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  1. My godfather hired an amateur photographer to shoot our AHR. He agreed to make our albums and combine our DR wedding pics with his taken at our hometown AHR. In short- he was a nightmare beyond nightmares. We still do not have our albums even though we got married in July. This is good to know. I'll make the damn thing myself.
  2. Oh wow! This resort is gorgeous just saw some pictures. Even the one in DR is pretty amazing. Looks similar in style and class to The Paradisus Palma Real which is the resort we selected for our wedding. I didn't even know about The Royalton but it looks great!
  3. I miss planning my wedding : (

  4. These are gorgeous! AHHHH your wedding is so soon! I will actually be in DR for my moms 50th in Puerto Plata on the 11th haha. Good luck with your peacock wedding. All my favorite colors. Can't wait to see pics.
  5. Hey Ladies, So I am a big Beachbody Workout fan (the company that produces T25, P90x, Insanity etc). I did Insanity to lose weight prior to my engagement and after doing the program twice through (120 days, full program is 60 days)- I lost 50 pounds. Then I decided to do Asylum and lost an additional 10 (Asylum is only 30 days because it is freaking hard as hell). I recently bought T25 and am on day three of Alpha. A week before that, I started weight training. My husband is studying to become a personal trainer/ dietician and I decided to be his guinea pig haha. We wake up at 4 am and
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by meganjune Hey all, We got married just over a month ago at Now and it was absolutely amazing. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions, I've put the link to our photographers blog with her first round of our pictures. Congratulations and best of luck to all of you! http://www.kellyginnphotography.com/megancody-a-punta-cana-dominican-republic-wedding/ Megan- So much to love about your wedding. You guys are a handsome couple. I love: 1) Your pop of something blue hydrangea bouquet and your bridesmaids calla lillies- my two favorite flo
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Krisod Hey Girls, i've been trying to jump on the forum but i guess my last post never got put up. i am new to the planning process. i just put my deposit down for our wedding in august 2014 paradisus palma real. i have a few questions and im sure i will have a ton more as the planning process begins. does anyone know where they move your wedding to if it rains? we are having the beach ceremony and was planning the terrace for our reception. i dont know if this is going to be really cheesy and cheap looking. we hare having lots of guest come from all over and
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by IslandGirl808 Yup, still hanging around Your wedding is less than 5 months away, my wedding is 6 months away... time is counting down!! Hope all is going well. Things are going smoothly for me so far.. only thing is that this vendor fee we're going to end up paying for outside photographers/videographers is so annoying. Sucks that these resorts try to force you to use their vendors by implementing astronomical vendor fees - especially for photos/videos, which are so important. Anywhow, right now we are deciding on the fire show and looking into other entert
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by flo628 Here's mine HOLY ICESKATING RINK!!!!!!!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by DannysAp Congratulations!!!! We did go with the symbolic but tried to make it as unique as possible. (We had a civil ceremony several weeks before, but told absolutely no one. When family and friends asked when or if we were already married, we told them that we weren't telling so that the focus would stay on our PPR wedding.) We used our own script for the symbolic ceremony including the minister's part. (After all, since it's symbolic- you can say whatever you want.) And if you have a family member or friend that you would like to perform the ceremony, it
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by mckievme Yes! FI and I are in the early stages of planning a DW. We have only mentioned it to a few people actually - immediate family and a few close friends. I'm a quality, not quantity type of girl. I think its more important to spend a few days of quality time with close friends and family members that we don't get to see as often as we would like, than to spend 1 day with over 100 people where there will be many people we barely know. FI and I are paying for the wedding ourselves and it just made more sense to spend the money going snorkeling, sipp
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by amarie4713 Yay! I love purple, and I do want more of a formal feel even though were doing it at the beach. A destination wedding was not my first choice, but that is all my groom has ever wanted, so it's little bit of compromise on my end and I still want it to look and feel like a fancy wedding. And since we're having a smaller wedding, only about 20 people, we're not having bridal party because everyone who would be bridal party are the only people invited! So I can spend a lot more of our budget on decor and details and really make it what i would want,
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by J0hanna I just wanted to share mine. I am going with the Nautical theme. Here is a link of another wedding that had the navy/royal blue and yellow and lime green on the flowers. these are the exact colors I want Hope you like! Love this! I wanted navy blue for my girls but they thought it was too dark. I gave them a lot of say lol but I think this is super cute and not common so it will be a little unique
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by amarie4713 I originally wanted pink and orange and possibly a corally color to make it more ombre themed. But the more I think about it, its tropical and everything is going to be so bright and, well, tropical, I have been considering a more, serious color. LIke a deep purple, with possibly my orange, and a little gold? What do you guys think? I like the purple idea better. I think DW brides tend to think they need to go with tropical colors because they are in the caribbean and I disagree. I like the contrast of a darker color with the brightness you
  15. Haha I noticed you bought the frames in Paramount for your table numbers. So clever. I live right by a paramount and it never occurred to me to use anything in there for the wedding! I love how you spray painted them! They came out gorgeous. Table numbers were something I overlooked and quite frankly forgot about haha. I wish you had this thread way before I got married and did a peacock theme. I could have used some guidance! My wedding was after yours. I love your mothers dress btw! So perfect for a peacock theme.
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