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  1. Our wedding is still going to be the 18th of September. But after change after change, there will only be about 24 of us, at a new resort, and we are only going to host a casual drinks and appetizers reception at a local restaurant after. Amir's brother and his girlfriend are pregnant and due about a month before we leave for PV, so I know my inlaws will be giving us no help now. Given that we made these plans before all this and didnt invite people because we were having an at home thing, we will now be footing the majority of that bill oh well, life is what it is! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by futurekcarrera Hey Jenny! Are you on the regular email string with all the Dreams PV brides? If not, I can add you if you'd like... There is a lot of hearsay, but apparently Dreams has canceled some of the other brides' weddings (in April) and other brides are switching locations too. Their guests aren't able to get reservations after April 20 because of the new ownership and potential construction. This info is coming from various parties including travel agents, contacts at the Dreams, etc., but all seems to still be unclear and there is not definitive answer. If you are able to still set your deposit and you already have your rooms booked for September, then that's awesome and you may not be affected by this!!!! The new owner's website says that the "re-branding" should be done in Q4 of 2014, so maybe it will be just perfect for your wedding! I'm not on the email string for Dreams brides... so if you could add me, that would be great! jenny.mccallum@gmail.com Eleane wouldn't put my deposit through until she had confirmed pricing from the new owner, but she did keep my date reserved. My TA didn't seem worried, nor had he been contacted about changing the dates, so accordingly, everything will go forward for my guests and us for September 2014.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by futurekcarrera So the only information I have gotten out of the wedding coordinator is that they will no longer be a Dreams/AMResort as of April 20 2014. They aren't able to confirm bookings or give prices for anything thereafter, and they dont know who the new owner will be. I don't trust the situation and it make me uneasy not knowing who will own them, if they are keeping it open, what the prices will be, my guests not being able to book until may, etc. etc. etc....so I am changing resorts. Now headed to the Secrets PV/Now Amber. They actually are transferring my deposit for me too. If anyone worked with Fatima when she was at Dreams PV, she is the new coordinator at SecretsPV/Now Amber too. Very excited I just spoke with my travel agent and he said my party should be okay, as we booked air and rooms together. I am sending in my wedding deposit form tonight/ tomorrow and will hopefully secure that in now. I don't see why a new owner wouldn't honour the bookings- I am worried about a price difference, but we will see what happens!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Jennkn87 How much did it cost you to do them yourself? I am trying to decide what type of invites I want to do. I'm trying to decide if I want to spend the extra time doing them myself, or spending the extra money having them done by someone else. I'm wanting our picture on our STDs so I'm assuming it would be easier to have those printed somewhere else...EEekk soooo many decisions! It cost me just under $170 to make 30 invites. I could have made a few more if I had ordered just a little bit more paper, but I only needed 30
  5. Keep up the great work ladies!!!! Soooo, did my measurements today, and while I didn't lose as many inches as I had hoped for, I am still down quite a few since I started measuring myself! In total, since April, I have lost 29 inches overall And I am down 25 pounds! Have to, have to be so proud of myself for that! By Christmas, I want to be down the 30 pounds, at least, with more inches off the hips and thigh area Then, only 20 more to go before I can be happy with where I have gotten, and if I don't lose any more weight after that, it is okay! I would like to maybe lose another 10 after that, but if I don't, I know I can stand to look at myself in wedding pictures after all that! Just under 11 months left!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Tbasgall These are awesome. You are getting prepared early. Yeah... I ended up having to get things done pretty fast because our TA locked us in to travel at this year's rate. Kinda means though, I don't have anything to do until at least the new year haha. So it was a crazy wedding panic moment, and now it has been quite for awhile. All my friends are like, hey, what's going on with the wedding? You busy planning? and I'm like nope...... still so far away! haha! Quote: Originally Posted by Raquelita0715 For the return ticket did you include a seperate envelope or will the mail deliver the boarding pass to you just like a postcard. Sorry I am just nervouse I will not get the rsvp card back. Nope, no return envelope. When they rip it off and return it, it is standard postcard size and they just mail it right through So awesome to see them in our mailbox! Quote: Originally Posted by Spoiledtator These look awesome! Thanks for the detailed explanation and pic. This is super helpful! I'll be checking out Dreams Cancun next week (along with Gran Caribe Real & Beach Palace). Soon after I return I need to get working on details No problem at all! Just wanted to be as helpful as possible, as I owe absolutely all of my boarding pass inspiration and ideas to this forum! Quote: Originally Posted by scolen that a good idea for the ticket jacket! Thanks Stolen with love from another member! Quote: Originally Posted by nwilliams92702 You did such an amazing job thanks for sharing!!!! Thank you for your positive feedback! So appreciate it all!!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Tbasgall Dating for 8 years and living together for 6 years!! I kept joking that he had me on the 10 year plan. I was on the 10 year plan! hahaha got proposed to on our 10 year anniversary
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by lorcas I can't believe this is the last week before my half marathon. WHOA! That is crazy! Good for you!!! You can do it!!! Quote: Originally Posted by ironman How's everyone been doing?! Our wedding keeps getting closer and closer, I can't believe it! We're just over two months away from departure (Dec 11)! This weekend I did a 29km run in prep for the NYC marathon on Nov 3. We're also about to start week # 6 of the Insanity DVDs. They've definitely been helping a lot! I need to bring my dress in for alterations in the next week or two! Way to go girlie! Sounds like you are doing amazing! How long is the NYC Marathon? I am doing not so bad... not as well as I would like to be, but still, doing well! With the new puppy, time at the gym has gone from two-3 times a week to nada for the past few weeks. But, that's okay, because we are out walking for 20 minutes at a time, about 3 times a day at least. And it will only get longer as he gets older! We also are moving now November 1st into a townhouse from our apartment, so that will give is more space, and lots more new walking areas to explore I finally weighed myself after 3 weeks of not checking in. Totally thought I was going to be up because we have been eating decently, but when we don't, it's bad, bad, bad. However, I somehow managed to still be on the losing track and have officially lost 20 pounds since the spring! If I can stick it out for the next 5 days and work hard, I might actually reach my Thanksgiving goal of being down to 170 Currently at 173..... and then hopefully, can get to 150 by Christmas! I have found it is this 170 range that I struggle with.. once I get past it, I can drop weight much faster.... once did 170 to 150 in 9 weeks when we were going to the Dominican. So, essentially, I will be doing the same, with just a couple extra weeks! 150 is my celebrating weight though... if I can get there, a weight I have not been in over 4 years, I will allow myself to splurge and get a bunch of new clothes. Because after that, it is only another 20 pounds before I get to my goal weight (which I am aiming for by Easter). Then it is tone, tone, tone, tone until September Thinking I might try out the squat challenge again.... and actually finish it this time!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by ironman Awww what kind of puppy are you getting?! We want to get a dog so bad, but just can't right now. Post a photo!!!! We got a Boxer Quote: Originally Posted by DinaQtobe I went for my first fitting yesterday. I bought my dress at an off-the-rack sale, so it was at least two sizes too big to begin with. The seamstress seemed very confident, so I think they can take a dress in quite a bit! The lady quoted me 300$, that's taking it in, hem, and adding bra cups into the bust. I managed to squeeze in two runs this week, goal for next week is 3. I can do this! Tomorrow marks two months until we leave. I can hardly believe it! Wow!!!!! So close!!!!! Good for you, getting the runs in! Quote: Originally Posted by DANIELLE03 Dont worry, you aren't the only one that fell off the working out wagon. I have too. But now that baseball is done, and my social is done i have way more time. I joined shapes yesterday for this 8 week weightloss program. two workouts a week and they take before and after pictures and weigh you and stuff. I plan on going in to the gym more then the 2 times per week. My bacholrette party is in november sand thats when this 8 weeks end so hopefully I can look hot for the party Yeah, since getting the puppy, it has been even worse haha. I haven't done anything in over a week now, and we ate like complete crap all last week and even last night. So today, that ends. Only good food today, and maybe I will do some kind of work out at home today, since puppy can't walk very far and hates his leash still haha. You can do it! Make a difference in 8 weeks!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by mrlddst Summing this up...... I think that is all the info I can remember. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask. Oh yeah, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and AC Moore were my best friends when it came to buying supplies, especially with coupons!!! Don't have too much fun in Jamaica.....We didn't know it until around the AHR but we had brought back a stowaway from Jamaica. This was my main reason for taking sooooo long to get around to this journal....... Amazing, beautiful wedding!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!! How exciting for you and your husband to be starting a family together now! Keep us updated on how you are doing!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by elissae Here is our wedding day slideshow from Adventure Photos...resort photographer/videographer at the Riu Palace Riviera Maya: http://elissabill.riupalacerivieramaya.adventurephotos.com.mx SO BEAUTIFUL! You guys look like you had the most incredible time.... I just absolutely adore your nautical theme.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by MrsPeele2B Sadly I still haven't reached 150. I wish I had more time to post oh well... At least it's Friday Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free You are so close! 49 more posts to go! HAPPY FRIDAY!!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by msdeandrac You did an amazing job on your invitations! They look professional & have great details! Quote: Originally Posted by Bride2B26 looks great!! Quote: Originally Posted by Bride2B26 very nice! Thank you ladies!!!!!!
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