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  1. I have 4 sterling silver and cz starfish necklaces bought from Davids Bridal - style # pzs2298-18. I bought them for my bridesmaids but then changed my mind and bought something else instead and was hoping to get some money back. I will sell all 4 for $50, if you want less than 4 contact me and maybe we can work something out. I am moving in a few weeks and would love to get rid of them and get a few extra bucks before then. I will include shipping in the continental US.
  2. Make me an offer! I would rather get something then have this stuff just sitting around not being used!
  3. New satin victorias secret robe. Says "Bride" on the back in rhinestones. I'm asking $40 including shipping in US, will ship elsewhere for extra cost.
  4. I am ready to sell some things now that the wedding is over! I bought way too much stuff! I will include shipping in the US, contact me if you need me to get prices for other destinations. I have four starfish necklaces, silver with cubic zirconias. I bought them at Davids Bridal then found some others I liked better. $22 each or I will sell all four for $85 I have one unused ivory hair flower with rhinestone center $35 Also selling my real touch bouquet bought from wedideas $50
  5. After wedding sale! I will include shipping within the US. Contact me if you want me to find out shipping costs to other places... I have four silver with cubic zirconia starfish necklaces. I bought them from davids bridal for my bridesmaids and mom but then I found some different ones I liked better. $22 each or I'll sell all 4 for $85 I have an unused ivory hair flower with rhinestone center. $35 Also selling my real touch bouquet bought from wedideas. $50
  6. Sorry I was never very good at keeping up with this forum! Yes we had our reception at the cove terrace. It was a perfect location! We had 20 guests plus us and we fit nicely with a little extra room to dance. I think it would be ok with 30 but there probably wouldnt be as much room for dancing if you are interested in that. We had the area for 2 hours but cristina left and told us we could stay an extra 30 mins if we wanted, which was nice. We brought an Ipod and a friends Ipod dock and it sounded fine. I was really nervous that it wouldnt be loud enough with the wind and debated hiring their
  7. ok I failed...one more try... http://www.facebook.com/media/set/fbx/?set=a.1574445775698.67830.1672197625&l=550a5c7ca9
  8. mailto:?body=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fmedia%2Fset%2Ffbx%2F%3Fset%3Da.1574445775698.67830.1672197625%26l%3D550a5c7ca9&subject=Mexico i'm attempting to post a link to some of my pics...not sure if this is going to work
  9. I had the CRAZIEST thing happen to me today! I swear all the weird freak problems happen to me! So I was getting a few last things out of my suitcase and a LIZARD jumped out onto my arm!! I was so scared! The thing had just been sitting in there for days I guess! So now we have an accidental Mexican pet, got it some crickets and put it in a cage. Anyway, hopefully this photog stuff is resolved for all you ladies and I just had a freak problem. And La Luna was great to work with I didnt mean anything bad against them! I'll try to write up a review tomorrow and post some pics (wont b
  10. Hey ladies! Got back from ASP yesterday! Our wedding was April 8th. We had a great time overall but had quite a few things go wrong. I almost think if I write a review I might scare people haha. A couple quick things I wanted to share since I got so much help from here: Warning!! - I hired LaLuna for photography and was planning on just getting them guest passes like so many other brides have done. LaLuna also told me they had been to the resort with guest passes before with no problem. Well when I had my meeting with cristina and told her the names for the guest passes she says "they ar
  11. I have a 2nd job waitressing too. I got some nonslip sketchers shape up shoes I wear while I work so I like to think it is kind of a workout haha. On another note I did chest, shoulders and triceps today. Pretty much impossible for me to do all those push ups!
  12. Very cute! Nelson is going to be my new last name too!
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