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What have I learned from planning a destination wedding?

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#1 shellb

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    Posted 19 August 2008 - 07:47 PM

    What have I learned from planning a destination wedding?

    I was reading a thread (http://bestdestinati...om/forum/t27511) and thinking it sounded so familiar. Why don't we start a thread of all our lessons learned from planning our DW's? I guess I'll start...
    • The people you love the most, will be among those who hurt your feelings the most as you plan the "Big Day". It's those you least expect that will surprise you with their thoughtfulness and helpfulness.

    #2 1elephant

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      Posted 19 August 2008 - 08:20 PM

      ...who my real friends are.

      #3 jessyg20

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        Posted 19 August 2008 - 08:33 PM

        • I've learned that people are procrastinators. Everyone jumps on the band wagon at the last minute. Your list may be at 30 six months from your wedding date and it can jump to 104 in a matter of 2 weeks after your deadline and 2 months before the actual wedding date. Procrastinators suck!
        • Don't buy wedding favors too early. 3 months ago I found great candles at michaels, 30 of them, and now I need 104. And Guess what? Now they are discontinued.
        • Destination weddings are another excuse for a family reunion. No, not in a good way! Especially when you have family members you haven't seen in years calling up and inviting every other family memeber to come to your wedding. From 2 somewhat distant cousins to 28 who-they-hell-is-that-distant cousins!
        • Did I mention I learned procrastinators and Family reunions at your cost suck!!!!


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        #4 Banana11

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          Posted 19 August 2008 - 08:49 PM

          I have learned that people will book and cancel without telling you. Count on your guest list changing several times.

          #5 Jenn

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            Posted 19 August 2008 - 08:51 PM

            That you need to plan your wedding for you, not your guests. Your guests (aka family and friends) will inevitably hurt you through the process, but there is no greater test of a friendship than a DW.

            That I love my husband more than I ever thought possible :)

            #6 stacey


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              Posted 19 August 2008 - 08:53 PM

              * That every one will have an opinion, and the only one that really matters is yours and your FI
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              #7 jmill130

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                Posted 19 August 2008 - 09:03 PM

                We learned together we make a great team... we had such a good time planning our DW. We got so close since we did so much ourselves. We also learned that we have to do what makes us happy... I know our marriage will be so much stronger because of all the experiences we've shared through this process!

                Here are some tips for others:

                * Print out all the final confirmation e-mails, spreadsheets, and contracts you have from vendors & your resort. We got an accordion folder and made a section for each vendor. That made it easy to verify price and get any phone numbers needed to make last minute phone calls.

                * Have envelopes marked with your final payments and tips ready. This is helpful when you go to make those final payments. You’ll have the cash for tips & be ready to enjoy your big day! Take a range of money, we had a bunch of $100.00 bills and often we needed a $20.00. Mix it up, ones & fives are great for tipping.

                * Have a backup of your vows, menu, and music play list. We e-mailed our vows to the minister weeks before the ceremony, but he had computer issues and called us the day before our wedding and asked us to re-email them to him! Thankfully we had everything saved to a key.

                * Send out a reminder e-mail to guests a few days prior to your departure. Remind them about important things needed such as: passports, photo memory cards, phone chargers, and other things that are easily forgotten. We sent out links to the airlines so that guest could check airline requirements for carry-ons and their flight status. We also provided the contact phone number for our resort and our TA, so that they could leave these numbers with close friends and family incase of an emergency. Many of our guests commented that this was helpful. We sent a travel brochure a few weeks before in the mail, but the e-mail was a good last minute packing checklist!

                * If you get your nails done prior to leaving, get the white tips put on with the UV gel on top. My french manicure looked great for 13 days! Some of my friends got the acrylic french and it turned yellow in the sun!

                * Be sure to get a good picture of you both at the wedding. It will be 3 months until we see our real pictures! We wish we had just a few of just the 2 of us looking at the camera.

                #8 Kelly C

                Kelly C
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                  Posted 19 August 2008 - 09:04 PM

                  Do what make you and FI happy no one else matters.
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                  #9 Kat81

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                    Posted 19 August 2008 - 09:16 PM

                    I learned that my FI is the person I have been looking for. He is so supportive.
                    I learned that I can only count on myself and my FI.
                    I learned that I really need new girlfriends.
                    I learned that a little bit of money can make people behave like inconsiderate assholes.
                    I learned not to get a boob job, buy a house and get married all in six months HA HA HA it makes for a tight budget.

                    #10 beachbride08

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                      Posted 19 August 2008 - 09:39 PM

                      This is a good thread!

                      1. Don't be too nice by trying to accommodate everyone's needs when picking a resort. Pick a place that fits within your budget and that you will be happy being married at.

                      2. You will get rude comments said to you or about you behind your back by people who you would and would not expect to say anything negative. This would happen no matter where or when you get married though.

                      3. Sometimes blood is not always thicker. We have more friends than family coming our wedding.

                      4. You will learn doing things on your own can save you a lot of money and can actually be fun or really aggravating.

                      5. Destination weddings are still cheaper than having a wedding in Chicago, and the ability to get a tan in November.

                      6. People lie!

                      7. People will spend money on what they want and that won't always include your wedding no matter how many times they say they will.

                      8. People will not adhere to your deadlines.

                      9. Airline fees and gas prices really suck.

                      10. Make sure you get your invitations weighed and measured so you have the right amount of postage before ordering photo stamps.

                      11. No matter how much aggravation planning a destination wedding can be, I still think it is a lot easier and more fun than a wedding at home.

                      12. Do what makes you and your FI happy, and forget about everyone else.

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