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  1. Apologies ladies, it's been quite some time since I was on BDW. It is just a plain kit from Michael's that one of my gf's and I spiced up. Images were from a map we found online and modified using photoshop. Looked but I can't find them or I'd post them. The sand dollar was a stamp I bought to stamp the invite, then added embossing powder and heated with a glue gun to raise it.
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    Happy planning! The search feature on this site is a huge help to finding things. The folks on here are full of terrific ideas and suggestions. Best of luck!
  3. We did ours on a high end color business printer that was able to handle heavier paper weights. If your printer has a manual feed, try that. If not, my suggestion is to try a copy center because your card stock may be too thick for a regular home printer. Hope this helps. Shellb
  4. Shankd, If you are on facebook, there are some Melia Caribe Tropical brides that have used him that you could possibly reach out to for a reference. There are also some of his pics posted there as well. Login | Facebook Shellb
  5. I had a trial done here in Canada for a party at my husbands work a few weeks before the wedding that I took photo's of from all angles and brought with me. The lady that did my hair that day for the party did a marvelous job. I took those photos with me hoping like yourself to assist with the language barrier and to show exactly how I wanted my hair done. My MOH's hair done at the spa turned out perfect for the wedding (showed photos from Project Wedding) and it stayed in for day's (we did a test on hers because mine fell out so quickly). I just want future brides that strive to have the perfect look for their day to get what they want. I think a trial will help the stylists practice on your hair so that when it's the day of all the kinks have been worked out. Maybe my hair is difficult (was long, wavy and is thick), who knows, the trial run was just one thing I wish I had spent the extra on. Shellb
  6. Ladies, If you can do a hair trial before, if you are getting your hair done at the spa so you can work out the kinks. I didn't and ended up not liking my hair (what I ended up with I could have done myself). I had to have the lady fix because it was lop sided at first. It also fell out (upper back part) early in the evening, probably because she had to pull and reinsert bobby pins to get it to sit right. I am not a fussy person and thought I could do without the trial (had photos of my hair in the updo I wanted), yet this is my one regret. Shellb
  7. Found it where I posted it on Debbie's. These were 2008 prices so they may have changed for 2009. Decided to copy it out for those that do not have enough points to see the attachement. SPA - Meliá Caribe Tropical Lista de Precios/Price list Personalized combined caribe & Tropical masaje / Masaje combinado Caribe & Tropical (80 min) USD$160.00 Face Collection/Colección Facial Basic Facial / Facial Básico (25 min) USD$70.00 Men´s Energy Facial / Facial Energizante para caballeros (50 min) USD$110.00 Herbs Aromatic Facial / Facial de Hierbas aromáticas (Serenities,comfort,equilibrant vitality) (50 min) USD$140.00 Lift some signature facial / Facial lift some (80 min) USD$160.00 Body Glow & Exfoliations / Exfoliaciones Papaya body polish / Piling de papaya (25 min) USD$70.00 Regenerates glow / Piling regenerativo (25 min) USD$70.00 Aromatic scrub / Piling aromático (25 min) USD$55.00 (Antioxidant, energizing, sensuality) Body Collection & Wraps / Cuerpo & Corporales Detoxifying aromatic mud wrap / Envoltura con fango (80 min) USD$130.00 Firming red mud wrap / Envoltura con fango reafirmante rojo (50 min) USD$110.00 Moisturizing banana and Money mask / Tratamiento humectante con banana miel (50 min) USD$110.00 Alter sun aloe vera mask / Mascarilla de aloe vera para después del bronceado (50 min) USD$110.00 Aromaterapeutic Caribbean & Tropical Bio masaje / Masaje caribe & Tropical (25 min) USD$70.00 Caribbean & Tropical Bio masaje / Masaje caribe & Tropical (50 min) USD$120.00 Caribbean Deep Force masaje / Masaje caribeño profundo (50 min) USD$135.00 Tropical Stone Biomassage / Masaje Tropical de piedras calientes (75 min) USD$150.00 Ocean Detoxify Masaje / Masaje Linfático océano (50 min) USD$130.00 Personalized Shiatsu masaje / Shiatsu personalizado (50 min) USD$130.00 Personalized foot & hand ritual / Reflexologia & Ritual de agua (50 min) USD$110.00 Hands & Feet Collection Romantic Manicure / Manicura con Aromaterapia (25 min) USD$35.00 Aromatic Pedicure / Pedicura con Aromaterapia (45 min) USD$50.00 Solar Manicure / Manicura Solar (35 min) USD$45.00 Solar Pedicure / Pedicura Solar (45 min) USD$65.00 Spa Manicure / Manicura Spa (50 min) US1D$45.00 Spa Pedicure / Pedicura Spa (50 min) USD$65.00 Spa Manicure & Pedicure Combo / Combo de Manicura & Pedicura Spa (80 min) USD$100.00 Change of Polish Hand or Toes / Aplicación de esmalte en manos y pies USD$20.00 Salón & Beauty Under Arm Wax / Depilación con cera de axilas USD$20.00 Lip Wax / Depilación con cera de labio superior USD$20.00 Bikini Wax / Depilación con cera área de Bikini USD$35.00 Eyebrow Wax / Depilación con cera área de Cejas USD$20.00 Back Wax / Depilación con cera de espalda USD$70.00 Half Leg Wax / Depilación de media pierna USD$40.00 Full Leg Wax / Depilación con cera pierna completa USD$70.00 Shampoo & Cut Male / Corte y lavado para caballeros USD$25.00 Shampoo & Cut Female / Corte y lavado para damas USD$65.00 Shampoo & Dry Male / Lavado y secado para caballeros USD$25.00 Shampoo & Dry Female / Lavado y secado para damas USD$40.00 Highlight / Mechas en todo el pelo USD$100.00 Partial Highlight / Mechas en la mitad del pelo USD$65.00 Hair color single / Aplicación de color USD$40.00 Add Color / Retoques de color USD$25.00 Bridal Preview / Prueba de Peinado USD$45.00 Bridal Style( Hair & Makeup) / Peinado y Maquillaje para bodas USD$100.00 Ladies up-do Hair / Peinado para damas USD$45.00 Hair braiding full head / Trenzas en todo la cabeza USD$85.00 Hair braiding half head / Trenzas en la mitad de la cabeza USD$40.00 Single hair braiding / Unidad de Trenzas USD$8.00 Scalp Treatment USD$30.00
  8. Erinleigh, Attached is the 2008/2009 price list another bride had sent me back in the spring. It should help you out. Michelle Spa_menu_Melia.pdf
  9. Pastor York only does symbolic ceremonies. To make it legal you would need to either be married: 1) by the judge / priest in Punta Cana or 2) here in Canada first to have a symbolic ceremony. If you choose to go the symbolic route you need to let your wedding coordinator know because they handled the judge arrangements (or at least ours did at the Melia). When we booked Pastor York for 2009 he was charging $300 US. He is with the Eastern Dominican Christian Mission. We emailed him.
  10. I was married at the Melia in April 2009. My very long review will hopefully give you some info on the Melia: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t42288. Some of the key reasons we chose Melia were the garden gazebo, grounds, and a price that was within our guests budgets. Melia has mature, beautiful and huge grounds which are great for walking or if you want taking the trolley (not for the impatient or people who don't like to walk). Our guests were between 12 and 72. Our older guests were treated wonderfully by the staff, always offered a ride if they were walking from the restaurants back to their rooms. The regular rooms are in definite need of a refresh to be given a 4.5 rating like they have listed in Canadian tour books. Royal Service is definitely the way to go if you stay here. Gabi restaurant is awesome for food. Wherever you choose it will be beautiful. Like Darcy stated above there is a huge thread with more Melia info on Debbies. Also look at pics on Trip Advisor showing traveller photos of each of the resorts to get a sense of what the rooms and grounds look like. Do a list of what your have to have for the resort and that will help you decide. Both resorts are nice in my opinion.
  11. Pastor York is a wonderful option for couples that want a symbolic ceremony in English.
  12. I think your best bet would be to talk to a travel agent to price it out or research it online. It all depends on where you are flying from and time of year. You should also email the resorts to see what there wedding packages cost and what they include. This could help in your decision. I think I saw posts from another bride on here getting married at the Dreams in La Romona. Try searching La Romana, you might also be able to find some info on here about the Dreams.
  13. Steffi234, A few weeks prior to your wedding, Flori sends you an email with a receipt, final confirmation of cruise date & time, & schedules a meeting date & time to pay balance at the resort. On ours it said they take American dollars, Dominican Pesos or Travel Checks. I paid with travel checks for our sunset cruise back in April. Ladies, you won't regret it. La Barcaza is great way to either treat your guests, do your wedding or even have a reception. Our guests are still talking about how much fun they had the night we went out.
  14. Leah, Any issues with that $1000 photography fee I've seen notes posted about on the Facebook group? Or is that just for if the photographer wants to use the photo's for their sites or commercially to build business? I think alot of couples are hesitant over this thinking it is a feee that is going to get added to their photography price if they use an outside photographer. I agree on the beach for weddings, it is so pretty down there. It is busy and understand how it would be hard to control who ends up walking through the ceremony. That guy was too rude. We opted for the garden gazebo because we were scared of that. However, the running to the beach for pictures (15 minutes by carriage) eats into time for photo's, we ran short on time and didn't quite get all the shots we wanted. Suggestion for other brides & grooms, have a list for your photographer so that he / she can do some of the family and guest ones while you are on your way to the ceremony. Royal Service is definitely the way to go when staying there. Personally, I think the other rooms on the Caribe and Tropical need a bit of a refresh like most hotels / resorts do every few years. Shellb
  15. Here is a link to my referral for him in the Bride Referrals section (his site) and his 2008 fee is $300 US for the Punta Cana region: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t42293 Also sent you a PM.
  16. One of the first questions we asked when booking the resort for our wedding was if we could use an outside vendor for photography. We had found two companies that took photos in the style and vision that we wanted for our day. At one point when there was controversy over using outside photographers (a rule change by management) at our resort and we did have plans to ask our TA to switch resorts or change the wedding location if the issue was not resolved. Thankfully it was resolved and we got to use the company we had chosen. Pictures and video capture the moments of a bride and groom's special day. Couples spend a lot of money on photographers and videographers, sometimes even more than the actual cost of their wedding. In my opinion, photography and videography are key components to any wedding, especially a DW where by circumstance some family and friends cannot attend. Therefore pictures become that much more important to capture the day to share with the people who wanted to attend but could not.
  17. Lori, Most of us Canadian Brides book packages which include transfers to and from the resort. My MOH who flew out of Hartford, CT had taxi transfers as part of her package. I think it was a Liberty Travel package or some division of Liberty. I believe she received the first transfer with her tickets and the second at the info session the day after they arrived at the resort. My suggestion is to check with your travel agent. Maybe some sort of group taxi booking can be arranged before you go. If you do just wing it when you get there, make sure you agree upon a price and destination before you agree to take the taxi. Also posting a link on Debbies where they talk about taxis and offer suggestions: Debbie's Dominican Travel Forums - Airport Transfers Hope this helps. Michelle (Shellb)
  18. I believe Alexia bridesmaid dresses are sold in the US and UK. I remember a UK bride had an Alexia dress. Bridesmaid Dresses | Bridesmaid Dresses, Wedding Dresses, Mother of the Bride, Flower Girl, Prom Dresses by Alexia Designs
  19. Darcy, I think I saw blue, black, white, and ivory overlays on top of white linen in the room when we met with Evelyn, but I honestly can't be 100% sure. So, please don't take my word on it. We didn't have to choose linens because we had a semi-private reception at Ma Maison which had a sort of dusty rose linen on the tables. For centerpieces, I am pretty sure I saw ones with orchids (assuming fake ones) immersed in water, candles on mirrors and small vases with roses. I didn't use the ones from the resort, we brought our own. If I had the extra money in our budget I probably would have gotten the ones from the resort. Hope this helps. I know it gets frustrating not getting responses, try not to stress it will all come together. If there is anything else I can do let me know. Michelle
  20. Received a message this am from I think another BDW future bride in Alberta to my hotmail account asking about Melia but my email went all funny and the email was accidentally deleted and I can't find it to reply. Hopefully you see this thread...also adding a link to my review: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t42288
  21. I was there in late April and was bitten a few times (I attract them), but barely used bug spray. I think a small bottle should do just in case.
  22. Melia is family oriented to some degree, especially the Tropical side where it's decorated by the pool like Flinstone land and the kids club is located. You will see parents with children in tow at the shows, running through the Caribe bar in the evenings, in the VIP Royal Service Salon, etc. I did see kids of varying ages in the Royal Service section, however, I think during the day, the younger ones mostly participate in kids club on the Tropical side. As for having kids bother you, I honestly don't think so, the resort is massive. We saw some kids around the Royal Service area and the Caribe pool, but by no means did it affect us having a great time. They are on vacation too, having just as much fun as you are minus the drinks...
  23. ebredhawk, yes, Pastor York only does the symbolic ceremonies down there. For a symbolic, you either have to: 1) sign the papers with your witnesses and the judge down there (involves getting translations and submissions of documents to the consulate and the judges fee), or; 2) do a legal ceremony at home (prior or after your symbolic ceremony) to make it legal.
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