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  1. Quote:Originally Posted by misschia A lot of brides on here has ordered from babyonline, me being one! I was very pleased with my dress. But I know that there are some who has had success with babyonline and some brides who didn't. I wore the dress for my actual wedding! Cool, thanks girls! I think Im gonna take the jump and order online! If the dress turns out lovely I'v made a huge saving. If not, I'll pick something in a shop at home!
  2. Would your dress from babyonline be good enough to wear for the actual wedding or just for TTD? Did you order a dress from their website or did you give them a picture to replicate?
  3. Hiya girls, Has anyone bought a dress from any of the suppliers on DH Gate? Im currently looking at ordering from Babyonline. Looking at the stats they've had a lot of transactions and the rating is good too (like over 99% of happy customers) Just a bit cautious. You here about all these bad stories of people ordering dresses from China and sometimes the workmanship and/or the materials arent the best. Have found this FABULOUS dress from an Australian designer, and unfortunately there is no way I can afford the original (2500-5000 USD) Or have any of you bought from somewhere else in China, got the dress and are happy with the result?
  4. Now when I can see templates I havent found anything that I like! Have an idea what type of invites I want and havent seen any templates that match that. Think I might just go ahead and order from zazzle, dont really need that many! As for all the other stuff, there are some cool things, such a bunch of creative ladies here!, but again, dont think I have the time to be crafty
  5. Graphic Designer! Wow, then you can design your own fabulous invites!! Not so much of a rush to 150 to the other ladies templates?!
  6. You'll get there soon enough!! Just reply to the last days posts here and you'll be a good bit on your way! I still havent had a proper look at all the templates. Cant open them on my laptop so have to try it on the PC which has a few more programs installed. Thing is the computer is so slow and usually only have a few minutes at a time when I go online. The Boarding pass invites that I was thinking of look like they are very time consuming. Dont know if I have either the time or paticence to do them!
  7. Oh, you are nearly there.... You def WILL hit 150 today!!
  8. Ah, no! Could you not upgrade to another package or would that cost too much?
  9. Haha, funny! Its true though, every girl looks amazing as a bride!
  10. Cant really picture orange & raspberry, but say you'd get away with it! Orange & Cerise/fuschia goes really well together so guessing raspberry should work with orange as well.
  11. Nah, not really! I sort of hijacked this forum... Not having a DW, we were thinking of it but then decided against it. We are having a civil ceremony (in secret!), then heading straight on our honeymoon and will have sent our invites to our AHR en route to airport! I think I go for the romantic though, simple & elegant romantic! Hows your planning going?
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