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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by engaged24 OMG!!! CONGRATS! BEAUTIFUL! AMAZING! THANK YOU FOR SHARING. I WILL KEEP YOU POSTED ON MY PLANNING WITH MY WEDDING AT SUNSET. 8 MONTHS UNITL THE "I DO".!!!! Let me know if you need anything...
  2. Summing this up...... I think that is all the info I can remember. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask. Oh yeah, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and AC Moore were my best friends when it came to buying supplies, especially with coupons!!! Don't have too much fun in Jamaica.....We didn't know it until around the AHR but we had brought back a stowaway from Jamaica. This was my main reason for taking sooooo long to get around to this journal.......
  3. At Home Reception We knew that we wanted to do an at home reception once we arrived back from our honeymoon. We had a lot of people who wanted to attend but could not. We chose to have our reception on 09.08.12 at a hotel ballroom that was an affordable price. The date also gave us time to get out photos back from out photographer. Now my mistake was not asking him to take photos at the AHR as well. We did not end up with any professional photos from that night!! Anyway for planning sakes.....I wanted the reception to be Caribbean themed, island music and island food. I asked the
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Deltabelle8 You did an amazing job. Everything looked wonderful. I am getting married at Sunset in January, 2014. After seeing some of your pictures and reading your comments I am glad I choose Sunset, a number of our guests are bringing their children so it is turning out to be a family vacation for most. I do have a few questions if you don't mind. I am doing the shot glass favor and Appleton favor as well; I was looking for a vendor to buy a case of Appleton can you share your vendor. Second, for the reception they indicated only standard white linens were
  5. Then vendor contact was Annalisa Gordon with Wray and Nephew. I think they are the wholesale distributor for the island. Her email address is Annalisa.Gordon@wrayandnephew.com.
  6. How did you create the passport? I used a template. I used stockcard paper for the cover and regular white paper for the inside. I will see if I can upload it tonight for some reason, I'm missing my editor buttons at work. the survival kit..did they come like that set up or did you do it? I went to the dollar store and brought lunch bags and freezer bags instead of buying the ziploc brand. I made the top using stockcard again and folding it over the top of the bag to cover the zipper. I then stapled them shut. Is the template from a particular site? I will upload that tonight as well.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Renewedbride You looked gorgeous!! Thanks!! Your gowns were gorgeous! I love the bling.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by heather1214 We wore the same dress!! Good thing you changed out of it, I sweat my buns off at the reception!! Congratulations you looked beautiful!!! I love the red dress!!
  9. The Honeymoon........ We were married on Saturday, that following Monday, we transferred over to Secrets Wild Orchid for our honeymoon. It was literally down the street. This honeymoon was a last minute change to our plans. I booked this place on a whim with the money we saved. My husband was upset at first but now he keeps asking when will we go back.
  10. On with the gifts..... I brought everyone in my party a gift.... For my mom, his mom, stepmom, his dad, my godmother, my husband I brought personalized handkerchiefs from etsy. The vendor was EmbroiderybyMelissa. I forgot to take a picture when they came. Here is a sample pic though. I brought my mom, his mom and stepmom Michael Kors clutch bags. I brought his father and best men a personalized money clip and key clip from Ebay. My husband's bestfriend was our photographer and I brought him a personalized flask from Ebay.
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