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Gran Bahia Principe Akumal/Tulum/Coba - POST HERE!

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Thanks so much for all your ideas and suggestions!


Waybuloo - I heard one of the gift shops on the resort has maracas for $2. However, my WC mentioned Playa del Carmen. I just want to find a place where I can order 65 of them and it would be nice to put our wedding date on there. I don't want to leave it until I get down there because I need too many. Keep me posted if you find a good place to get them and I'll do the same.


Xcitedbride - I heard about these travel mugs. Our TA said she was going to provide mugs to all our guests which is great. We'll just have to get waterproof labels and put our logo on them. If for some reason, she is not going to do this anymore I'll order them from Bubba Kegs.


Trish- great idea to put a few OOT bag items in the travel mugs! I LOVE that idea....THanks!!


I think we will just pick a day to go to the Tulum ruins and whoever decides to meet us in the am to go we'll pay for them. haha   It will be fun!


Baileybride- glad to hear you found a DJ. Where is your reception? We might have to synchronize our playlists. haha 


I ordered 6 Mori Lee bridesmaid dresses from TJ Formal and they are gorgeous!! I ordered them the first or second week of November and they came in last week. I'm so happy wiht them. I bought their dresses for $130 each and they would have cost me $250 each at the bridal boutique. My BM had their measurements taken at the store and tried on the dress and than I ordered them myself. I didn't feel guilty b/c the lady who owned the boutique  was the most unorganized person I've ever seen and I wouldn't trust her to order my dresses anyway. haha 








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Your welcome, glad to help.....& yes he does sound really nice, love that you can email him a playlist beforehand. :)

Originally Posted by baileybride2b View Post

Waybuloo....Thanks a bunch! He got back to me right away, so I just have to run it by FI and then I'll book him!  He has my wedding day available (thank goodness), but he says he books up quickly. THANK YOU sooo much.  He seems pretty nice right off the bat. 

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Pam, we had two children with us in our group, but one and a half.  The resort size was not an issue.  They brought along an umbrella stroller so it was small, but with the trolleys running everywhere the size of the resort was not a problem at all. 

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I have hired DJ Bijan and my WC told me that it would be a $90 USD charge to use him?  Do you have something from Jazmin saying that this charge is waived for him?  If so I would really like to have it to show Eugenia.


Originally Posted by aimesmiles View Post

Hi everyone,


I have been reading the posts ever few days but haven't commented in a while!! we have now booked our 2 week stay as too have 32 of our family and friends which we think is a great number! We're getting married at the Tulum gazebo @ 3pm, 9th November followed by dinner at Le Arlequin at 6pm the a poolside reception from 8pm with Dj Bijan!! 


Here are a few things i've come across whilst booking -


There is a 90usd charge for all Dj's except Dj Bijan and Dj Bob who have an agreement with the hotel!!

 All outside suppliers such as make up artists and hairdressers are not allowed!! They said they would consider making an exception but again it will cost 90usd!!

Jazmin was very helpful regarding extra decorations i want to bring she said no problem if i bring them she'll sort them out!!


Hope everyones planning is going well!!




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baileybride2b:  That's good that you found a DJ and that you found out in advance about the resort equipment before it was too late.  I'm using DJ Julian from Mood Event Services weddings@moodevents.com.mx.  He's from Mexico, but lived in the U.S. before and his English is perfect!  He used to be the DJ at Senor Frogs in Cancun.  I've had really good service from him, he always responds quickly and with lots of details.  He happened to be making a trip to Houston, so I met up with him in Houston a couple of weeks ago.  He's gonna bring an "animation package", its a Mexican tradition to bring out balloons, glowsticks, masks, etc at different times during the reception to keep the guests happy and entertained.  I'm getting really excited about my poolside cocktail party.  It's gonna be the best ever! cheesy.gif I'm also saving up money to hopefully use a light-up LED dancefloor too.


Fun Dance Song for the Reception - Vibora de la Mar (Sea Snake)

I found out about a Mexican tradition (my fiancee is from Mexico City) where they play a song called Vibora De La Mar (Sea Snake).  After the end of the song, the bride does her boquet toss.  You can see a lot of different videos of this on youtube  For example, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TuXbiLoLcc and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2b69WZ775oU  Basically the bride and groom stand up on chairs and hold hands to make a bridge (or hold a veil).  First all the ladies hold hands and go under the "bridge", the "snake" goes around the room and starts getting faster and faster until some people fall off.  After that the guys do the same thing.  It looks better than what I'm explaining here.  If you are interested in any mexican traditions, it looks pretty fun!


Amie: I didn't know they were charging for outside makeup artists too! Oh no!


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Christi - I know i am devastated i had booked Sara Tamargo who i'd heard brilliant reports about but Jazmin said in future if i wish to book any outside supplier check with her first its something to do with health and safety and hotel policy!! I'm trying to convince OH that 240usd isn't too much to pay for hair and make up but IT IS, i'm a hairdresser and i wouldn't expect anyone to pay that!!! 


This is cut and pasted from the email she sent me!!


Hola Amie,
Sorry but I dont know this company, from other suppliers just DJ Bob and DJ Bijan because both always do a lot a wedding parties (DJ Bob is the main one because has more parties), and also please keep in mind that If you going to hire an external suppliers (I dont mean DJ Bob or DJ Bijan because they have arragementd already with Bahia) you need to cover the day pass charge, it is 90usd per person,


Hope that helped


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Question for anyone that has been married at the GBP.  How did you pay for everything (wedding/poolside reception ect...) at the end of your stay?  Cash, travellers cheques, visa/mc.  I heard that the hotel charges an extra 5 percent or something if you pay Visa.  Thanks.

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