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  1. Thank you! Yes you will definitely be happy you spend a little more on that, it is so worth it!
  2. Thank you so much! You definitely should, you won't be sorry!
  3. Just got married in May and have learned a lot through the process! - I definitely agree with those that said people you thought would be there won't --- hardly any of my extended family came to my wedding and it was really hard. BUT I can honestly say on the day of the wedding, I wasn't thinking of any of them - Don't expect things to go entirely smoothly the day of; they probably won't...but it's okay! - Friendships might be challenged and you may feel that you aren't being made to feel as special for your wedding because a lot of people can't come, so they act like they don't car
  4. Thanks so much! Our photographer was awesome, definitely worth the extra money to fly him down!
  5. Thank you so much! Yeah I loved having the long table, it worked well for having a small group
  6. Hey guys, here are some pictures from our wedding that our photographer posted on his site http://benchristensenphoto.com/category/weddings/
  7. Thanks for the kind words! I totally didn't see there was a whole review section, duh haha. Unfortunately I didn't end up talking to anyone in person about it but left them some lengthy comments when it was time to check out (they have you complete a survey before leaving). Haven't heard from anyone since, and don't expect to get any money back :/ It's unfortunate but what can ya do! It was still a great time
  8. That is so weird, I can't believe the same happened to you! Did you have Eleane or Fatima as your main coordinator? Looking forward to reading your review, and congratulations!
  9. So true, you plan and plan and plan and still it really is out of your hands when the big day arrives! I think everyone had fun though and didn't even notice what went 'wrong,' so in the end that's what's important!
  10. It is frustrating You're right, the planner should be there! Never heard about why Eleane wasn't there. But I really did have a beautiful time, so I won't look back on the negative! Hope things go smoothly for you!!
  11. Thanks Jenny! Unfortunately I never got a chance to talk to Eleane Oh well, we did have an amazing time despite it all. Congrats to you too! xo
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