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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Coolcalcium Please help! - I'm struggling to know which place to choose for the reception. I will have about 35 guests and maybe 4 tables. My main concern is privacy. I'd love to be on the beach, but am worried how the dj and dance will be set up as I don't want to go for the dance floor. Any thoughts from previous tulum brides would be much appreciated! By night time, nobody is on the beach - dont' worry about this. The poolside I would say is the least private. I saw a poolside reception happening, and there was a movie showing just a little further down alongside the pool, and everyone wandering the resort can see you. The beach I think would be most private unless you went with a conference room.
  2. Helloooooooo!! Well the short version is I lost a little weight, not much but my seamstress fixed me up Been really busy with my family in town and getting ready for our AHR but I will post photos and a review soon. The wedding was wonderful, however VERY RAINY that day.. but what can you do? Talk to you soon!
  3. Hello ladies! I got back on Saturday from our wedding and am busy getting ready for our at home reception. I'll write a review very soon but feel free to email me any specific questions you might have, heathermshaw@gmail.com It rained like CRAZY on our wedding day, but it was still wonderful They treat you very very well at Dreams Tulum, you're in great hands.
  4. I decided to get married when I get back so our wedding day is November 14 in Mexico, we'll be legally married on November 23 here in Edmonton.
  5. Ladies! 10 days until I leave.. and thank god for you all - I thought I was crazy here... not sleeping, worrying about silly things. I did some tanning prior, I'm very fair anyway so I wanted to take some time to build a base. I might go once or twice again before I go but I burnt my face last time... so no more face tanning! Thank goodness the burn is gone already.
  6. Here are some reviews - http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/newsearch?search=Dreams+tulum&type=15
  7. Welcome to the thread we leave for dreams in 18 days! I just like saying that We invited about 50 people, knowing many of the wouldn't be able to make it bit we invited them anyway. We have 21 people going total. Chinese lanterns are not allowed as the resort is in a national park we wanted to do this too.
  8. LOL make that 22 days... clearly I cannot count! Even better! I keep looking at the resort website.... I can't wait
  9. Ladies... it's almost time!!!!!!!!!!! I leave in 23 days. OMG! The little details are coming together, tonight is my stagette.. the first "event" really. We're all getting married VERY soon!
  10. Has anyone arranged a shuttle or limo for a group of people in Edmonton? We are thinking it would be nice since all our guests in Edmonton live close together and on the south side! But I can't seem to find a radon able quote... Blue sky wants to charge over 300 each way! Another thing, if anyone is looking for a reasonably priced seamstress in town, I found this amazing lady on kijiji, I'd be happy to share her info, just IM ME amazing! And about a quarter of the price a tailor shop was going to charge for some major alterations.
  11. Good morning brides Sehausle - have an amazing wedding Can't wait to see your pictures and hear your review, I hope it all goes very smoothly and you have a great time! For those that are already married - did they let you do a "signature drink"? How long did it take for your makeup and hair to get done at the salon? I'm working on the "day of" schedule, I've alloted 2 hours, that should be good right? It's just me.
  12. Haha I'm glad I'm not the only one! I think I'm going to start taking something to help sleep! at least melatonin lol. So I have place cards, I'm good. Maybe ill sketch out my plan for the reception so I can visualize it better..
  13. Do you think confetti/sparklers/whatever are necessary for a beach wedding?? I can't decide. What about a cake knife? That seems a little unnecessary, one of those little details that just doesn't matter that much... I'm clearly mid-panic attack, 29 days until we leave lol... I didn't sleep more than a few hours.. been up since 3 thinking about what i still need to do. What's an escort card?? I'm googling wedding checklists and it keeps coming up. I seem to be reconsidering things I've dismissed before.. aisle decor, for example, I was happy with chairs with sashes and a nice canopy, maybe that would be plain? I don't know! AAH! Wedding is tooo close!
  14. When I think how close the wedding is... I start to panic lol. So much to do, so little time left.
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