceremony – now that’s dedication! Sweets table Our cake turned out exactly the way we wanted it. The cup cakes were identical to our wedding colors and the top layer cake was similar to a picture I had sent Mayte, so again she pays attention to ALL details. I didn’t have the chance to buy candy, so Mayte went out and purchased some candy for me and just added the amount to the cake budget. She charged me $200 for the 1 tier cake, cupcakes and candies! That’s pretty darn cheap compared to what I would have spent back here at home! Well that’s it for now! If you ladies have any questions, feel free to ask. I’ll try to log on here once in a while and do my best to answer your questions. I’m sure I have missed some details, but with Xmas right around the corner, my focus is elsewhere. Happy planning – and most of all – you have made the RIGHT CHOICE in choosing the Jellyfish for your ceremony and/or your reception!!!! P.S. Pastor Rick York is AMAZING!!! < Forgot to mention that too!! P.P.S Merry Christmas & Happy New Years to all of you!!!!
  8. AquaCait, Caribbean Emotions are amazing! I really enjoyed working with Michael & Pascal. They are laid back, funny, and really good at capturing moments throughout the day. We were a large group, and lots was always going on, and everytime I turned around, there was Michael capturing the moment and Pascal recording it!! The photobook you will get is beautiful too. They are definitely worth your money!!! Here are a few of my fav shots from them!!
  9. Hey Mimiq, The things I brought from home, such as decorations, was my flower girl baskets, petals, guest book, bubble wants, wedding programs, cake topper, OOT bags for guests, and I think that is it. I didn`t even bring candy. Mayte provided candy for us because we didn`t have time to go buy any. She provided the rest, even the blue lanterns.
  10. The food was fantastic at Dreams! The Asian restaurant, Sea Side Steakhouse grill and french a la carte restaurants were amazing. And no reservations were required!!
  11. Hey Ladies, We are back!!! And all I can say is that we had the most amazing time at Dreams Palm Beach Resort & Spa, and an incredible wedding at the Jellyfish restaurant. Throughout the week, I saw over 8 different weddings going on at the Dreams resort - and all I can say is IT'S NOT PRIVATE!! One wedding (setup up on the beach) was absolutely beautiful until we could hear the entire ceremony including vows across the entire beach. I was a little shock that the speakers were so loud! All this to say that planning our ceremony & wedding reception at the JF was the way to go. The ceremony and reception is completely private. The servers are excellent and the food is to die for . . . I had the lobster - and it was AMAZING!! I will write a review soon, still unpacking our suitcases! All I can say is, Mayte is amazing and goes the extra mile to make your day special! Here are a few pictures to share with you ladies - photographer was Michael Weiler (Caribbean Emotions) < another great choice! On our wedding day, it was pourring rain, and then for at least 1 hour the rain stopped, so we had our ceremony outside despite crazy winds! Right after our ceremony and pictures, it started to rain again and never stopped all night! So I think we were blessed to have no rain for our ceremony, and the pictures turned out great despite no sun. Like I said, there is so much to say - so for now, I hope you enjoyed these teaser photos until I write my review! Ciao, Melissa
  12. Hey CDNCouple09 - I haven't heard from Mayte either!!! And my wedding is in 5 days!!!!!! I"m freaking out to right now because I had a few questions for her, but I'm meeting her this Friday, so I guess I'll save my questions for then! I AM SO READY TO RELAX ON THE BEACH WITH A DRINK IN HAND AND FORGET ABOUT ALL THIS WEDDING PLANNING. I'M GOING CRAZY!!!! Grrrrrrr! Thanks ladies for your responses! This helps A LOT!!!! I will definitely get desserts too! I loooove desserts & chocolate!!! LOL And thanks for the tip on bug spray!! I really appreciate it.
  13. Jessica, Liz & Jen : I'm leaving for the DR is 3 days!!! Just took a quick peak at your pictures and all I can say is WOW - your weddings were SO beautiful. I love the colors!!! Can't wait to see more pictures, and chat with you ladies when I get back. I just had two questions for all of you. 1. Jen, this question is for you, I was going to do a sweets table, but after seeing your desserts table, I'm loving this idea more!! Did you just request to have desserts from the JF menu to be placed on your dessert table with your wedding cake? Your cake looked fabulous by the way. 2. I noticed there are lanterns in most of your pictures, did you bring down the lanterns yourself, or does Mayte provide them in your wedding colors??? Thanks for answering my questions at the least minute!! LOL < I only got 3 days to figure this out!!!! YIKES!!!
  14. Hey Mimiq, Here the video: http://vimeo.com/32143307
  15. Jessica, I just watched your video and had tears rolling down my face!! You were ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! I feel like the two of us have been planning our weddings together since forever . . . and now I sit here and watch all your hard work come to life!! It was an honor to watch that video. Everything you worked on look so beautiful, and you and your hubby are so cute together. CONGRATS!!!! I hope your wedding and vacay was everything you dreamed it would be . . . and more! PUNTA CANA...here I come in 7 days!!! WOOHOO!!
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