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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by jamsmom Where are you getting the Fleur De Lis cufflinks? I got the cufflinks from Etsy seller Dedalo: dedalo on Etsy
  2. Yay! A Hawaii Wedding Review. All your flowers were amazing! Everything looked beautiful. Even though planning a DW can be a hassle and there were a few issues, it looks like everything turned out wonderful. Bummer about US Airways. Airline service now adays blows. Don't get me started with the surly airline stewards on Delta. We are flying Hawaiian... besides Southwest, they've had decent service. Congratulations!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by *Nadine* Everything looks fantastic! I love that your FI tied the ribbons, made me laugh Ha! Yeah, he tied that one for the picture. I'll be retying it, and I'll be tying the rest. LOL
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by 1sunshine omg everything is super cute, i cant believe its almost time for your wedding!!!! how are you doing ready Hi Sunshine! I'm almost ready. I think the biggest thing we have to deal with is packing. I really hope we can get everything that I didn't send to the WC into four suitcases... including our snorkel gear. I'm ready for the VACATION that's for sure! Deb
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Jenn79 Wow, all your stuff looks really great! I'm going to have to reveal my inner geek for a moment and ask, where did you get the Millenium Falcon your ring bearer is using? I LOVE it!! All the best for your wedding! Hi Jenn: I believe he found it at a Swap Meet in San Luis Obispo.... and it probably cost him a buck! lol They go so often that vendors save stuff for him that is Star Wars related. I remember when one of the vendors saved him an At-At Walker. It was half as tall as him and every man that walked by mentioned something!
  6. There was no minimum order on the koozies. That's one of the reasons we chose them. Our party is too small (30 people) for a large order. There are lots of post on this forum regarding Kustom Koozies if you search. John designed the graphic on his own. Unfortunately, I haven't seen the beach safes yet. I had them sent directly to my WC since they were charging me the same price to send it to my home. My WC said she like them though! If you live on the West Coast, you go to Hawaii. If you live on the East, you go to the Caribbean. I haven't been to the Caribbean yet.
  7. Hi Flasong, Thanks! We got the koozies from Kustom Koozies. John says they aren't his usual standard of koozie... he's an the unofficial aficianado of koozies... but they'll do. Koozies Personalized Custom Wedding Favors Koozies The orange beach safes are from Oriental Trading Company. Party supplies, crafts, party decorations, toys: Oriental Trading You can come to mine, if I can go to yours! Deb
  8. OOT Bags: For the Wedding Attendants: They’ll get Land’s End Tote Bags and everything that the other guests get, plus a few extras. Plus… Bridesmaid Gift: Coach Wristlets Groomsmen Gift: Reef Fanning Flipflops (They have a bottle opener on the sole) For the rest of the guests: They get Hype Canvas Tote Bags: All guests get the following: -OOT Newsletter -Water, POG, and snacks -Beach Monkey Playing Cards -Etsy seller Surfhound Soaps and Lipbalm (I love all her coconut scented stuff) -Orange Beach Safes -Kustom K
  9. Five Palms Restaurant Reception: We are having our reception at the Five Palms Restaurant in Kihei. We wanted the dinner to be on a patio near the beach. Patio at Five Palms As place cards, we are using chopsticks. I’m half Chinese and John is half Polish, so hence chopsticks and the polish eagle on the card! (John tied the ribbon. Can you tell a boy did it??) The restaurant provides menus, but I wasn’t crazy about them, so I made my own. You can find the template for them here: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t42522 The cake w
  10. Wedding Ceremony: Our Wedding Coordinator is Lori Lawrence, and her husband, Jamie, will play guitar at our wedding. They are Tropical Maui Weddings (and they are way too pretty! ). Lori has been awesome. Tropical Maui Weddings provides Maui Wedding Planning Services We are getting married at the Kalaeokai’Estate in Kahana. When I was doing all my research, it was one of the most reasonably priced choices (1000 bucks for two hours). Having it here, rather than on a public beach, allows us to serve alcohol to our guests, and we do so love the bubbly. It’s a bit of a drive fr
  11. All the Paper Stuff: Invitations: We used the Boarding Pass Invitation Template from Alyee Designs (I created my own boarding pass holders though): DIY: Boarding Pass Invitation / Save The Date - Aylee Bits I used Card Stock purchased from Cards & Pockets. I loved their paper. Cards & Pockets Boarding Pass Invites Pre-Wedding Newsletter that went with the Invites. I used the template from Raychel, whose post I can’t for the life of me find! OOT Bag Newsletter: These will go in the OOT Bags for all the guests. I used the templa
  12. What the Ring Bearer and Flower Boy is wearing: My nephew and John’s nephew will be wearing “Island wear.” I couldn’t subject them to wearing a suit! Classic Hibiscus White Hawaiian Aloha Shirt GAP Cargos My Nephew the Ring Bearer loves Star Wars. I told him he could choose what he’d like to carry the ring in. He chose the Millennium Falcon. The top lifts open. WE LOVE IT!! What the Flower Girl is wearing: The Flower Girl is wearing Vera Wang. She wore it to another wedding earlier this year. She looks darling in it. We’ll use a chocolate brow
  13. Wedding Attire: What the Bride is wearing: I wanted something simple and easy to wear. It’s an evening gown I purchased from Nordstrom. I purchased it the day we got engaged; it was exactly what I was looking for. Kodos to Nordstrom who refunded half the price when it went on sale a few days later! I have two pairs of shoes… high heeled and flats (Just in case). The heels are Naturalizer Missy, and the flats are Seychelles Getting Out of Town. What the Groom is wearing: I gave John the choice between island wear and formal wear. He wanted to wear a tuxedo
  14. Two weeks until the wedding! AAAHH!! First off, I want to thank all the BDW Brides for all their wonderful ideas. You all are very creative, and I loved stealing from you all. How it all started: Match.com, baby! We really did. Some people are ashamed of admitting this (Oh, the horror!), but we are proud that we did it. In the Bay Area, if you are single, you are most likely on Match.com. It gives you something to do while you are bored at work… and most of us work at a PC in our cubicle-hells (mine is Split Pea Green). He kept looking at my profile (he had too many gals o
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