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  1. lol.....it is a beautiful lounge. funny I made the remark to my mom, we met in a bar, we got married in a bar....how fitting for our relationship!!!!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by sheila2011 Thanks for all the updates on how your weddings went! Congrats to you all!!! Mine is soooo long away, I just want it to be January now! (Which is weird since I live in Edmonton!) I have a couple questions if anyone can answer them, hey great and if not that's ok too! 1) For the ceremony did anyone use the Mexican Trio? Or do you just bring your own music to use? 2) We are also thinking of doing the beach party but are debating between the live band or the DJ. Any thoughts either way? 3) I noticed a lot of you brought decorations (which I wasn't thinking of doing). What does Carolina have there? Are the chair sashes included? How are the wedding sites decorated? And the restaurant and beach party? I am trying to not worry about details but obviously I am failing already. Ahh!! Hello.....I brought a burned cd with all the music I wanted to use for the ceremony. They played all the music I wanted when I wanted it played. It was beautiful. I hired the trio for after the ceremony and cake cutting was done, because again I had my own music. I had the trio play while we were getting our pictures done. My mother loved them and worth every penny. They are 100$ 2.I had the beach party booked but they were calling for rain over the next 24hr so didn't want my guests to get soaked, so after diner we headed back to Hemingways for drinks and our first dance, which they let me have there.....beautiful 3.I brought my cake topper, cake knife set, raffia fans(which came in really handy, so hot that day) and champagne flutes. I brought shells to decorate my cake and that's it......you really don't need to stress with anything else, it's not worth packing it all and not using it....I also brought little bubbles for after the ceremony....just gave it that added touch... Any more questions, I can answer just hollar!!!! I'm putting all my pictures on a stick caus my computer won't read the disc of all my pictures......time for an upgrade I think. I will post pics soon.....
  3. It will fly by!!!! I wish we could have done our honeymoon at the same time, but since we had the kids with us it just wasn't an option.....we thinking either Aruba or Tahiti in November!!! I can't wait to start planning that one!!!!
  4. please don't be nervous......the reason why I am letting future brides know my experience is not to scare them off, just to give them a heads up!!! My maid was very much motivated my the all american dollar bill, which speaks volumes!!! So if you leave a few on the pillow you shouldn't have to worry..... My father in law broke his baby toe the first day there.....too much rum...lol On the monday we went snorkeling, the bus ride was 2 hrs there and 2 hrs back....we got to see the country for how it is and it was an eye opener for the kids and myself...got a really cool picture of a firetruck.....boy are they different from the ones we user (thank goodness), but just before we entered the gate, the bus blew a tire....so I approched the security guard and asked him if they could send a cart to come and get us, they wouldn't!!!! My husband was so mad.....my fil had a hard time walking. There was tour bus that pulled up to get in and thankfully gave us a ride back otherwise it would have been a long walk back for all of us......
  5. don't get me wrong....the whole point of the day was to marry the love of my life, and that happened!!! I am truly blessed to have a healthy and happy familly and after 11 yrs I'm finally an honest women!!!!! AMEN!!!...lol This isn't our first time in the DR, I am glad I got to see the beautiful sands in Punta Cana, and I'm also happy that my kids absolutly loved every minute of their trip. On the other hand, we both agreed that we are done traveling there......we've been there and done that, finished it on a good note. We just really found it too big for our taste, and don't think I would recommend it to others. It's just not our thing....my advice to other brides, the gazebo is beautiful, do it, enjoy your day it's not a bad choice and don't regret the choice I made, I just wish I would have taken the reins and not let anything slip through my fingers. Take control of your day, don't let anyone plan the day for you. Go to the wedding office and tell them what you want instead of them telling you what you will have......I'm too soft like that, them get upset because I didn't speak up~ What are you girls doing for a honeymoon, or was your honeymoon included with your trip to the DR.....because we had our 8 and 3 yr olds with us, we are planning a trip to Tahiti or Aruba in November for 2 weeks......just starting to look up info on the areas now..... very excited to start planning the honeymoon!!!!!
  6. Hey.....well were just back from our wedding and now it's time to plan our honeymoon!!! Were thinking Tahiti or Aruba. Were planning to go for 2 weeks in November!!! Any ideas or resort recomendations would be great... Thanks in advance!!!!!
  7. it seems like we all had hickups during the day.....it rained on my parade, like 1 hr before my ceremony, so Carolina called me stating that my ceremony will have to be done in Heminways, since everything was soaked and they didn't have time to decorate the gazebo. I must admit I was very disapointed, but can't control the weather.....rain is good luck anyway!!!!! The ceremony was beautiful, perfect coudn't ask for anything more.... I had the beach party booked, but again had to cancel because they were calling for rain for a 24 hr period and didn't want my guests getting wet....so I postponed it till the following night.....Diner was great, we were at the Spanish restaurant, the ceasar salad was awsome, so very well decorated.....amasing diner. That's one thing can't complain about the food, everything was great!!!! we headed back to Heminways (all premium liquor) beautiful bar.....we had our first danced, and drank champagne till the disco opened and partied our faces off!!!! Great tunes.......we shut the place down..... When we got back to my room.....no decorations, no champagne, no gift....I called room service twice that day to have my room cleaned, they never showed. I had to clean my own room because didn't want unmade beds for my wedding day pictures......not impressed!!!!! We were woken up the next day with our breakfast in bed.....we requested it at 8:30, and it came on time....we took a bottle of champagne from the bar the night before, so we had champagne and orange juice on our patio that morning...... we went to the pool and ocean with the kids all day, amazing beautiful day, it did rain a bit in the afternoon. When we got back to the room, the maid cleaned my room and took my champagne flutes.........I called everyone and their mother to try and get them back, no one really did anything about it. I went to bed in tears that night. They were my flutes that I brought from home...... The next day, my husband spoke to the maids boss, he was back in 5 minutes with my flutes. They were in the back room, I guess they don't bring dirty dishes to be washed right away......Thank god I got them back. So moral of this story, if you don't want something misplaced or taken by accident, put it away!!!!!! They are very honest people, I trust them not to steal, but they have a job to do, and they try to do it well....... A few days later when I went to pay Carolina, I tried to dispute the price of the wedding, I didn't get the decorations, the chamgagne, the basket of fruit, the wedding gift......and added to her that my room wasn't even cleaned the day of my wedding!!!!! Her jaw hit the floor!!!!! This was the friday before leaving sat morning!!! We hit the beach and did some shopping and got some more sun, and drinks.....when we came back to the room, the just married sign was on my door, the champagne and flutes where on ice, my basket of fruit and rum were on the table. The wedding gift were two t-shirts with we just married at the Palladium written on the back. So all in all I am married to my best friend.......bottom line. It wasn't the magical day I had expected!!!! My husband and I and most of the group we were with thought the resort was way to big and lacked direction!!! There were way to many rules.....they say you don't need reservations, but for certain ones you do....they have a buffet at the pool, but can't go in if your wet or don't have a cover up. I had a small serong on, witch covered my bottom half and was wearing a monokini, they turned me away and told me to put a shirt on!!!! There are 2 bars at the pool, I was in the kids section with my daughter, went up to the bar to get her a pop, and the bartender told me to go to the bar in the pool because I was wet!!!!!! Not impressed...... In my opinion Carolina does her job very well, but is very much overloaded. They do too many weddings a day, and the married couples go without, or some of their stuff goes missing......To do this over again, I would go in there fully loaded, and pretty much know what, where, and how everything will go down, so you know and can also orchestrate where your sentimental valuables will be!!!! HDC photography made my day.....if it wasn't for Arnaud, I would have wanted to do my day over again!!!!! He is the best.....Once my pics will be on facebook I will post the link.....
  8. all the best to those who will be married before we get there....it will be amazing and beautiful!!! can't wait either....15 days for us!!!!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by CherryBomb Congrats Shankd! That's awesome! I soooo envy anyone that can run...I'm carrying some big boobs around haha so hate to run! I did booty camp in Whitby for 8 weeks and have been working with the trainer on the side now for a few weeks. I've lost 12 inches all over - mostly in my waist and hips but still feel like I'll look like a beached whale! I'm a size 12 so compared to most of you who were saying you're sizes 2 and 4 - wow - I'm so envious! I think the last time I was a 4 was when I WAS 4 years old! haha Anyway, at least I feel fantastic in my wedding dress and am really excited for Andrew to see me in it. I hope he cries...haha isn't that every woman's dream? hehe Has anyone written their own vows? We decided we wanted to do that but now with 2 weeks to go and neither of us having started I'm starting to stress. Are there coles notes for that kind of thing? haha Is that the same bootcamp with Natalie?? A few guys I work with are doing that same thing, and want to try it!!! They've lost so much weight......I read somewhere there's a free bootcamp this friday, just 20 bucks for breast cancer reshearch...I'm thinking bout going. Is the workout really that good
  10. well the marathon went better than expected....I ran 30K in 3 hrs and 5 min......not too bad for my first, lol. I'm a very sore girl today though!!! I'm pretty much done everything....I'm getting a color put in on the 10th to give it super shine, my shower is that afternoon!!! Maybe my bachlorette that night, who knows!!! My oot bags are done, my kids clothes and shoes and all are ready to be put in a suitcase, I just have to pick out a hair style....does anybody have a good website so I can go though hair styles Is anyone bringing there own decorations for the wedding
  11. we fly out at 6:30 in the morning....which means we have to be at the terminal by at least 3:30. Not so easy with 2 kids in tow!!! I am also coloring my hair. I'm just going basic dark brown, it's that color now, but want it one color, no natural high lights for this chiky, and besides, it will make my hair super shiny!! can't wait
  12. well I have to be good, food wise....I'm running a 30K in Hamilton this weekend....after that, I'm ordering a large meat lovers pizza and wings and a 6 pack of beer and having it all in one sitting!!!!....lol I'm freaking dying here!!!!!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by da.shmoopies Here’s what I did on a Friday night instead of going out. (Fiance thinks I may have gone over into the DIY deep end. LOL) I had purchased cardstock which ended up being the wrong color. I couldn’t return it so I decided to “step up†my Hangover/Weekend Survival kit (I was originally using ziplock bags). I stole the idea of the cute stick people that BDW bride Ayita stole from another BDW bride. Here’s a couple of pics: In the kits, I have: First Aid kits 2 oz. Aloe Vera Gel ($.99 ea. at facevaluesonline.com) Pepto Bismo ($4.99 for 48 tablets also at facevalues) Advil Waterproof band-aids ($2.75 for 20 also at facevalues) Sunblock and Anti-bacterial wipes from La Fresh. For the bags with a bag topper: Use plastic Treat Bags from Michaels (5 inches x 11.25 inches). Standard sheet of cardstock cut into quarters (fits the top of the bag perfect). Each topper is then scored length-wise (long-wise) in order for it to fold easily. Put your goodies in the bag. Fold over the bag Place a folded note card over the folded bag Staple the card shut and then put on your labels! I have attached the labels for the bag toppers and for the first-aid kits. I printed them out on Staples Sticker sheets. I used Microsoft Publisher to create them but I attached them in formats that most people use. These were fun to make! what size sheets did you use to print these out?
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