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  1. Stacey's TTC Journey- U/S update!!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Erika J Either way you dont need to buy it from them, so I dont really see the point of a negative whiney thread to complain about it. Simply ignore and move on to threads that have more interest to you. I agree with this.
  3. I have a code for a buy one get one flight on Virgin America. You must book by TODAY and use it by November 17th. And I know that they dont fly a lot of places. Im not going to use it so I dont want it to go to waste. If you want to use it, please Pm me and I will send you the code. Â thanks
  4. Congrats Ayita, I am sending lots of sticky dust your way.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by KittenHeart Thank you both! Ugh, it's just so freaking rude... he said he heard from someone who had read the books. He is probably totally confused, I was too mad to check his source. Stacey, you're friends with Yael right? I just met her on Sunday and she mentioned you Yep, Yael and I are good friends. She was just talking about how nice you are. I would deffinatly read the books, I think they are way better than the TV series. They are super addicitng. There are 10 books and I think she is writing # 11 right now.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by KittenHeart Can I freaking RANT for a second?! I'm literally on Amazon about to buy the books, I asked my husband if he'd read them with me to which he says "probably not". He read the Twilight series faster than anyone I've ever heard of and I say, "ok fine, I heard the book series was really good" to which he says... "Yeah but ______ dies, so..." !!!!!!!!!! Did he just ruin the whole effing series for me or what?! I'm so mad about this, he's sleeping on the effing couch tonight. Ok Ive been lurking on this thread today. Ive read all 10 books, dont worry about your Dh, he is wrong. No one important dies in the books........ yet
  7. Ok I will come check out the thread later. Thanks!
  8. Yes Im on FF. But I dont know how to find people. My name is STACEY1517
  9. Ok ladies I am going to bump this thread. We are now on our 4th cycle of TTC. I am now 5 DPO and just waiting to test. Currently I am charitng, using pre-seed and just introduced soft cups. (maybe soft cups with be the winner!!) Anyways I just wanted to see if there were any other TTC'ers out there right now. ive been on TTC forums and they kinda...ummmmm SUCK. I miss the BDW girls.
  10. It looks like I have missed out on some posts. Congrats on the twin boys Kayte, that is so exciting, and JMB congrats on your girl. I keep trying to join you girls in the mommys to be thread, but it hasnt happend yet. We will just keep trying
  11. Mrs Martin, there is a tea called Get Rugular. Its made by Yogi teas, you can find it at Whole Foods. I bet that would help you. I would think that you could drink it since it is a natural tea. there is also another tea called Smooth Move that you might be able to find at the grocery store. I hope that helps!
  12. So what exactly do you want her to do with her daughter? Leave her at home with a baby sister? or take her and leave her with some child care service there? Whom she doesnt know, and I wouldnt trust. And you dont want her as a flower girl becuase you dont want your dress stained? I hate to break the news to you, but your dress will be stained the minuted you step outside from the dirt on the ground. I think that you are being a little selfish. And while I understand that this is your wedding, and you may have the right to. You are also excluding your soon to be family. If I was your FSIL and you told me not to bring my kid, I would tell you to count me out of your whole wedding. Before the wedding starts I would simply ask whomever is in charge of the kid, that if she starts to scream or cry ask him to walk away until she is done.
  13. Something seems fishy here. First off this person did not follow forum rules and post as a newbie. second they did not state their wedding date. Third I dont even think that this was the actual bride.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by mrs.timpone question for all my fellow Dreams brides...... for those who have already been married at Dreams Cancun, did you wear a veil? Im still debating if i want to wear one because I dont want it blowing all over the place but it seems like its really windy there! Im gettin married on the beach and if i do go with a veil its gonna be a cathderal veil. Although Im ok with the idea of just wearing flowers in my hair, but at the same time I really feel like a bride with the veil?! so confused! Did you ladies wear veils? Do you recommend I wear a veil? Quote: Originally Posted by meldal101010 I'm not wearing a veil, but in past posts there have been girls who have worn them and have said it is VERY windy & the veil was flying around alot. Maybe wear the flowers for the ceremony & put the veil on for photos?? I also have a question. We are using the resort photog for our pictures of the wedding day and it is included in the package we are getting. I'm wondering if it is just his & the videographers time that is included in the package or do you get pictures & the video as well....or is it extra to purchase the pics & vid?? Thanks!! I wore a veil, but it was very very windy. It kept flying over my head, so before I walked down the isle we tried to pin it to my dress. But once I got to the gazebo it was so windy it came undone. About half way through the ceremony my maid of honor ended up tucking the veil into the back of my dress. It was actually pretty funny. We also used the resort photog, and our photos and video came with the package. The video guy deliverd our video to us the next morning, and the photog delieverd our photos a few days later to our honey moon resort. I forget how maby photos we got, but it was a pretty big album, and he also gave us like 8 big photos. Hope that helps
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by carolina24 question ladies: for all of you who had the 30 min video included with the package....does it have actual parts of the ceremony on it? i mean do you hear the vows and such? all of the clips i've seen are with music and they show the bride getting ready and taking pics with guests afterwards. they look awesome, i just want it to cut the music during the vows, ring ceremony, and when they pronounce us b/c we want to show it to the people who cant be there. is this something they can do? Yes the video is of the whole ceremony, which you can here. It is pretty windy, but you can still hear everything just fine.
  16. OMG Andrea, I can totally see you sticking your tongue in a wine glass. Its going to be hard for me to give up wine, it is seriously a part of my life. Kayte, your chest must be huge. I do not envy you at all. I am sooooo not looking forward to have big boobs, thats just one more thing to spill food on lol. Yael, you crack me up, looking forward to big boobs. it must be a thing for J
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by jmb0902 I know! I can't wait to start seeing some bumps! I just have what looks like a college girl beer gut at the end of the day We're leaving Monday for our "honeymoon" because our wedding afterward was spent with our families - of course we're going to Italy the country of WINE! Haha, but hey, the food is just as good so I'll be having plenty of that! So I'll be MIA for a few weeks - good luck to those of you TTC and I'll see the rest of you mommies when I get back Thats sounds so fun. To bad you cant partake in the wine. But you could smell taste and spit. You wont ingest it. But at least you can eat lots of yummy food. Quote: Originally Posted by Sloan No bump here yet, just feeling fat. Extra fat. Clothes still fit though. Although I've been wearing mostly Lululemon pants and I wear scrubs to work. Kinda hard to know when you're getting chubby. Boobs have grown to massive proportions. Not that they needed to be any bigger... ugh. DH thinks it's wonderful. They hurt like crazy. He's on a look only, no touch policy. hmmmm so do boobs usually swell up late that so early? I dont think I will be looking forward to that. Gald you are doing well, minus the feeling fat part
  18. How are all the new mommies to be doing? Sloan do you have a baby bump yet with those twins you are carrying?
  19. Congrats Margie, he is amazing. I cant believe the muscle thing, you must have been in so much pain.
  20. How tall are you. I have a size 6 dress petite. I am 5'5 and did not alter it at all
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