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  1. Thomas Sanderson Photography - (tom@tomsandersonphotography.com) A previous Ceiba bride had used Tom for her wedding (my friend of a friend connection to Ceiba). After looking a long time and really wanted Del Sol we ended up using Tom. He is from VA and paid for his own room and flight. Yes, I would have loved to have Del Sol but Tom shot many pictures over a few days so it was nice to have not just wedding pictures. He is VERY mellow so I think if you choose to use him, be more assertive then me. Some of you got your pictures back very quickly so in comparison he was a bit slower. Overall, very happy with my pictures. I received all of the pictures on CDs and I need to select the pictures for our album. MVP - hair and make-up This is the only review I did so far so please check it out. Melissa was AMAZING! Violinist - My husband surprised me with this for the ceremony so I have no information on him. It was very sweet of my hubby and I loved it. I have a "logistics" document with a bunch of the time, location, and all that good stuff so when I find it, I will post it. Laura
  2. I thought I would post all of the vendors we used so those of you still in the planning stage you can get more input to make your decision. I ended up using Tropical Wedding Experts b/c we were dealing with Paola (not the fabulous one there now) and we weren't getting much support. A former Ceiba WC went to work for TWE and a friend of a friend said she was great. Pros to using an outside WC- they created a website for my guests to book their rooms and any requests, transportation from airport, meal options, and if they would be attending the BBQ and Brunch. This certainly made it easier on me HOWEVER... Con: there were many issues with the website so in the end I was constantly on top of everything double checking, fixing mistakes, etc. At one point, Denise our WC basically lost touch with us and replied to us in emails with "I will get to it as humanly possible". And let me state I was FAR from the bridzilla. There was no set fee for the services so I always felt like I was getting scammed. I will write a review and give more details for this company. Show System - DJ Omar Bautista Figueroa (showsystem@hotmail.com) He did a great job of keeping the party going. We had sent him a few songs to give him an idea for our style of music. We didn't want anyone yelling into the mic so his style suited us perfectly. His English is not great but 50% of my guests were Spanish speaking. He provided nice lighting for the dance area. He also provided the sound system for our ceremony since it was on the pier. Mariachi's Aguila de Mexico They were fabulous. They met us at the end of the pier after the ceremony and played music walking to the cocktail hour. So many guests raved about how great they were and it gave a great Mexican touch to our wedding. Eventos Euforia - (bodas@eventoseuforia.com) We used Eventos for the lounge seating and bonfire at the BBQ the night before our wedding. They did exactly as we asked and it looked great. It is hard to visual the space with how much you need...tiki torches, seating ,etc but they were very easy to work with. We used them for all of the wedding decor (ceremony, cocktail, and reception). Angel and I met with my WC and Eventos works to explain how we wanted the tables arranged at the reception...luckily my hubby stopped by the terrace area before he went to shower and had them fix it b/c it wasn't set up correctly. Only other negative the bouquet for my mom and mother in law were white callilies and the tips were brown. I ask my WC to see if they could get new ones and they did. We went back and forth with them a lot on what we wanted our centerpiece to look like. I was nervous b/c the sample pics were terrible but I LOVED my centerpieces. We rented 4 wooden cocktail tables with floating candle and orchid, square tables, bamboo chairs with cushions, 80 hanging candles, and yute overlay on cream table cloth.
  3. We did our dance to "When you say you love me" by Josh Groban (who I love). Some people made comments that it sounded like a Lion King song but oh well. We kept a secret from everyone and did a surprise salsa dance. I had to change out of my dress so I ended up telling one friend but nobody knew. It was a fabulous way to get the party started. Here's the video. http://vimeo.com/24798316
  4. I finally got my professional pictures and wedding slideshow: http://www.lifebehindthecamera.com/darkroom/share/?n=Laura_and_Angel Also, here is a video of our dance: Sorry I haven't been on lately...end of school year and working on those wedding thank yous!
  5. LeanneMarie- I got married the same day and also used Melissa. She was one busy lady and yes she is fabulous! Your pictures are amazing and you looked beautiful!!
  6. Thank you for all of the nice compliments! To answer a few questions: Soutache Lace ($105 per yard) and silk crepe satin ($53 per yard) - total with taxes and shipping $540. I paid $500 to have it made. A steal since alterations alone are a couple hundred. She paid for the lining, little bit of tulle, buttons, etc. It might look really heavy but it wasn't at all. I was a bit hot dancing but that is to be expected. The dress moved freely and I never once felt constricted or uncomfortable. I got a bit dirty at the bottom but we weren't in the sand that much. Still deciding what to do - clean and preserve it or not. The best thing was I wanted a lace that was $260 per yard. Fell in love with it to only find out they didn't have enough and they called France but couldn't get any. Kind of glad that didn't work out! Ha!
  7. Sorry I haven't responded sooner. They are alcatraz which I believe are native to Mexico. StrephyD - love your bouquets!!! So many wonderful colors and variations.
  8. Thanks Brenners. I wish you were close to NYC area b/c you could use my lady. My husband's sister got married (before we were together) and had this crazy big dress made with swarksi (sorry not spelled correctly) crystals hand sewn on so this lady is legit!
  9. Here are a few pictures from my wedding. The postcards in the wine bottles are vintage postcards of places that my husband and I have traveled together. My brother in law found them and then he also created the seating place cards with the same photo so each table was a "destination". Loved it! Made it more special that he did it for us. I brought the blue mason jars with me and candle votives. Eventos Euphoria supplied the yute overlay and the centerpieces which I was really pleased with. We got married on Saturday and the centerpieces still looked gorgeous Tuesday night when we left and it was 93 degrees and humid the day we got married.
  10. I didn't have super high expectations with the wedding cake and we went with our resorts pastry chef and orchids from Eventos Euphoria. It was nice, simple, clean looking. Yummy but not the most beautiful. Honestly, I am glad I didn't sweat it that much. Dulce de leche... YUM
  11. I got married April 16th and had my dress made. I tried on many dresses and couldn't find the dress I liked so my mother in law (who has a hook up for everything) sent me to a lady she knows. I described what I wanted done and bought the fabric myself in NYC in B & J Fabrics. I LOVE my dress. I don't have a super close up of the back of it which I am sad about but still waiting on seeing more pictures. It has beautiful buttons down the back.
  12. Wow Tracy. You did a great job planning such a large wedding. The beach dinner looked fun and casual and was that everyone jumping in the ocean at the end of the wedding? You too? You looked beautiful! Congrats and share your prof pics when you get them. : )
  13. Thank you to all of you for posting your ceremony scripts. It made the task of creating my "own" much easier. We were lucky enough to have my husband's uncle officiate the ceremony. It made it so much more special and meaningful. I believe it was about 20 minutes long. We did not have a bridal party so I had my two sisters and his sister each do a reading. I thought I would be crying but I held it together! Ceremony Script 3 - 31-11.doc
  14. I took some ideas from this forum and made "survival baggies" and put the band-aids, Tylenol, etc in a small clear bag and stapled a brown stock paper folded in half with this label. I printed the labels on sticker sheets and cut them out. I didn't want to deal with taking all of those first aid kits. Thanks of all of the ideas. bag topper mix.doc
  15. Thank you for all your nice comments about my pictures. The photographer uploaded more pictures today and will keep adding more so check back later. I was deleting some files and found this one...not sure if future brides have seen this but it will give you some ideas for ceremony and reception layouts. Wedding Pictures[1].pdf
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