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  1. Well i was working on these last night and was wondering if you had any suggestions for the letter "d". I too was using etsy as examples and am super impressed with how they manage to get the letters so nice. It's obviously practice makes perfect so I am going to stick with it, but was having trouble with the 'd' also will be looking for a T soon but we'll get there one day....luckily I found 5 yds of 12 gauge wire in red at michaels for under $2. It's not really the color I want but I am practicing with it for when I finally do it in silver. Thanks again for the tutorial.
  2. After reading this thread I think I am going to do a magnet for one of my sheets in my boarding pass invites. Not sure if you still come online here but was wondering if you used sticker labels for the magnets or if you used double sided tape to attach printed paper?? Thanks for posting the details about this and they looked great!
  3. those look amazing! Would love it if you could post the template that you used for the ticket holders. also Brads are little clips that you can put through a hole and they hold the papers together.If you google it they have some really cute ones!
  4. Well here it is Post 150!!! This site is amazing and I honestly don't know what I would do without it! I am so excited to finally be able to open some templates and get going on DIY stuff Thanks to all the wonderful brides who have posted their invaluable information here!! Happy Planning Ladies!
  5. I have been wondering about veils ever since we got engaged.....I think it will really come down to trying one on with the dress and seeing how it looks!
  6. Isn't that how it always goes? I imagine I will end up changing half of the stuff a dozen times before I settle on something that works for the biggest critic...me!
  7. wow I love all your ideas for your photo booth. And what a great find that frame was....Interested to hear how you get it there...and if you'll leave it there or ship it back.
  8. Well I was out today and I saw some at a local crafty type store. They had them with the handles wrapped in ribbon. I will try and get a pic to post. Unfortunately this store is local I believe so probably wouldn't help you much!
  9. So glad I found this thread....I am going to try on dresses for the first time on Saturday and was a bit nervous about what to wear. The lady at the bridal shop said that a lot of dresses have built in bras but you can bring a strapless too. I hope the one I really like has a built in bra because it has a keyhole back and I can think of where the strap would go.
  10. Saw this and thought immediately she must be from Vancouver!! we are in Victoria but FI is a Pittsburgh Penguins fan so I am thinking about getting a Pittsburgh one...as well as some cuff links for FI that have his team on them.
  11. That is so true it is what you and them think not anyone else....also if someone was to bring you down by mentioning that on your big day..well you should probably throw them in the ocean or something!!
  12. I just checked these out and they look great! i think I am going to get some for my BM's and I.
  13. I agree that it looks less princess and more goddess! But again of course what makes you happy is the right choice. I think the first dress makes your waist look absolutely tiny...which is never a bad thing right!
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