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  1. Oh my your wedding was gorgeous! I love your reception on the terrace! Love it! Brings back so many memories of that amazing place! Congratulations!!
  2. That does sound strange, but maybe because a judge has to come, they don't know what that person will say. I think you need to pester them and find out. I had a symbolic wedding, and the minister sent me a lot of info, so I had idea what was going to be said.
  3. Depending what time you get married I would say, if it's later in the day I think there is less chance of someone walking past your ceremony on the beach. Our ceremony was at 5pm, and nobody came by. I also think people are more respectful of your privacy once they see that it's a wedding. You might have watchers from a far though, specially building 9.
  4. We got stopped at the customs on the way there. They look at our favors, which were boxed in plastic boxes individually. They looked at it, and almost opened it but then decided not to. Our favors were bottle stoppers, with pointy edge which I didn't know how pointy it was until we opened them later. We told them it was for our wedding and they were welcome to open one, since I brought extra, but they trusted us.
  5. It was also slim enough to travel with it in carry on. We had it wrapped in a tshirt and my husband carried it in his backpack.
  6. Lynn, How many guests are you going to have? I think that Bose SoundDock could very well work in that area. What we got is this: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Bose%26%23174%3B+-+SoundDock%26%23174%3B+Portable+Digital+Music+System+for+Apple%26%23174%3B+iPod%26%23174%3B+-+Black/8509438.p;jsessionid=DE98F08E023D2FB1265792154136C89D.bbolsp-app02-15?id=1186005749503&skuId=8509438&st=bose sounddock&cp=1&lp=3 And the volume can be set to really loud, and still great quality. Try it out at Best Buy, that's where we got ours from. We didn't have it set to the max at Spice, and
  7. That's really touching! Unfortunately he was not available on our wedding day, but we did go ahead with his best associates, Tony and Daniel. It was the best decision we made! They were all amazing to work with! Can't wait to narrow down our album pictures and get them in the mail!
  8. Lynn, We did not hire a dj, but instead brought our own BOSE system with a remote control, and it was perfect for Spice Terrace. Sorry I don't know about the sound system EPM has, but nice of your friend to dj for you.
  9. Thank you Chelsea!!! That's very sweet of you. You described it perfectly. =)
  10. Aww thank you MsBlissMpls! I wasn't planning on adding the sleeves, but run into some issues at alterations. I wasn't thrilled but, now looking back I loved the way it turned out.
  11. No it didn't ruin my dress. I did fall back onto a rock, so I have two small stains from hitting the rock but I'm sure it will come out during dry cleaning. The salt water actually cleaned the bottom of my dress, I doubt anyone would know I've gone into water with it. I did leave it running under a shower, and got sand off the dress. And then I air dried it for 3-4 days after. It almost looks brand new!
  12. Agreed! I wore mine one more time when we did TTD session. Loved it!
  13. Thank you KlazNov17! I'm not sure why Ceco is already taken. What time is your wedding? It could be that there is another wedding there that day. On my day, which was a Thursday, there was a bride getting married at 3pm, which I didn't find out until I saw her at the Spa. My wedding was at 5pm, so I am glad that I was able to reserve Spice Terrace. Seriously, you will have a great time at the terrace. The area is somewhat private. Check it out when you get there. How big is your wedding?
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