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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by AlyssaD21 Hello Brides and Future Brides! Flower question: Has anyone used an outside vendor for flowers?? If so how did that work? I saw a post one time from a bride who got her bridal party flowers from an outside vendor and her parents picked them up? It was like half the cose I believe?? The hotel vendor is obviously going to be more expensive so I am looking for options! How would I use an outside vendor for the reception flowers? Do I pay the fee for them to come on the grounds or will the coordinator set them up? Any and all info regarding flowers would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks, Alyssa You will have to find the vendor youself and make arrangements for pickup or drop off. I don't think their wedding coordinator will help set anything up since they have a contract with a florist.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by jackshayne0123 Hello Canadian Brides! I'm happy I found this forum! I'm getting married at the Blau Varadero in Cuba in January, can't wait! Looking forward to hearing about everyones experiences. Just wondering - is anyone bringing favors/decor/centre pieces for the tables at the dinner reception? Or not worrying about it? Jackie Every resort offers different wedding packages. I chose to bring my favours, all decor minus the flowers, cloth napkins, chair sashes and candles.
  3. I know it's hard to see in this photo but my something blue & something old was a piece cut from my grandmother's dress and I had it sewn in the shape of a heart on the back of my dress. Something new was my dress and something borrowed was the pearl necklace I barrowed from my cousin.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by TuffLuv Did you use one of those zip n seal like bags, the ones you suck all the air out? Or did you just out it up there in its garment bag? I'm trying to decide which method I'm going to use since my airline said there is no closet to store it in. I used travel garment bags, they are bit thicker than a regular garment bag and have a loop at the bottom so you can hang the bottom over the hanger.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by DinaQtobe I am more concerned with other passengers being "annoyed" with us that we have this long garment bag. I am not overly worried about the dress, just more about others giving us a hard time. It's just the two of us on both flights. Also probably something stupid to get stressed about. Everyone on our fly was more than accomodating, everyone is on vacation! lol. Everyone will just need to suck it up and give you space on your flight to Calgary- your dress worth thousands of dollars is more important than their bag of clothes.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by DinaQtobe Hi Everyone, I am curious if any brides have flown with WestJet. I am starting to get anxious about flying with my dress and my FI's suit... I should probably just call WJ and find out directly, but I am curious if any brides here have past experiences (good or bad!) I know there is not a closet to hang our garment bags, we will have to put them in the overhead bin. Can other brides share their experiences with this? Were most other passengers ok with moving overhead bags for the dress? I am worried because we are not flying with any family or friends, it will just be the two of us. Also, we are not flying direct. We fly Toronto to Ottawa, and then Ottawa to Cancun. It's really the Toronto to Ottawa flight that I am concerned about... Would anyone recommend putting both the dress and suit into the same garment bag? To maximize our other carry on luggage? Anyway, I am probably getting nervous for nothing. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. Less than two months away for me now! Ladies, this is not something to stress about. I flew with both of my dresses- yes two wedding dresses in the overhead bin, they were completely fine when we arrived in Cabo. Depending on the material of your dress/suit you can have it steamed once you arrive at the resort or leave it in the bathroom to steam. After your wedding is said and done you'll wonder why you stressed about everything. Take a deep breath- it will all be okay.
  7. I put my dresses in the overhead bin, yes I said dresses. I had two dresses which were perfectly fine by the time I arrived in Cabo. The closests are usually filled with the flight crew's bags or other equipment.
  8. 3 months is plenty of time to see changes as long as you stick with the program and eat relatively healthy. I lost 10-12 lbs within 3 months, Insanity will produce results- just stick with it!
  9. Unfortunately there is no way around not paying for food. You can opt to not have an open bar and chose to have the buffet meal which is cheaper than the plated options. At the end of the day the open bar option is only $10 per person. I was willing to pay this for my guests so they would not have to walk a mile to get a drink. Depending on the location you chose, there are not many bars around and you may be limited for options. You can also chose to make your own centerpieces or use the bridemaids bouquets as centerpieces.
  10. Yes the Riu Palace is an all inclusive however, they consider a wedding a "exclusive" event. Therefore if you would like a private reception you will have to pay a site fee, pay per person plated or buffet menu, open bar per person and dj & lighting.
  11. Hey! I was just married in Cabo at the Riu Palace in May! It was amazing and you have picked an aweomse destination! I would first start making a list of your priorities for you wedding, location for ceremony and reception (private vs. semi-private), etc. Then look into resorts, and consider what your budget and guest budget is. I wanted to keep it below $1900 for a week. I compared resorts, some offer transportation to and from the airport, some do not offer room serivce everyday and I wanted the resort to be big but not too big that you required a golf cart to get around. I then narrowed the search by comparing their wedding packages. Here are some of our photos http://www.cassiescamera.com/2013/06/09/dayna-ray-just-married-calgary-destination-wedding-photographer/ and our wedding video:http://vimeo.com/69731511 Happy Planning!!
  12. Here is a blogpost from my photographer. http://www.cassiescamera.com/2013/06/09/dayna-ray-just-married-calgary-destination-wedding-photographer/ Also, our wedding video by Angel Zapien.
  13. The semi private dinner/reception will be in one of the restaurants, I think they section off an area so you are away from the other resort guests. The site fee of $600 is for a private reception- with this you have to pay for either the buffet per person or the plated menu per person.
  14. No they did not mind. She technically was a guest as she attended the ceremony and had a seat at the reception. She could have been a friend with a DSLR camera taking photos for all they knew. They made a lot more money off of her 5 day stay at the resort and the cost of my wedding than the $300 vendor fee.
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