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  1. Hey ladies! I am leaving today in about 2 hours! I am so nervous but excited! We have 4 suitcases FULLY packed and my FI is taking a smaller suitcase as a carry on, and of course I have my dress. I have called the airline 5 or 6 times to clarify... the dress counts as a carry on, but I can still have a personal item. My dress is MASSIVE so it should be entertaining walking through the airport. I also am wearing a hoop skirt under my dress and that was amusing to pack...I cannot wait to be in Mexico! I emailed the person to make the salon appointments (Reyna) almost 2 weeks ago but she never responded! My WC emailed her too and no response... NOT COOL! I hope it is easy to get the appointments there for me and my entire wedding party on my wedding day. I have Cristina too and now that my wedding is a week away she is responding right away. They definitely give priority to weddings and are the soonest so that is why you have such a wait.
  2. I am so nervous! I am leaving on Monday, we decided to have a private event for the rehearsal dinner and we chose a plated menu (since the wedding is outside it will be buffet) and we were assigned the Laud Ballroom (anyone know anything about this, where it is? etc? it is not in any of the files they sent me) Anyway if you want more than one choice for the plated menu you have to tell them exactly how many of each (29 fish, 32 steak), or else everyone has to have the same thing! We had chosen a steak and fish, but now I am thinking of changing to everyone getting chicken just to make it easier. My FI wants to call everyone and ask what they want! > what do you think? Also my FI wants me to write to our WC and ask to be put in the Grand section, and our entire group to be put there. I was kinda hoping to get the concierge rooms in the Nizuc section, and the Nizuc seems closer to everything, so I have held off on writing the email. Is the Grand section that much farther? I had to pay for 2 nights for Tammara also, but she takes money off the price of your package so it is well worth it. I was going to use the MP photographer and get the most expensive package, and then hire Claudia Rodriguez for a TTD, but then I found them. It is cheaper to get Tammara and Grant. They do the welcome/rehearsal dinner, the WHOLE wedding day (including getting ready) and then a TTD. PLUS they seem AWESOME! Did you see Veronica's and Candice's pics? I hope mine are that nice! AGHHH I am leaving in less than a week! MAJOR PANIC setting in!!!!
  3. I would love to get spa/salon certificate but the resort we are staying on gives each room $300 in spa credit, so I doubt that they will need extra. I thought about getting them each different things for each different girl but I thought you are supposed to get everyone the same thing?
  4. Hello, I am leaving in a week and I am so frustrated with bridesmaids gifts. I have no idea what to get and every time I think I found something everyone will like then one of them says "eh". Then I want to spend more than my budget allows to get something nicer.... I am FRUSTRATED!!! Can I just get them all a gift card to their favorite store? My cousin thinks that is being impersonal and lazy to get gift cards and you only do it for people you don't really care about but need something in a hurry.... What do you think? Should I just wait til I get to Mexico and find something? or should I get gift cards? or should I get them some jewelry
  5. They turned out awesome Veronica! I am so excited b/c I am using Tammara too!!!! Good luck Louise! I am so excited for you!!! I am arriving August 2nd and I am getting soooo nervous now! I keep going through the forum writing lists and trying to organize! AGHHHH!!! 18 days to go!
  6. Hi I asked for these flowers without the orchids (because I do not like orchids) I got them today and I am a disappointed because the hibiscus is more golden yellow than bright orange as in the picture. Am I just being bridezilla, what should I do? I do not have enough time to send them back because we are leaving Aug. 2, and I do not even know if they would redo them. I have considered buying flower paint and painting them a deeper orange. I don't know if I should take out all the hibiscus and ask her to send me new ones? I am so sad I just want to cry and cry. They are from plumeriasflowerboutique and her flowers are beautiful and she did an awesome job so I don't want to insult her because she is so nice. Please let me know what I should do or they are okay and I should just stop stressing. THANKS!!!
  7. Question for past brides, what category room did you end up getting? right now we are in a Superior Deluxe, did they up grade you to Oceanfront or to Concierge? I really want to be upgraded to the Concierge, it sounds awesome! My TA said she would try to get us an upgrade but I don't know... right now we are at 71 room nights and my friend is booking today but the TA doesn't know if her room will count towards the group contract because she already submitted it. I hope that it does b/c that includes an upgrade and the unlimited private functions. It will save us soo much money! If it is a group contract do you get a list of everyone's room before you leave or do the rooms get assigned upon arrival? Was everyone in the same building or scattered? Will FI and I be lumped in with everyone else?
  8. Hi, I am getting married at the Moon Palace and I am going through Zuniga for the dance floor. My wedding coordinator put me through to Lily at Decocancun/Zuniga. There is one for $700 and the larger one for $1100. I did not know that J&S had the dance floors! Let me know how much they quote you and maybe I will switch to them if they are cheaper!!!
  9. SO nice! THank you for sharing! I am using Tamms too and I cannot wait!!! Where were those TTD taken?
  10. Here is a file that my WC sent. They use J&S audiovisual services http://www.jsavmexico.com/ . They have 4 different packages, 2 with a DJ and 2 with the ipod dock rental. My FI and I decided to go with the DJ, but the dock rental is much cheaper so I am still trying to convince him, lol!
  11. http://www.bouquetjewels.com/index.htm http://www.bouquetjewels.com/index.htm Is having a July blowout sale! 50% off all items! the coupon code is "July" I bought a blue starfish and it only came out to $7.49!!!! They have a ton of other pretty stuff, so check it out!
  12. I love your color scheme! Everything is so coordinated and the colors are so beautiful! Congrats!
  13. Thanks for the review, it sounds like you had an awesome day! congrats! I cannot wait!!!!
  14. Your invitations are beautiful! Everything looks so nice, congrats!
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